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Leonard Butcher




c. 2528


215 cm (7'1") (in armor)


UEGSeal Unified Earth Government


UNSC PW insignia (BW) UNSC Marine Corps
Spartan branch Spartan


Spartan branch Spartan


UNSC MC: Orbital Drop Shock Troopers
Spartan: Headhunters


Human-Covenant War

Post-Covenant War conflicts

  • Raid on Talitsa
  • Battle of Brasil
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    Leonard Butcher, also known by his codename, Famine, is a Headhunter and a SPARTAN-IV supersoldier.


    During the Human-Covenant War, Leonard Butcher enlisted in the UNSC Marine Corps, and eventually joined the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers.

    Following the end of the Human-Covenant War, he volunteered to join the SPARTAN-IV program. Proving himself among the most skilled of the SPARTAN-IVs, Butcher was allowed into the Headhunters.

    Raid on Talitsa

    Butcher was among the Spartans selected by the Office of Naval Intelligence’s Delta-6 Division to field test the new Wetwork variant of MJOLNIR GEN2 armor. Delta-6 partnered him with April-G182, and sent the two and several other Spartans to the Outer Colony of Talitsa in order to assassinate some of the leaders of the United Rebel Front. Although Butcher had killed far more than he had to, the mission was deemed a success, and the Wetwork armor was approved for continued use.

    Battle Group Frigg

    In the year 2558, Butcher was attached to Battle Group Frigg and was stationed aboard the UNSC Ziz.

    Personality and traits

    Leonard Butcher is a ruthless and bloodthirsty individual. While loyal and obedient to the Office of Naval Intelligence, he enjoys killing and so long his superiors do not instruct otherwise, he will gladly eliminate as many enemies as possible for each mission he is sent to accomplish. Butcher's mass-murdering tendencies frequently put him at odds with his Headhunter partner April-G182, who focuses solely completing objectives exactly how they are presented to them. Butcher's disagreements with April-G182, however, are only verbal in nature and have yet to compromise their synergy in the field.

    Hailing from the ODSTs, Butcher is a very skilled soldier even by Spartan-IV standards. His skills are what warranted his induction into the Headhunters.


    Leonard Butcher wears the Wrath variant of MJOLNIR GEN2 armor. During the Raid on Talitsa, Butcher wore a suit of the Wetwork variant of MJOLNIR GEN2 armor. As a Headhunter, Butcher most frequently carries an M395B fitted with a sound dampener, an SRS99-S5 AM loaded with lighter, End of the Line rounds, and an M6H2/Tactical.


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