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Liang-Dortmund Corporation
Corporate information
Led by

Liang Family



  • Eberhardt Industries
  • AIF Materialgruppe
  • Erdtechnik Industries

Dortmund, Unified German Republic, Earth

Major Products
  • Architectural engineering
  • Astromining
  • Infrastructure
  • Terrestrial mining
  • Planetary engineering
Corporate History


Number of Employees

277,430 (October 25, 2558)

"Wiederaufbau unserer Welten. (Translation: Rebuilding our worlds.)"
―Post-War slogan.

The Liang-Dortmund Corporation (LDC) is an astromining and planetary engineering multi-planetary corporation founded and headquartered in Dortmund, Germany on Earth in 2369. Founded during the chaotic and opportunity-rich era of the Domus Diaspora, major breakthroughs made by Liang-Dortmund's scientific divisions developed stronger models of terraforming technology that would finish the transformation of colonies like Mars and would later be used to terraform worlds beyond the Sol system more efficiently and lessening the risk of catastrophic failure. In the mid-25th Century, Liang-Dortmund shifted away from planetary engineering to focus on exploiting asteroid and planetary resources and placed an emphasis on investing into the the growth and establishment of infrastructure throughout the early Outer Colonies.

Following the end of the Human-Covenant War, the Unified Earth Government contracted Liang-Dortmund to reopen its planetary engineering division to develop "deglassing" technology and reterraform lost colonies. By 2558, they had deglassed dozens of worlds and was in the beginning stages of deglassing the recolonized world of Meridian. Due to the unstable position faced by the UEG and UNSC, Liang-Dortmund took advantage of recolonizing worlds, turning them into semi-independent vassal states, thereby expanding Liang-Dortmund's influence across the Outer Colonies and the Joint-Occupation Zone.



Eberhardt Merger

Investments in the Outer Colonies

Human-Covenant War

Exerting Influence

Subsidiary Organizations

Eberhardt Industries

AIF Materialgruppe

Erdtechnik Industries



Mantis Security Corporation

Misriah Armory

United Nations Space Command

Since the corporation's inception, Liang-Dortmund has maintained a very close relationship with the United Nations Space Command. Liang-Dortmund mines and transports valuable materials to be later used by UNSC defense contractors for the construction of naval vessels and other military assets. In return, the UNSC provides limited escort of Liang-Dortmund material transport ships and allows the sale of arms to Liang-Dortmund's private security force.

Unified Earth Government

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