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Liquid State Electronics are specialised computer systems, used to specially protect advance computer systems from electromagnetic pulses. Liquid State Electronics are more expensive than regular, solid state electronics, but can transfer and store much more information and are unaffected by electronic warfare.

Liquid state electronics consist of a nanite driven positronic core, similar to early generation A.I.s. These are connected by artificially generated matrices. All this is contained in a shielded liquid suspension, filled with shock absorbing kinetic protection systems and charged particle electromagnetic shielding, designed to sustain and protect it from impact and from electromagnetic effects. The whole entire assembly has several times the power and functionality of advance solid state electronics, while having a immunity to electromagnetic interruption, electronic signal interruption and is effective under severe weather and physical conditions without the need to be ruggerdized. Liquid State Electronics are used in small amounts in military issued armour, advance weapons and vehicles throughout the AUR, however, it is used solely in A.I. Armoured Matrices, Warship A.I. Interfaces, MJOLNIR armour, command and control systems, vital flight computers, power reactor controls and information storage centres. They are often used to back up and quickly reboot electronic systems stopped by EMP effects.

Liquid State Computers are usually extremely compact, consisting of a small box, small enough to be carried in the palm of a hand, it contains its own power source, a holographic screen projector and haptic holographic interface. These possess the power of a full sized solid-state computer, and a fraction of the size.

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