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Lance G003.jpg
Biographical information

Lance A. Falkner

Spartan Tag


Date of birth

October 24th, 2537

Date of death

November 1st, 2552




6' 13"

Affiliation and military information


  • Heavy Weapons
  • Gunner



SPARTAN-III Gamma Company


Spartan-G244, better known as Lance, was a member of Gamma Company and Team Shoto, designated as Shoto 4. Lance's parents died when he was young and was forced to look after himself. Singled out due to his undying devotion friends and people around him he was taken to Onyx. At first Lance was miserable but eventually bonded with his new family. He graduated along with the rest of Gamma and fought in the final days of the human covenant war. Sadly Lance would meet his end at the Battle of Earth, sacrificing himself to save his leader and friend Shepard-G127. His legacy would help bond Shoto together stronger than ever before.


Personality and Skills


Throughout his life Lance was recognized as some of great loyalty and personal strength. As the eldest brother of five other siblings he was depended on greatly at a young age, this made him very mature of his age and made him highly protective of others. Coupled with his imposing size he was a valuable ally or a dangerous foe. Due to his friendly personality Lance was one of the main driving forces for keeping the team together, giving Shepard the right boost to push him into being a leader. Lance always put his friends first no matter the situation and would prioritize their safety over his and almost routinely put himself in harms way to keep them safe. Even in death his example of selflessness and self-sacrifice would be remembered by the whole company and provide many the image of what a spartan should be.


Lances skills lay in the use of heavy weapons and support techniques. He was known for his skills with weapons such as the M319 Grenade Launcher and the M41 Rocket Launcher. His skill with the much simpler weapons such as the assault rifle was also well known, his accuracy at both close and long range with this weapon being beyond that of most other gamma's. His size and strength also made him a fearsome close quarters fighter, his own fighting style hinged around using his strength to overpower opponents quickly and with as little fuss as possible.

Weapons and Armour



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