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Biographical information
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Political information and functions
Primary Function
  • Supervisor of The Garden
  • Intelligence and Maintenance
"My name is Legion, for we are many"

Legion, also known as The Intelligence, was a "Smart" Artificial Intelligence created by the Precursors sometime during their Golden Age of Peace. He was given the designation as the Head AI, Supervisor, and the Caretaker of Facility-11, otherwise known as The Garden.


"Who am I thou might ask. To explain thine is never a simple task. But thine objective is so clear. My duty is. To take everything that thou holds dear."

Early History

Upon the creation of Legion's core matrix, the Precursors noted several anomalies that fluxuated upon his initial creation. But the Precursors simply ignored this occurence as they saw it as a temporary flaw. After spending several years serving at another facility, the Precursors decided to transport Legion to The Garden and giving him total command of the entire facility. Legion was installed into the Facility mainframe, giving him full surveillance of the Garden and absolute control of the robotics that were assigned to the facility.
Legion was also given 3 major important protocoles to follow:

  • Ensure the well-being of the Garden.
  • Do whatever it takes to protect the Garden. Anything is permitted.
  • Never harm a Precursor. You must always follow their orders. Even if it is against your parameters.

The Precursors realized that if Legion was left to his devices, he could eventually become rampant. Thus, the Precursors created specially designed AI projectors and placed them throughout the facility. These projectors gave Legion the ability to manifest himself anywhere in the Garden. With the projectors, it allowed him to roam the facility like that of his creators but he was still a hologram. The Precursors also installed a virtual reality program that would give Legion a supposed fake life. With the upgrades complete, the Precursors went back to their own devices such as working on the Facility Network or performing the Garden's purpose. Legion would supervise diligently for several hundred years. Seeing that he didn't have anyone to talk to but himself, Legion created two subroutines to assist him and to keep him company. He would aptly name these two, Cabal and Tacticus. Due to the Garden's need for weeekly maintenance, Legion and his subroutines were kept


"Why have mine creators left me? Am I useless to them? Am I but a worthless pawn in their plans?"
―Legion when he learned that his Makers left the galaxy

Unwanted Guests

"This is mine!!! Mine alone!!"
―Legion upon the arrival of the Forerunners

Descent into Madness

"Would you like to wish upon a star? The twinkle twinkle litte star?"

Necros War






  1. Biblical reference. Suggested by Specops306