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War Machine by Cosmic D
Light Infantry Support IV Bolt
Production information




Technical specifications

4 Feet


8 Feet


Hard Cover Ceramic Armor with Energy Absorbing Light Grade Shield

  • Lance Rifle Model V
  • Heavy Ordinance Launcher-3

1 pilot


Infantry Support Exoskeleton


Necros War


Vorenus Imperium


"Jesus these things are fast, their armor isn’t the best but it doesn’t need to be its hard enough to just hit those suits."
―Marine Weapons Inspector

The Vorenus Imperium’s infantry support exoskeleton capable of high mobility and effective firepower.


The development of the Bolt came from the want of being able to hit defensive positions with speed and effectiveness. The Bolt was developed relatively quick with little delays the production company had produced an excellent design that met all of the military’s expectations.


Piloting the Bolt has been noted as being relatively easy, operating much like moving as one normally would. However pilots did warn that getting used to the Bolt’s speed took a bit of getting used to, if the pilot was unable to control the speed the Bolt would move at a pace that would overpower the legs and cause bone damage and breaks.


The Bolt only has two armaments, the Lance Rifle Model IV and the Heavy Ordinance Launcher – 3.


Lance Rifle Model IV

  • Lance Rifle Model IV: The standard weapon of the Bolt, highly accurate the Lance Rifle is the jack of all trades weapon. Firing a beam of energy the lance can pierce most armor and hit at long distances. The rifle was known for overheating quickly but that hurdle was overcome quickly with a new cooling design allowing further use.
  • Heavy Ordinance Launcher – 3: The HOL-3 fires large grenade rounds that detonate on impact or timed. Firing from a thirty round magazine the weapon can quickly reload making it an effective support weapon for infantry units.


The armor at first design was supposed to be heavy, able to take a beating and keep fighting. However when a need for speed was mentioned the armor was toned downed allowing the Bolt with more mobility. The Bolt is known for its high speed and maneuverability however its armor is much weaker, unable to sustain to much fire before the armor fails and leaves the pilot vulnerable.


“We were observing two Bolts engaging some Vorenus Freedom Alliance on a small hillside. There must have been sixty of the VFAs charging forward. We were beginning to leave when the Bolts opened fire. One had that beam rifle and the other a grenade launcher. Explosions ripped through those poor bastards, and the ones that lived through that were practically cut in half with the rifle.” – Military Observer

“The Bolts are highly respected in battle, it has been many a time when a company of battered troops have come out victorious against armored vehicles and overwhelming numbers. All due to the Bolts.” – Vorenus Officer

“Kinda would like to see one of these things go up against one of our exoskeleton.” - Marine


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