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"You call me pinky again, and I'll break both of your arms!" - Spartan Lauren Stuart.
Spartan Lauren Stuart, is a Spartan-IV supersoldier of the United Nations Space Command's Spartan Operations Branch, being a member of Fireteam Demon, serving as Demon 5, the teams CQC specialist. Lauren has an identical twin, Amanda Stuart, a university professor on Gannick 22 and is the younger sister of Joseph Stuart.


Early Life

Lauren Stuart was born on the human Inner Colony of Camber on March 13th, 2514 to Jonathan and Elise Stuart, being the older sibling of a pair of twins, with her younger twin, Amanda, being born a few minutes later. When she was only 2, Lauren fell through thin ice whilst the three siblings were playing, and would have drowned before her father could reach her, had not her older brother, Joseph, not dived in after her. Without thinking for his own safety, and despite only being a few years older, he was able to haul his sister to the surface, were quickly pulled from the water and rushed to a hospital for treatment. Joseph would be quickly discharged due to suffering no effects from his actions, whilst Lauren remaining in hospital, suffering from hypothermia, but made a full recovery and was discharged a week later.

'Death' of her Brother

Enlistment and Training

ODST Service

Spartan-IV Recruitment

Personality and traits



Skills and abilities

Physical description


  • Recruit Helmet
  • Soldier Torso
  • Outer-plated Arms
  • Over-locking Legs
  • Navy Blue and Pink
  • Pink Visor

Battle Honours

  • Battle of Fumirole (2552)
  • Battle of Reach (2552)
  • Battle of Earth (2552-53)




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