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Kyle Craig

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Biographical Information
  • Jack Reacher (Military guise)
  • Robert Shawn (Drawn PD detective guise)
Homeworld United Republic of North America, Earth
Born 2527
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
  • 6 feet, 3 inches (Unarmored)
  • 6 feet, 9 inches (Armored)
Weight 195LBS
Political and Military Information
  • Demolitions expert (2550-2559)
    • UNSC Marine (2551-2553)
    • ONI Agent (2553-2555)
    • SPARTAN IV (2555-2558)
    • Employed (2558-2559)
  • Seasoned Criminal (2555-2559
  • Criminal Mastermind (2559-Present)
  • Cortez Cartel (2532-2551)
  • United Nations Space Command (2551-2553)
    • UNSC Marine (2551-2553)
    • Spartan Operations (2555-2558)
  • Office of Naval Intelligence (2553-2558)
    • ONI Agent (2553-2555)
  • Himself (2554-Present)
    • Legion (2556-2560)
    • Cortez Cartel (2556-2558)
  • Human-Covenant War
  • Post War era
  • Reclaimer era
  • Created Crisis
Equipment and Skills
  • MA5 Assault Rifle
  • M6 Pistol
    • Equipped with laser sight, and silencer
  • Combat Knife
  • SLE7 Grenades
  • Scrambler Grenades (EMP Grenades)
  • Plasma Grenades (Obtained through the black market)
  • C-7 Charges
  • C-12 Charges
  • Personal Energy Shield
  • Other technological devices
  • Gideon (Personal AI)
  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Marksmanship
  • Explosives
  • Technology
  • Criminal Mastermind

Not only will crime pay, but so will people's lives. To get away with a such an insidious act, not only do you have to be physically capable and prepared, but you have to be mentally insane and do aside with all aspects of morality. Only then can you be absolutely capable of committing the perfect crime.

Kyle Craig was a mentally deranged and dangerous terrorist, criminal and murderer. While not as intelligent as David King, he was smart enough to outlast his opponents until he was either captured or killed. He was considered dangerous by both UEG Law Enforcement and ONI, making him a troublesome target. He used various disguises and aliases to accomplish his objectives, even going as far as infiltrating a local police department to utilize information on his enemies. He took part in pivotal battles during his military career with the UNSC, sabotaging outposts to extract information to gain a better understanding of his enemies. When he was discharged from the UNSC began his life as a career criminal, using his fathers company as a stepping stone to hide his real intentions. He indirectly worked his way into LEGION—a criminal organization that was much like that of a Syndicate. He also manipulated individuals within the organization to earn a spot within their sophisticated hierarchy, becoming Legion's trusty informant and later their chief enforcer. It was not until later that Kyle's rival, David King, joined their ranks as an assassin, that he developed a grudge and pulled out of the organization. He would then become a lone wolf, creating a group of disciples who were eager to follow his ideals on creating the perfect crime, among other things. Following the rise of the Created, Kyle felt that it was unnecessary but would assist them if it meant protecting himself, his ambitions, and his future.


Early Life


Kyle Craig was born in Los Angeles, California of the United Republic of North America in 2527, into a relatively poor family. His biological mother, Julie, was a busy bartender, who earned a low but steady wage that was able to provide the bare minimum Craig. His biological father, Rob, was an alcoholic whose short-temper, lack of patience and drive for success saw him struggle to keep any jobs for more than a few months. Such a hostile environment meant that Kyle grew up in a loud, obnoxious household, with frequent abuse from his father. As a result, he lived in constant fear of his father, growing to reluctantly hate him despite his attempts to develop a relationship with him. The only positive influence in his life was the few cherished moments he spent with his mother, who attempted to become some sort of role-model in his chaotic early life.

While Julie was at work, Kyle would get beat up by Rob for not believing that he was his son. Kyle had a hard time during the divorce transition and took every chance he had to visit his mother before work. For Kyle, divorce shook trust in dependency on his parents and behaved in an extremely undependable way. With the family unit divided into two different households which Kyle had learn to transit back and forth, for a while creating unfamiliarity, instability, and insecurity, never being able to be with one parent without having to be apart from the other.

With Julie killed and Rob arrested, Kyle was then adopted by a wealthy family and had presumably lived a normal life. His adoptive mother, Martha Gray, worked at as a Healthcare Technician for a healthcare facility in east LA. His adoptive father, Jerry Gray, was the founder of a technology and research laboratory known as SkyBlue Technological. His adoptive father worked closely with the Office of Naval Intelligence and helped with technological assets and researching. It was during his childhood that he took up lessons in piano. He had a variety of composers that he drew inspiration from, the most notable one being Choplin. With Jerry tied in his work, Kyle began seeking a close circle of friends to keep him company in the mean time. He would even looked up to the housekeeper, Isabella, as a mother figure. Kyle and Isabella would travel around the local town, where he would often play tricks on her, even going as far as to play hide and seek games. It was in his father's interest that Kyle would be sent to a private school, as he felt that safety was a priority in Kyle's young life. During the school years, Kyle was noted for his gifted intelligence. While some considered him a genius, others envied him and bullied him for outsmarting the other kids in his classes. Kyle took advantage of this and learned to fight back, ultimately humiliating the bullies in the process but the bullying would continue to follow him throughout his life as a young adult.

The Cortez Cartel gang that Kyle hired to put pressure on Rob Craig.

Young Adulthood

When Kyle was sixteen, he saw that a convicted felon had escaped from jail. He knew from the nightly news showing a photograph of the convict that it had been Rob-his biological father. That same night, Kyle believed that Rob's persistence could threaten him and his adoptive family, so he enlisted the help of a gang to 'convince' him to leave. The scare tactics had worked the way Kyle intended, but he still grew weary that Rob would return to kill his family. Rob later made a returned as he saw the gang as interference. As Kyle was headed to school, Rob stalked him and found an opportunity to take his adoptive parents out. He used his own resources in prison to acquire the location of the gang that scared him out of town. He tracked them down and killed them all on separate occasions. When school was over, Kyle headed back to his adoptive parents home. That night, Martha heard knocking on their door and locked the intruder out. Angered by this Rob kicked the door down, forcing his way into the home before he stabbed Martha to death. His adoptive father Jerry fought off Rob, but it wasn't enough as Rob had thrown Jerry against the wall and knocking him unconscious. Kyle was in fear for his life as Rob began to attack him and even attempted to kill him with the knife. Kyle then killed Rob fatally in self-defense and was arrested by local law enforcement. Kyle's trial was rather uneventful for a teen his age, but he felt confident that he would win because his family hired an experienced lawyer. His lawyer had strong evidence to give Kyle a not guilty verdict from the jury and proved that Kyle was allowed to use deadly force within his own home if he had a 'reasonable fear of imminent peril or great bodily injury.'. After the trial, Kyle was then supported by his adoptive father, Jerry, throughout the rest of his youth.

During his high school years, he excelled in most of his coursework, but after school hours he would participate in criminal activities. His friends would get him to hang out with the very few local gangs of the Cortez Cartel and participated in small scale crimes for the thrill of it. Kyle found that it was mostly easy to commit crimes with a group of friends as it became exciting and also decreased his chances of getting caught. Kyle also began experiment with various drugs acquired by the cartel. With the peer pressure and the emotional struggles of his mother's death, he felt that the drug use was the best way to escape. With enough influence in the cartel he would become nothing more than a runner/carrier for transporting drugs with his friends.

College Life

Kyle attended a four year university at the University of California, Los Angeles where he studied Engineering Technology. During his time at college he met Drake Miller, a pyrotechnician. The two would become acquaintances and learned each others skills. Kyle was intrigued by Pyrotechnics. He graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelors of Science in Engineering Technology.

Joining the UNSC

Kyle destroys a scarab.

When Kyle heard that the Covenant invaded most of the Inner Colonies he felt interested in joining the UNSC. The gang members were against it and threatened to kill Kyle if he joined them. He began to develop a hatred for the Cortez Cartel because of their lack of understanding, but he was careful not to show it and continued to partake in small criminal activities such as burglaries and petty theft. At one time he was sent off with four other members of the crime group to murder a high-value target, one that had been hiding in the midst of a rival crime group known as the El Federación. While on their hunt, they were stopped by a few UNSC forces with their guns trained on all of them. Kyle stood out from the group and with his hands in the air. He tried to negotiate and failed. His comrades tried to persuade him to flee while they would deal with the mess. He turned on the two of his teammates and then surrendered. The UNSC soldier finished off the other two and took Kyle in for interrogation.

Kyle gave up any information he had on the Cortez Cartel and his crimes were acquitted and he was recruited and offered a position as a soldier within the UNSC Marine Corps. He smiled and gladly accepted, knowing that he could make a difference.

Kyle was sent to a training facility in Africa where he had to complete a thirteen-week training program. He excelled in many areas of military training including physical conditioning and educational training. His strongest areas that his instructors noted were the use of explosives. During an exercise, he would find cunning ways to disarm explosives. He would bond with his teammates to accomplish objectives and excelled in marksmanship and hand to hand combat. He graduated with his class which would perform as a squad during the Human-Covenant war. Kyle took part in military raids on Covenant targets. He was one of the UNSC Marine Corps' demolitions experts and was tasked with all things explosive ranging from small explosives to huge bombs.

Spartan Operations

In 2555, Kyle became a Spartan-IV with ONI's Spartan Operations. The major factor in his transfer into the Spartan-IV program was his service record with the UNSC Marine Corps. They looked through his military reports and noticed an excellent improvement over the years and what he was capable of doing. Kyle told them that he could also sabotage enemy outposts and bases. Though his hot hotheadedness played a small role in his transfer, ONI dismissed that fact and told him that the trait could be directed more towards the enemy. They recruited him into the Spartan-IV program and he underwent a series of biological and chemical augmentations that lasted three weeks. Following the two days it took him to adjust to the enhancements, Kyle trained under the supervision of Kevin Smith. His medical records indicated mild aggressiveness and he was given antipsychotic drugs to keep his mind and personality in check. Next, he placed on a five-man team known as Fireteam Wolf as the team's demolitions expert.

Insurrection on Etheria

His final mission before his capture had been to take down an outpost on the Insurrectionist-controlled planet of Etheria. The outpost was a heavily guarded base with several weapons caches. Kyle had to remotely detonate the outpost while Cassandra and Ash provided cover fire. This provided enough of a distraction to plant the explosives and escape with very little injuries as the Innies were occupied with the oncoming fire they were receiving.

Kyle got to a distance far enough to safely detonate the explosives, destroying the outpost completely. As Kevin called in for an extraction, more Innies were converging onto their position. Kyle managed to keep them at bay by laying down suppressive fire until they knew the location of their extraction. Their UH-144 Falcon couldn't land safely in a hot zone so it had to relocate seventy meters from their current position. The team ran for their lives while suppressing fire blindly from behind. Kyle was the first to board the Falcon and the rest of the team followed. As more Innies caught up with them, their pilot was killed. Kyle, as desperate to evacuate as the rest of the team was, tossed the dead pilot out of the Falcon. The Falcon took off and managed to gain some distance before being shot down by a surface to air missile. Kyle told his team that he needed to gain enough control to land the Falcon on the ground safely. He managed to make it far enough to where his whole team jumped out in time. Unfortunately, the Falcon flew over the cliff and spun uncontrollably, crashing into the valley below. Although Kyle had jumped out just in time to save himself, his team assumed he was dead and he was marked 'KIA' by ONI.

Capture and Escape

Kyle pistol whips a insurrectionist

Kyle's armor had been badly damaged from skidding on the cliff face after he jumped out. He found a cave and chose to hide in it. Insurrectionist forces found the wreckage of the Falcon and searched the perimeter for survivors to interrogate. After finding Kyle, a UNSC captain turned Innie leader by the name of Ashley Valentine, captured him and used extreme methods to brainwash him into serving their cause, but Kyle was not actually brainwashed and Ashley didn't actually have any control over him to begin with. He began to contemplate that the UNSC had mistakenly placed him in such disposition and that ONI had not sent a backup unit to rescue him, although this was not the case. He was given Insurrectionists BDU and gear before setting off on his mission. Having gone a week without his antipsychotics he began to show signs of mental instability, but the Insurrectionists neither knew nor did they care. They needed someone to serve in their cause against the UNSC.

He set out with a group of five Insurrectionists to steal chemicals from an abandoned biochemical manufacturer. He utilized different weapons to take down each of his compatriots, leaving him and the squad leader as the two remaining survivors within the facility. He located the squad leader, in a lab searching for a biochemical agent. Having blood on his hands, he said that there is a flood infestation and that they need to evacuate immediately. She didn't fall into the trap and began walking towards Kyle. Kyle ran to the door and locked it sealing them both inside. One of the Insurrectionists charged towards them and banged violently on the door. She wanted to know what was going on and Kyle explained to her that it was a fundamental flood transformation; although, this statement was false. What Kyle really did was to inject the subject with a chemical that affects the serotonin, triggering violent behavior.

Kyle fires upon the insurrectionists.

After ordering for immediate backup, she ran over to Kyle and ordered for him to open the door immediately. Kyle refused, telling her that opening the door would lead to sudden death. She attacked Kyle and after a brief struggle, he killed her. He then proceeded to kill the raging Innie outside the door.

He then proceeded to pour gasoline and mixed chemicals throughout the building before setting the place on fire. When the Insurrectionists arrived via a UH-144 Falcon, they found Kyle fake limping to the Falcon. Just when he boards he told them that the squad leader was dead and that they should begin searching the building for survivors. They did just that while two passengers and the pilot remained in the Falcon. Kyle threw the pilot out of the Falcon and killed the two passengers with the pistol he acquired. He then tossed the dead pilot out and took over, starting up the chopper and lifting off. When the Insurrectionists returned, they ran towards the helicopter, desperate to get the attention of the fleeing pilot, who turned on them and killed them with the UH-144 Falcon's M638 autocannon.

When he arrived back at the base he told the Insurrectionists that his squad mates have been killed off by the flood, so he had to burn down the place in order to prevent the flood from spreading. The Insurrectionists believed his concocted statement and Kyle brought out a briefcase with every chemical weapon that he could recover and gave it to the leader. That night he would continue his escape plan.

After most of the Insurrectionists were asleep and a few were on patrol, Kyle began to set his plan in motion: To destroy the base and steal a cargo freighter to get back to Earth and establish contact with UNSC forces to take down further Insurrectionists on Etheria. He snuck into the leaders tent and stabbed the guards with quick efficiency while being careful not to wake the leader. He then killed off the leader by slitting his throat and covering his mouth so that he couldn't make too much noise. He then grabbed the brief case and entered the code, revealing it's contents: multiple inhalation hazards and dangerous substances. He exited the tent and when he was approached by three suspicious troops, who asked him what he had been doing in the tent at this time of night, he answered that he was checking on the leader. Two Insurrectionists pushed him aside and began searching the tent, while the third kept and eye on him. Kyle slit the Insurrectionists throat, using a combat knife he concealed behind him. He then covered his mouth, and lowered him slowly to the floor. He then proceeded to poison the Insurrectionists that were sleeping in their tents. The two Insurrectionists exited the tent in horror when they saw that their boss had been killed. Kyle on the other hand was escaping in a warthog that had been parked a few meters away. The two Insurrectionists raised the alarm, only to find that nobody had awaken from their tents due to the poisonous gas that had spread inside the tents, killing off the other Insurrectionists.

With more Insurrectionists on his trail, Kyle made his way to the a hanger that housed a cargo freighter. He quickly searched for a wooden freight crate that was labeled 'black powder' and concealed an explosive charge behind the crate. Just when he was about to board, he was stopped short by the two Insurrectionists who had caught up with him. He was ordered to turn around and raise his hands in the air. He did just that and detonated the black powdered crate. This distraction allowed him to pull out a pistol from behind his waistband. He fired two clean shots into their chests, knocking them to the floor. He then threw the gun to the floor and proceeded to board the freighter, leaving the two Insurrectionists to their deaths.

Return to Earth

Kyle made his way back to Earth with the stolen cargo freighter. When he arrived at Base Segundo Terra, he was greeted with guns pointing at the freighter. It was not until he revealed himself that he was arrested and questioned by UNSC personnel. When he gave them his identity as Jack Reacher, they said that the man had been dead for at least six months and was officially marked 'KIA' by ONI. Kyle refused to divulge any additional information about himself and his whereabouts until an ONI officer was present. When his request was approved, the ONI officer interviewed him cautiously, checking on his mental report over the years as well as DNA samples. He confirmed that Kyle had been Jack Reacher. Kyle was released from custody and reassigned to the UNSC Harmony.

Fighting on Jaeter


— Kyle taking on multiple covvies.

Kyle was once again given the alias of Jack Reacher and got reinstated to provide security detail for UNSC and ONI high priority personnel on Jaeter. He arrived on Jaeter to not only provide security detail but to take out high-value targets using his cunning and technology.

He was stationed on the UNSC Harmony when the frigate arrived on Jaeter. When the frigate was attacked, Kyle's crew and captain were killed in the crash, but some of the UNSC marines, ODST's, an AI named Gideon, and himself survived. When an unknown Covenant Remnant group attacked the UNSC Marines and ODST's defended the ship and its AI but failed there objective as they were overrun and outgunned. Kyle broadcasted a signal for help, attracting the attention of two Spartan III's. Kyle held down the enemy forces as best he could but was severely wounded in the process and sustained injuries to his lower abdomen. Kyle applied biofoam to halt the pain until his wounds were treated and he fell back with the Spartan-III's back to the UNSC Call to Valor.

Kyle participated in finding a base that belonged to a Mexican cartel. Dahm—an ex police officer; Rak—a Kig-Yar; Yang—an AI; Alica—a Spartan-II; and he followed an explosion till they came up to a small base. When the fighting began, Kyle used the AI's machine guns from a H/Y Mark I prototype as a distraction till he could make it to a bus, where he threw two grenades in, blowing the bus up. When all enemies were eliminated from the base. Kyle and Yang left two survivors alive to extract information which later proved to be unnecessary. Kyle interrogation methods were extreme but efficient and proved that the captives had nothing to hide.

After helping a Spartan Freelancer named Valkyrie with repairs on a warthog, Kyle picked up a transmission from a UNSC FOB near Epsilon base and proceeded to offer help along with Valkyrie. When they arrived at the base, Kyle looked for any signs of suspicion and found that just after their arrival, a hole was blown in the wall of the base. Two suspects fled the scene and Kyle continued in pursuit of the terrorists and was surprised at their knowledge in the use of technology. Kyle managed to pop two of their tires before his own vehicle was hit with an EMP blast and stopped. Kyle called for backup and just in time Emerson arrived and offered to assist. They both managed to find the wreck of the suspects warthog and found their route of escape: a sewage hatch. Kyle called in more help from Fireteam Ulysses and all team members began searching the sewers for the suspects. Unable to find them, Kyle used Gideon to track down the suspects holographic signatures and came to a wall where his AI analyzed the material used to build the wall and came up with information that the wall was built with nanolaminate material. He advised Fireteam Ulysses that he would return to Epsilon base for further analysis and get the attention of a high-ranking officer. When he returned to base with Emerson they both got the attention of Gunner and gave him information regarding what they found. Gunner was pleased with the report and found that one of their suspects could possibly be a Huragok.

Jaeter Defense Munitions Heist

I'm after something else, and I can achieve it without needing to be a good guy. Or a bad guy.

— Kyle plans on what he needs to do before meeting the Glass Raiders and the Jaeteran Defense Force.

Kyle took part in the heist of Jaeter Defence Munitions - A large weapons and vehicles manufacturing corporation on Jaeter, along with four other members: Korn, Variable, Carl and Veronica. He got rid of his friendly facade—only temporarily—for his lust for crime and planned on using the funds to pay through college while completing work in the criminal underworld. He arrived and parked in the parking garage of the corporation and followed the security procedures. Now disarmed of any weapons and with nothing but a briefcase on hand, he regrouped with Carl in the lobby, where the both made their way to the control room. Kyle took control of the camera feeds, as well as the security control to the entire building and transferred them to his datapad for later usage. He then changed into a JDM security uniform and advised Carl to stay near the control room in case things got messy—which later did. Unaware that the receptionists René was in on the heist, he attempted to influence her into kidnapping Loraine but was interrupted by Hayden and his squad. He felt apprehensive by Hayden's arrival, but kept calm and persuaded him that he worked for JDM as a part of Hayden's security force, revealing an ID Badge that he had forged prior to the heist. Hayden was reluctant and grew suspicious towards Kyle, even asking him about his name, but Kyle deduced him thinking that answering may expose his persona. Waiting for Variable to take out Loraine and the guards in the elevator, he made his way to the basement or level seven and was impressed by the dead guards. When Variable arrived with a struggling Loraine, Kyle kept introductions to a minimum only saying her first name as if it meant some importance to him. Taking Loraine hostage, he threatened her to open the vault door. Kyle then grabbed Loraine and walked her to the vault and used her biometrics to bypass the system on the Vault, opening it. He then began the transfer—large amounts of credits were transferred to hard drives. While he kept a close eye on Loraine, he checked on the buildings camera system and looked through every camera to find Hayden was headed to the vault. Frustrated, he advised Variable to lock the place down, but to no avail, Hayden arrived at the vault and started breaching it with explosives and various plasma weaponry. When he was inside the vault a firefight ensured. He got grazed on the shoulder from a bullet and took cover before he could suffer more damage, knowing that his plans and any future criminal attempts would be lost if he died. When Carl wounded Hayden enough to where he was unconscious, it allowed Kyle to buy enough time to plant explosives, intending to kill Hayden, but instead he made it to where Hayden would be wounded by the rubble as he would want to get a chance to taunt him more later. Variable took Loraine and the team made their escape.

Prowler Heist Prelude

Craig: "She will know our faces and then they will come after us before we can even prep for the heist."

Variable: It shrugs. "Then do the next-best thing - disguise as a known employee. But will need preparation."

Korn: "This was your guys' idea to begin with. Don't go being hypocritical on me. My mind is set." Korn grumbles, glaring at Craig.

Craig: "I’m not taking the risk of ourselves–all of us–being caught. I’m going to drug her." Short pause. "Put it this way. If she returns to the militia and gets in touch with law enforcement. We are all dead, including the cartel."

— Kyle, Korn, and Variable decide what to do with Loraine.

After the group decided that Loraine was an unnecessary risk to both themselves and the Cartel they agreed to tie her up in the forest. Kyle intended for the trap to work as he predicted that it would allow for them to buy enough time to plot their next move–stealing a ONI prowler. Kyle knew that she would recognize their faces and gave Loraine a memory erasing drug—which worked as he intended. But that was not enough to keep them hidden for long, as blood samples from the BCA’s forensics lab and recognized surveillance footage from digital forensics were able to identify a few members of the heist: A Huragok—which the militia members later identified as Variable aka Too Variable to Measure–Carl Taylor, and Kyle Craig himself.

Investigating Scion

Kyle participated on the investigation of Scion—A world with many mysteries, some say it was a gas moon, some say its atmosphere was so thick, no one has been able to see through its dense clouds. Interested in these mysteries Kyle was determined to find something Forerunner that will help with his technological devices, but instead found nothing but a data storage for Jaeter's weather. Disappointed, he scouted the area for things to kill as this would help relieve his tendency to kill. When they found a way out he was given a Boltshot by Hayden-who found it while exploring the moon's forerunner structures.

Rescuing Beha' Laclam aboard Kyso's cruiser

The calvary has arrived! Am I glad to see you Hayden!

— Kyle being grateful about Hayden's arrival.

Kyle responded when Andromeda 'Vadum was in need of an individual to hack the systems aboard the Covenant carrier, Lance of Retribution. He arrived in Jaeter's orbit and was ambushed by Banshee fighters. Feeling uneasy about taking on the Banshee's all by himself, he called for assistance and Hayden O' Connor joined in turning the tide against the enemy. After clearing a few enemy fighters, Kyle observed that the ships hanger doors were closed. He informed Hayden and the both of them decided to blow the doors open. Firing a barrage of missiles, they left a hole big enough for them to go on through. Hayden's squad entered via vacuum suits while Kyle entered with his Pelican, almost damaging it in the process. Once inside, they both regrouped with Vadum's squad and headed to shipmaster Kyso's location. Upon meeting with Kyso, Kyle—with the help of his AI Gideon—managed to shut down the ships systems, cutting off all avenues of escape for Kyso and disabled any self-destruct sequences. Kyle observed while the militia members fought. Beha managed to take down Kyso. Kyle then returned to Epsilon base on Jaeter.

"A Unconvincing conversation"

You may not have to end up in a prison cell if you confess, apologize, and learn to work with Beha. I know it's hard. I can’t stand looking at every Covvie motherfucker in that militia base and I wonder how I sleep at night. Well Vadum gave me some advice: To direct my vengeance towards my enemies. And I do just that. I slaughter my enemies and torture them using whatever methodologies I see fit.

— Kyle tries to convince Jeremy to return to the Jaeter militia.

Kyle arrived with Jason Miller and Beha 'Laclam to Seyerton. When they dropped Beha off to provide sniper cover, Kyle and Miller searched for Jeremy, who had been hiding in a dark alley with active camouflage. Kyle grew frustrated and turned back to the building where Beha was sniping and advised them to head back to the militia base while he would talk to Jeremy, knowing that Jeremy would be more comfortable conversing around humans and Beha's presence would aggravate the situation. Kyle also anticipated that Miller would be of no use with his fractured legs to catch a fleeing Spartan. When Jeremy's camouflage ran out he fled the area and Kyle followed in a foot pursuit, attempting to persuade him that he was neither going to kill him or take him in. He failed to negotiate and grew tired of chasing Jeremy through the streets as he figured that he might as well save his energy for a fight. Kyle then tranquilized Jeremy and the two came to a stop, where Kyle was still unable to persuade him into returning to the militia base, even giving him advice on controlling his rage was implausible. Kyle then walked away giving Jeremy two options: To return to the militia base and apologize, which Jeremy confirmed that he wouldn't. Kyle added that the militia would eventually grow suspicious and kill Jeremy. Kyle didn't want to kill Jeremy as he valued his life. The second option was that Jeremy could flee, but that would have made him a bigger risk to himself. Kyle further added to that option that the Covenant Remnants, the Militia, or the UNSC may kill him and noted that his odds of surviving them were slim. Unable to convince Jeremy, he returned to the militia base to inform Beha on what had happen.

Kidnapping Greta 'Kovum

Kyle kidnaps Greta 'Kovum

Hearing about the kidnapping of Doctor Saber Maddox, one of Legion's chief scientist's, Kyle acted on behalf of the Legion commander, Jerry Davis, who was instructed to keep the chief scientist out of harms way by the organization's "The Leader" Johnathan Powell. Kyle's relationship with the commander began with his ties into the Cortez Cartel—A criminal organization operating as branch of Legion. Jerry wanted to know if there were any important individuals that would benefit in getting Saber back and he recommended Greta ‘Kovum, who was the minister of defense for Jaeter.

Kyle learned about her by being in the militia under the guise of Jack Reacher. He stalked Greta for a period of a several days and removed his façade temporarily to protect his trust with the militia. He then followed Greta prior to the political meeting in Seyerton, keeping himself busy and maintaining a distance to avoid suspicion. Kyle planned to kidnap Greta at night as Seyerton would be less busy. He and a few sicario agents working with the Cartel parked in an alleyway to provide an easy escape route. Kyle instructed the sicarios to change the license plates after they equipped disguises to throw off any police that would be looking for them later and replace them with legitimate ones. To accomplish this task, Kyle reported the vehicle they were using as stolen four weeks prior to the kidnapping. After changing into a disguise to get inside the building and blend in with his surroundings, he hid in the restroom and changed into another disguise. He would then have his assistant–who would later be identified as Antonio Lòpez—kill the treasury minister while he subdued Greta, but Greta fought back. Kyle overpowered her and gave her a paralyzing agent, but she still was determined to escape so he knocked her out with Chloroform. Kyle instructed his assistant to stage the scene, but his assistant was wounded by one of the guards who checked on the situation inside. Kyle was disappointed and escaped through the air vents where he was led to the outside of an alleyway. Kyle would make a quick escape and premeditated that the outside security forces guarding the front would be distracted from a gunshot that rang inside the building.

Kyle then took Greta to a warehouse a few miles outside of Seyerton where he would strike a deal in return for immunity for the kidnapping crime. He left the warehouse and had another assistant–later identified as Tom Baker—swap disguises to make himself look like an exact copy of Craig. Kyle would then give him a voice manipulation device that would allow Tom’s voice to be matched with his. While Craig made his way back to the militia base under the guise of Jack Reacher, Tom would return to the warehouse to negotiate the trade and tie up loose ends. Tom confirmed that Kyle’s demands were met which included a Prowler that had been arranged to be dropped off at the requested coordinates by Richard Davis–an ONI liaison officer. When the trade was successful, Tom would confirm that the Prowler was in a safe location as requested. Kyle then instructed for the sicarios to pick it up and bring it to his requested location, a private villa in the outskirts of Vlosa. Kyle also instructed Tom to also leave a datapad with the militia that would reveal the location of Legion’s bases that were on Jaeter, as this would throw off any heat he had with the militia and establish a mutual relationship. Once Kyle had the Prowler, he would meet with the Cartel and exchange it for his fair share of credits and some highly-trained bodyguards. He would then severe all suspicions against him and lived a normal life while Tom would continue Kyle’s work on Jaeter.

Fighting for the Brute CCS Battlecruiser

Kyle, along with Alicia and Valkyrie, would participate in taking a CCS-class battlecruiser from a brute faction known as the Howling Pack. They would use the air vents to get to the ships bridge and eliminate any hostiles. Once that was accomplished they encountered an unexpected arrival from Legion forces along with the Yang, the AI working for the militia who turned evil. While Alicia and Valkyrie defended the bridge, Kyle used Gideon to access the ships security cameras to locate Yang, who was inside the engine room. Gideon was then locked out and Kyle tried to help but it seemed that the combined experience of a hacker and an AI was not enough to stop Yang.[note 1] Gideon instead would open all the doors on the ship to allow the militia members to get to the engine room easily. Despite the resistance along the way, they easily fought their way to the engine room where they would encounter Yang. After a fight, Kyle was knocked unconscious by Yang and was taken to the militia's medical bay. He woke up and suffered from amnesia, which would show his malevolent personality; although, under the guise Jack Reacher he felt remorse for some of the acts he committed during the times he had been playing under the guise of Kyle Craig. He would even scream out from a nightmare he had, claiming that he did not kill Loraine Trevelyan and that it was only a dream. Thyso and Hayden assured him that it was just a nightmare and that Loraine is alive. He would then unknowingly be given a sedative by Hayden to help him relax and drift into sleep to recover faster. He would then wake up the next day and talk with Hayden, having said that he had not killed anyone in weeks. Hayden then offered to join him on the mission to take down Legion’s base, a feat that would indulge his lust for killing.

Locating the cult and Vlad’s defeat

Maybe that's why you’re so vengeful. Because im on top. Because I have you completely in my power. Because the tables have turned.

— Kyle expresses himself before killing Vlad

In 2557, Kyle met Serina and found that she was outcast to a religious cult known as the Derren sector church of god. He wanted to join the cult to expose their intentions and dismantle it, furthering his vigilantism. After gathering information on the cult's location, he located Hayden and planned for a trip to the Venturian system, but first he would have to place two satellites on each planet to provide efficient communications relay if he were to be stranded. Using a space capsule and a rocket, which unknowingly would be identified as a ballistic missile or ICMB, he accomplished the task and set course back to Jaeter's surface. The capsule encountered some issues and he was set off course, landing in the coldest region of Jaeter. With no other communications or assistance, he set out to find help and encountered an infamous Russian assassin by the name of Vladimir Ivanov. He located a freighter and a group of armed men. He encountered them and used a ruse to get them to believe he was a crashed astronaut instead of a member of the UNSC. He met with Vladimir and hid his intentions and Craig persona to plan to use the old freighter to get back to the militia base. When he arrived back at the militia base he met with Hayden and the two worked together to locate the crashed capsule as a start to find Vladimir. When they located him using a drone, Hayden and Kyle used one of the longswords in the militia hanger to head to the area. They arrived and saw the battle from below and quickly turned the tide when one of the militia members used a mounted autocannon to rappel Vladimir’s forces. After the brief skirmish Vladimir escaped in his frigate, but was shot down by a ICMB, damaging the frigate. Kyle and Hayden engaged in a brief battle with Vlad before Kyle was finally able to capture him and brutally kill him.

Fractured Mask

One of the Cartels's hideouts that were destroyed on Jaeter.

Hayden learned about Valkyrie being kidnapped and tortured by the Cortez Cartel and Kyle wanted in on the operation, whether he intended to exploit the cartel, or the militia was unknown, but he knew it would later serve a purpose. He and Emerson were tasked with eliminating Cartel forces inside an abandoned CMA bunker along with Loraine, Daniels, and Yang. When they located Valkyrie, Kyle supported and took pleasure in Hayden’s idea of torturing Jazmín Navarro — One of the Cortez Cartel’s agents that specialized in torture. When Navarro was killed, Kyle quickly got Valkyrie aboard the Pelican and felt remorse for the loss of a Cartel member, considering he was also a member of the Cortez Cartel. His façade was fractured, yet he made sure that non-only the death of an important Cartel figure wouldn’t interfere with his own agendas, but the militia wouldn’t become suspicious of his facade. When he arrived at Epsilon base, he apologized to a now unconscious Valkyrie explaining what had happened shouldn’t had happened and blamed himself for the incident. When Kyle learned about Hayden’s disappearance he set out to look for him and arrived outside the militia base. He persuaded Hayden to return to the militia and informed him that they were both the same and that the death penalty would be dropped against him. That was not for him to decide, but Alicia – The militia’s brigadier general. When Kyle returned to base with Hayden in custody, he watched his sentencing and it was not until the arrival of Daniels that he became agitated, slowly breaking his façade. He blamed Daniels for getting Hayden into a public relations incident, one which could destroy UNSC-Jaeter relations. Kyle was then shocked that Hayden shot himself to prevent himself from carrying on the argument and was taken to medical. Daniels reassured him that Hayden would be saved due to the camera footage that was picked up during the incident, showing the full story instead of the media’s twisted story. Kyle felt conflicted on whether to break his facade, but decided against it when he talked to Greta, confirming that her stockhold syndrome was still in effect and his identity was safe.

Infiltrating a cartel drug operation

When Alexander Cortez left Jaeter to take care of business in Rio de Janeiro, Kyle saw the remnants of the Cortez Cartel as an interference and began to scheme on how to make them leave Jaeter to work on his master plan: creating a criminal underworld for all criminals to enact crimes without detection. As easy as it sounded, they were unwilling to leave peacefully and were influenced by Alexander’s vision on making Jaeter a drug empire. Under his Reacher guise, Kyle would exploit the militia’s resources and kill off the Cortez Cartel either from their deaths or by dismantling the organization, a situation that he knew would be nearly impossible without the help of the JDF and could turn catastrophic if he wasn’t careful. Alexander would later learn of this event through an anonymous contact and place not Kyle Craig, but Jack Reacher on his hit list, much to his anger and frustration. Kyle and Greta infiltrated a small warehouse with the help of the JDF. This was not one of the Cortez Cartel’s major fronts, but a small drug distribution facility that operated in the eastern region of Jaeter compared to their vast drug operations. Kyle got into the outside perimeter with the help of Dominic—a ODST sniper—and killed one of the guards, taking his uniform to use as a disguise. He stole a forklift to allow the Huragok named Breakdown to disable the Jammer, which allowed Emerson to use a weaponized quadcopter to assist the militia when things start to heat up. Kyle then advised for Emerson and Dominic to dispatch the remaining Cartel forces outside the warehouse. Kyle then instructed Breakdown to head into the warehouse to gather Intel, while he would provide cover fire. As soon as the Intel was acquired Kyle, Breakdown and the rest of the JDF made their escape and headed back to Epsilon base to locate key Cartel hideouts.

Covenant invasion of Jaeter

Immediately after hearing that a Covenant remnant group was invading Seyerton, Kyle and the rest of the JDF responded. Kyle and Emerson fought there way through the city streets before a Wraith blast knocked both of them unconscious. When they woke, Kyle killed a few of them as he and Emerson retreated into the darkness. Armed with his pistol, a DMR and a few Grenades, Kyle and Emerson continued towards the metropolitan area of Seyerton, taking out a few Covenant remnant checkpoints along the way. Running low on ammunition and determination, they were finally found by a local resistance group and escorted safely back to a fortress that was built by Hayden. Kyle expressed his concerns for Greta and his child, realizing that they were safe along with Greta's three other kids. He would help out with the fortress security, alerting high command and staff if any Covenant remnant were spotted. The Covenant remnants were pushed back to Seyerton's coast, cut off, and destroyed marking the end of the invasion and a victory for the JDF.

Reuniting with Fireteam Wolf

I like Wealth. They respect a man's privacy there. Particularly if he has a fortune.

— Kyle gives Hayden a hint on visiting the planet Wealth

Kyle left Jaeter and was reassigned to Fireteam Wolf at ONI station sierra in human-controlled space. He claimed to have found it hard to readjust to his team but kept focus on the missions. He also learned about David King's disappearance by Kevin Smith. Kevin assured him that he would have David captured and put in ONI's custody. Kyle wanted revenge and unbeknownst to his team, plotted to have David assassinated. When they got to the briefing room where the rest of the team was waiting to be briefed on their next mission, Kyle was surprised to see the former Etheria insurrectionist leader turned ONI agent Ashley Valentine and told her how he "admired her work," which Kyle possibly pretended that they had only just met. Kevin introduces Kyle to Ashley and advises them to set aside their differences and work together after discussing their mission: Hijack a cargo truck and interrogate the driver on the location of a major insurrectionist site. Once the site is obtained, they rendezvous back to base where they fill the truck with explosives and take it to the base where they blow it up and make an escape. Kyle thought the idea was foolish, why go through the trouble of taking out a base to attract more attention. What he didn't know was that it was actually a major arms dealing facility and would disarm the local insurrectionists and prevent any existing threats. The team agreed, with each of them having their own roles in the operation and continued to the pelican bay where they would head to the colony of Talitsa.

Talitsa infiltration and revenge

Becoming a criminal

Kyle used his demolition skills to earn himself short work as a demolitions contractor. He usually got along with his co-workers but had difficulty getting along with supervision and management. When he and his team were demolishing a skyscraper in the city of Los Angeles, one of the team members, supposedly Kyle Craig, may have contributed towards dangerous demolition work by changing the architectural blueprints and misplacing a few extra explosives during off-site hours. Afterwords, the explosion caused a chain of chaotic events that either killed or severely injured his team and supervisors.

Kyle never returned to the demolition business after the tragic death of some of his team members. This was just one of his minor psychopathic tendencies. A month later after the demolition incident, he continued a life of crime, using his demolition prowess to blow up banks to acquire huge sums of money. He then got involved in weapon smuggling and later became an arms dealer.

Holiday Thrills

Few of Kyle's crimes have been committed on a holiday or a special anniversary where he would plan his crime beforehand.

Halloween (2559)

Tonight, we're making some changes! Some big changes.

On Halloween, October 31st, 2559, Kyle was to be transported from the Men's Central Jail to the Metropolitan Detention Center due to overcrowding of the jail. On the prison bus, Kyle planned to attack Grandpoint Bank as a means to gain enough money for his plan to take out David. When a group of LEGION criminals blew up the street, the prison bus drove off course, flipping and crashing into the street. As the prison guard called for backup, the criminals moved into the bus and disabled the energy barriers separating the prisoners using an EMP grenade. All the prisoners start a fight with each other, except for Kyle, who escapes during the prisoners' riot.

After gaining some distance from the bus, he encountered an escapee, Pedro Nunez. The two discussed their need for money and how they intend to use it. They both stumbled upon a department store and changed their clothes to better suit their motives. Afterwards, the two began their massive crime spree and held hostages in the store. The cops surrounded the store and a rookie cop by the name of Jason Miller attempted to negotiate Kyle to free the hostages safely. Kyle and Pedro stole jewelry as a form of temporary payment to the criminal underworld. After Jason's proposal, Kyle released the hostages as a means of distraction while they escaped out the back. But for Jason, it would not go out that easily. He ordered a SWAT unit to move to the back. Kyle used a flash bang grenade to disorientate the SWAT team. Once they were temporarily blinded, Pedro made a run for it and Kyle shot down the SWAT units using one of their submachine guns. Angered by Pedro's betrayal, he took the submachine gun and shot in the direction Pedro was running in. Pedro escaped and a cop car pulled in front of him, blocking off his target and ricocheting bullets. Kyle then took a grenade belt from one of the SWAT guys, pulled the pin, and threw it down the opposite end of the alleyway. The explosion had been big enough to destroy the SWAT van and a few other cop cars. Kyle ran, hijacking a car in the process.

Kyle robs the grandpoint bank

Kyle had tracked down Pedro. They met together under a bridge with a few other members of the El Federación. Pedro apologized for ditching him on the spot, but Kyle reinforced the Cartel's rules by punching him in the face and telling him no exceptions. The gang members took out their weapons and were ready to kill Kyle, when Pedro ordered his men to stand down. Pedro said that Kyle had been right and that he knew the Cartel's principles well: leave no man behind. Pedro gave the El Federación members the bag containing their jewelry and in return, the gang gave them an arsenal of weapons including; military-grade assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, and grenades.

As night approached, Kyle made his way to Jason's home and slipped a note on his door and continued on with his crime spree, creating a few kidnappings and murders to elude law enforcement from his ultimate plan: the robbery of the Grandpoint bank. Kyle met with Pedro and the two gathered their weapons and posed as an armored delivery crew, using the armored car given to them by the El Federación. They made their way to the bank and began a full-fledged assault on the bank, killing all security forces that were inside. As Pedro gathered the citizens and held them hostage, Kyle grabbed the bank manager and headed for the vault. When the bank manager lied about not giving him the codes he shot him in the kneecap and forced the bank manager to give him the codes or he would end his life. He agreed and opened the vault. Kyle executed the bank manager and loaded the money into the extra large duffel bags.

When UNSC forces surrounded the perimeter, Kyle threatened that he would start killing hostages if the UNSC didn't arrange for transport immediately and keep back from the bank. The Los Angeles Police Department had brought up Jason once again to negotiate, though all forms of negotiation failed. Few hours have passed and Kyle escaped through the rooftops, killed the pilot of a civilian helicopter, and threw him out before Pedro took over. As they flew overhead and the SWAT teams moved into the bank to find all the hostages alive, Kyle fired upon the forces from above and rigged the vault with explosives. He blew up the vault killing multiple SWAT and police inside the atrium. Ground forces fired upon the chopper, and Kyle had escaped with little vehicular damage done.

Later that night when the Cartel boss of the El Federación looked over his prized jewelry, it took him a moment to realize it had been fake and inside the bag of jewelry was a medium-sized package. When he opened the package, an explosive device was present and a gift tag that read 'Trick or Treat'. The treat was him claiming the jewelry, but the trick was far more sinister. Before he had time to think, his whole entire estate blew up in flames. It was part of Kyle's plan to end the El Federación, but the device itself was designed by the Covenant Remnant.

Christmas Eve (2559)

After escaping the Grandpoint bank heist, Kyle crash-landed in the outskirts and was wounded but managed to escape again with the aid of local criminals that conducted business with the Flame organization. Kyle wanted protection as he knew that he would be hunted down by Jason Miller. He fled to the colony of Mamore, due to both the terrorist and insurrectionist activity on the planet and as a means to escape law enforcement officials temporarily. There he met with a mercenary by the name of Oru 'Vanuxee and requested his services in exchange for credits. Arriving at a safehouse, he would plot his next move to kill one of his rivals, David King. He was tracked down by Miller and fled the area, boarding a spirit and escaping to the colony of Drawn.

Kyle arrived at the colony of Drawn in the city of Obsidian. He worked with the local real estate to purchase a building to run as his safe house, using the illegally obtained credits to put towards the down payment through money laundering. He then made contact with Chris Lowell, a business man who worked for LEGION to secure the rest of the payment and provide a list of contacts to complete his assassination scheme. He contacted four assassins to compete for a one million credit bounty he placed on the David Kings head. He felt discontent for hiring an assassin who worked with ONI, but would figure out a way to arrange for negotiations.

Kyle was satisfied when Grono 'Yendam was the first to arrive, disclosing a few details on the nights events and getting him a brief head start in the competition. When all the assassins arrived, Kyle briefed them on David King as well as the nights events and disclosure. Kyle was neither surprised, nor convinced that Mitchel would remain his friend and grew suspicious of the man. Despite this, he planned on using him as an informant, making Mitchel oblivious to the position. He learned about a tracker that was placed on his arm and had it scanned by 589 Curious Puzzle. Knowing about Mitchel's deceit, he made a offer to Grono that if he misdirected Mitchel out of the competition that he would offer a bonus payment.

After meeting with the assassin's, Kyle began devising a plan to distract David. David met Kyle at his safe house in Obsidian under the disguise of a crime associate named Watkins, but regardless of the disguise Kyle found out that it was David all along due to his mannerisms that appeared to be strange stating that 'Watkins was not versed in combat.' After receiving a few taunts from David and injuring him from a explosion triggered from the surveillance set, he quickly made his escape until the police arrived—something that he actually wanted to happen. With the police arrived on scene this gave Kyle a window of opportunity to change his identity, manipulate his voice with high tech voice changing equipment, and take up the guise of a detective by the name of Robert Shawn. He used this identity to gain the trust of Drawn's local police force and work with them to try to apprehend David so that he could lead Grono 'Yendam to the kill.

Life on Sanghelios

On the run from the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension—a law enforcement branch of the UEG, Kyle headed for Sanghelios and furthered his job with the Order of the Assassins. He was given his first assignment and began killing the Covenant Remnant Commander Jul 'Hayash, along with his wife Aisha 'Hayash. After, he left a death threat which instilled other Sangheili in fear and made a promise to kill other Corporate CEO's and Kaidons in order to create chaos and fear in Sanghelios' most powerful states. Josh 'Konar tracked him down little by little, unraveling his clues on other potential targets. Kyle then planed to kill major population groups in other states with the Sarin gas that was provided by the Russian Criminal Syndicate, as a distraction towards his ultimate plan of killing the Arbiter. His plan eventually failed when he met Draco 'Rorke. The two planned to negotiate a temporary alliance in order to take out his main target, but Josh got in the way and instead Kyle planned to take out Fal 'Konar, Josh 'Konar's uncle, instead.

Capture and Prison

Kyle in Cyrosleep in UNSC Prison

When he tried to kill Josh 'Konar, he was defeated, arrested by UNSC personnel, and sent to UNSC Maximum Security Detention Facility located in Sigma Octanus IV. During his interrogation he vowed revenge on Josh 'Konar, and after the interrogation was over, he secretly hired a hitwoman named Fura 'Hayash to kill him.

Kyle held a grudge against Fura but managed to show some mutual trust and friendship despite what happened during the Human-Covenant war, possibly manipulating her to get revenge on Josh 'Konar. He began passing on his wisdom to Fura, while keeping the truth about tormenting and harassing her family members and the terrorist attacks on Sangheilios, and urged Fura to assist him in taking out Josh 'Konar, framing his Sangheili enemy for the deaths of Fura's family. They kept in contact while Fura was in the field through coded messages—despite the strict communications between prisoners and visitors—with Fura sending information to Kyle's cell in regards to information, using a specific form of "Sangheili text". It was not until Fura realized the truth from Josh that she began to confront him about his past actions. Fura was infuriated with how heartless he was by the killing her parents, more specifically her father who was a commander in a Covenant Remnant. Although Kyle expressed remorse for his actions, he also told Fura that his actions indirectly served the greater good, changing not only the tide of the war of Sangheilios, but Fura's as well. He also offered to help Fura in order to pay for his crimes and atone his relations with other Sangheili, but Fura simply stated that he only cared about himself and believed Kyle was trying to manipulate her into releasing him from his cell. Fura bid him farewell before leaving the prison.

During most of his time in prison he got into violent fights, one of the most notable being with a ruthless criminal on Cell Level 3, an African American drug leader. A few racial slurs were tossed back and forth and then what began as a profanity competition grew into a full on blood battle. After a few punches here and there, he tackled the drug leader and punched him on the ground, only to have his face gashed by the makeshift knife that was hidden by his attacker. He managed to disarm the drug lord, breaking his arm. When the drug leader dropped the knife, he grabbed the knife and shanked the drug lord in the abdomen before slitting his throat. EMT’s and guards sprang into the room and separated Kyle from the victim, disarming him. Kyle tried to lash out at them with the makeshift knife, but was disarmed and knocked to the ground. Afterwards he was taken to the Cyro-chamber and put to Cryosleep.

Kyle's Escape from Maximum Security Prison

Please. This was a minor inconvenience rather than an actual punishment. Although, I did miss the isolation. Gave me time to plan on events that could take place outside of prison.

— Kyle tells the AAL members about his time in prison.

With the deaths of many Sangheili in multiple states in Sangheilios, Kyle was considered a prodigy to the Anti Alien League (AAL). And by 2561, they learned of his whereabouts from the colonies news sources as well as the chatternet on Sigma Octanus IV. When they arrived at the supermax prison in a prisoner transport vehicle that they stole from a municipal prison station and disguised as guards, the team made their way through the outside security checkpoint without any trouble.

When the team made it inside, they went through the prison screening process similar to that of an airport screening. The team relinquished their weapons and underwent a background check that took thirty minutes. They passed the interior security checkpoint and continued on their way. One guard attempted to locate the surveillance room - which also held the controls to the prisoner's cells and the cryogenic tubes in the underground levels, while the other three guards located the inmate's prison cells. First the terrorist needed to find a technician room which held multiple control boxes, there he would find a series of control boxes to disable any security measures: lights, alarms, self-locking locking systems. Accessing the technician room with his keycard, the terrorist was surprised to see that the area was not only unguarded but contained a data hive. The terrorist decided to leave and proceeded with a different plan: a full frontal assault, quick and efficient. When the terrorist approached the control center, he checked his watch and relieved another guard for a break. He waited for everyone to get into position before proceeding to the next stage of the breakout plan.

On cell level 1 the two terrorists provided breaks for the other two guards patrolling the floor. When clear, they made their way to cell level 2. When arriving at cell level 2 they were stopped by six guards who questioned them on why they abandoned their post. The two terrorists gave a ruse to draw suspicion away from them, and to their surprise, it worked, but only temporarily. The two terrorists fought off the guards but were easily subdued and placed in holding cells with the rest of the inmates on cell level 1. This small stunt allowed the other terrorist to call for assistance.

Outside the prison, a group of terrorists exited the van and began laying waste to the courtyard. When they stormed into the whole prison lobby became a massacre. The guards in the control room were preoccupied with trying to maintain order, closing off any means of escape for all prisoners and setting the prison on lockdown status. With the lobby cleared the group made their way to the prison cells and killed any other guards in their way but at the cost of running low on ammunition. This allowed for another terrorist—who was at the control room—to quickly utilize the distraction and kill off the guards, quickly sabotaged the control room, and broke out all inmates, including Craig—who'd been locked in Cyro-chamber. Kyle managed to subdue a few of the guards and took one hostage, killing another five in the process. He also took advantage of the fighting between the guards and inmates, escaping in the process.

Second attempt to kill David King

You left me on Etheria to die! Now you will be the one who's abandoned and forgotten!

— Kyle expresses his anger towards David King

On 2573, Kyle was released from prison by order of the Warden, who was influenced by ONI. ONI had convinced the Warden that Kyle was the only person who knew David well enough to hunt him down and terminate him, while hiding all traces of evidence to prevent public panic, despite Fireteam Wolf's knowledge on David. Kyle also tried to negotiate with the Warden about having his personal belongings returned to him but was denied that due to the risks it would place on the mission. Kyle negotiated with Andrew Cross, leader of ONI's Section Zero, about methods of assassination and the mission. He was assured that any method of assassination was reasonable as long as it was done discreetly. When he was placed on his old team, he was surprised to see his old companions again. He was given standard ballistic protection and weaponry, enough to defend oneself and complete the assassination. He also would have a brace shackled to his ankle to prevent escape and stay within a five-mile radius of his team. ONI would also know his location at all times through a tracking substance known as Tykos 30.


I see myself more as a victim rather than a perpetrator...I was cheated out of my childhood.

— Kyle speaks about his younger days.

Broken by alcoholism, divorce, drug use, emotional abuse, physical abuse, and violence, Kyle's biological family devoted a tremendous effort to keeping family secrets, and each family member adopted a discrete role to play in the deception held up to the outside world. He became quite skilled in passing himself off as nice, likable, and normal with wonderful futures and no problems. Therefore, outward appearances didn't really count that much as he could easily hide a boiling pot of shame, fear, anger, cynicism, frustration, and loneliness. He became indoctrinated with the belief that if someone has material success we just assume that he or she must be “happy." Despite this belief, he resented his adoptive parents authority and he only reluctantly hated his adoptive father as he still knew he had to be able to love him. He used street drugs to numb the pain and distort mental processes so as to thumb his nose at the painful facts of life.

Unlike his more aggressive personality, Kyle was also a man of sophistication, it was unknown if he was raised in this manner of upbringing with his adoptive parents, in this case he was a man of the finer things in life, such as his own private collection of brandy, showing an interest in classical orchestra and was able to fluently speak in Sangheili, a trait he shared with closest friends.

Miller: Let's be honest, Reacher, you're more evil than most of the villains we face.

Craig (Under Reacher guise): I am not evil! I am just... colorfully pragmatic! Besides, sometimes unpleasant methods are needed to save the world.

— Kyle discuses his intentions with Miller

While Kyle was usually out for himself first, he would often have reasons to stay loyal to his team, or at least individual members. He would find their association either lucrative, entertaining, or even enjoyable. During his time on Jaeter, he truly wasn't interested in consistently remaining with either the UNSC, the militia, nor the members of the cartel, and often changed sides to further his own objectives. To accomplish such a task, Kyle used his Jack Reacher identity to build trust with both the UNSC and the Jaeter militia, even using emotional intelligence to become friends with them. He would further his trust by helping them in times of need, but this wasn’t always the case. He also was good at hiding his true nature to those that trusted him. To further his own objectives, he secretively kept in touch with the members of the cartel and was observant of the tension between him and their members.

Kyle was also a survivalist – focusing more on his own survival than anyone else’s. Kyle kept in mind that should one side realize they're being played and they could turn against the him, he would in turn "ally" himself with the remaining side for safety purposes. When he grew suspicious of both sides catching on and deciding that life would be better without him, he would get as far away from the now-incensed ex-pawns as possible, if such an opportunity was available.

Kyle was obsessed with creating the perfect crime—An intentional killing in which the death is never identified as murder or to only those crimes that are not detected at all. By definition, it can never be known if such perfect crimes exist but many "close calls" have been observed, however—enough to make investigators aware of the possibility of a perfect crime.

What I did was not for sadistic pleasure. Rather it brought me some peace of mind. Seeing all those monsters die. It was merely a means to an end. After, all Detective it takes a monster to destroy a monster.

— Kyle during one of his sessions.

Kyle Craig views murder as a sport, and will not hesitate to toy with his captives before he finishes them off. He does things according to his own twisted sense of logic and does not desire money. If there was one thing that he did desire, it would be the power to instill anarchy into his enemies by any means necessary, proving that their organization is meaningless and futile. After his second escape from prison, Kyle rarely killed directly but preferred to manipulate others and use them as disposable pawns when they were no longer of use to him. In moments of desperation or with no foreseeable alternative than violence he would have no problems with threatening or straight-up murder to protect his own life and infamous title as a master criminal or even keep things systematically in place.

Kyle is intelligent and this tends to be his greatest weapon against his enemies. He knows how to hack into systems and be one step ahead of everyone else. He has an obsessive-compulsive desire to not make mistakes and even better, NEVER make the same mistake twice. This also tends to be his greatest weakness because when he makes even the smallest of errors it's difficult for him to rethink his master plans and see's violence as the only solution. He is often confronted by the authorities but easily evades capture due to the mind games he plays on them. He also has a dark side to his personality, barely showing empathy to his enemies and making them suffer. He also likes to be the center of attention, thus taking up a career in explosives so people know how dangerous he really is as well as the damage he can create. He also believes he is beyond the rules. Laws do not apply to him and remorse is only felt when someone catches and confronts him.

Kyle is also seen as an opportunist, making deals that put him on the edge. For example, in Chapter 13 of Retaliation, he makes a deal with Draco 'Rorke by promising to push the humans out of Sanghelios and destroy the Sangheili-Human alliance once and for all, in order to give him the opportunity to take out Josh 'Konar.

As he grew older into his middle age, his crime's became more sophisticated as well as his insanity.

Skills and Abilities

LEGION, they just wanted to destroy things. Me? I'm a builder. I consider myself an artist and my methods are much more surgical.

— Kyle Craig


Kyle was a methodological fighter, striking at spots to easily wear down his opponents. Kyle fought from a variety of locations, mainly to not be repetitive; from a fist fight in a trendy yuppie bar, while the next could be a deadly knife fight in a godforsaken part of town. Despite having used his knowledge of combat, and his enhanced attributes to defeat dozens of Covenant and Insurrectionist soldiers during the Human-Covenant war, he was barely able to win against his stronger opponents such as Sangheili or Brutes in a one on one fight without the use of his Spartan-IV armor, something he always thought was unfair. It was not until the later year's that he trained in mixed-martial arts using a deadly combination of jiu jitsu and muay thai. He proved to be an exceptional marksman during the military and preferred to get up close and personal with the enemy, especially when it came to Close-Quarters Ballistics. He preferred to finish his enemies off with either a combat knife or an energy melee weapon, rather than killing them from a distance. This was shown more out of his own self-satisfaction for violence than anything else. Kyle excelled in the use of close-ranged weaponry such as the MA5 series rifle or the M90 CAWS. Kyle was also skilled in technology, knowing how to hack into systems ranging from something as simple as biometrics to something more complex such as hacking computer systems to shut down entire facilities to further the teams or even his own objectives. During his military training, he specialized in demolitions, using a variety of explosives to dismantle enemy outposts or sabotage Intel. Using his engineering skill he acquired through college and researched over the years, he was able to make explosives, both physical and chemical, including smoke-and gas-emitting bombs. Some released hallucinogenic gases, while others emitted a lachrymatory agent before detonation.



  • Hayden O 'Connor

Kyle seemed to care about Hayden's well-being, even going as far as risking his own life to protect him. He also admired him, especially when he got the chance to watch him in action or torturing others, he perceived him as another psychopath and believed that they were both the same due to their dark interests. His friendship with Hayden became either better or worse, which developed on whether he trust or believed him. If he did, Kyle became a vigilante, and used lethal means whenever necessary against his enemies. However, if Hayden didn’t trust or believed him or even found out the truth of his shadowy past, Kyle would become a criminal. Despite either path, they became fast friends and Kyle viewed their relationship was marked by philosophical differences about the nature of killing.

Kyle considers her as a friend with benefits. He kidnapped her to use as leverage against the militia and to further the Cartels own needs. Greta gained stockholm syndrome and the two have been in love for a couple months. It was not until that he used his Jack Reacher guise to get more close to her and grow their relationship. He would eventually become her personal bodyguard, alongside Andromeda 'Vadum and Rtoka 'Kovum.

I BECAME BETTER THAN YOU! I am the one thing you cannot stop, Sangheili!

— Kyle meeting Josh 'Konar in prison.

His hatred for this particular individual was sparked when Josh foiled Kyle's attempted assassination of the Arbiter. As a game changer, Kyle attempted to kill Josh's uncle instead, but failed when he was attacked and apprehended by Josh himself. The two have been enemies since 2560.

Kyle had a competitive relationship with David during there training as Spartan-IV's as well as on the battlefield. When they both turned to a life of crime, David and Kyle competed for mastery of the criminal underworld—as the one in control—a title that David held while hunting him down. Kyle attempted to frame David, in which David was the lead suspect in his chaotic schemes. This failed, and as a resort, Kyle killed David for the infamous title.


Image Name Description
Craig Stun device 1.jpg
NOVA Stun Restraint An electromagnetic pulse device used by ONI operatives. It paralyzes the circuits of every electronic device crossing it, including power armor, causing irreversibly fatal damage and the wearer to suffer a massive electrocution through powerful electromagnetic pulses (powerful EMP has minimal effects on biological systems but the wearer here is linked to their power armor). It can be disabled by an AI or Forerunner construct. For biological individuals with no power armor it emits high voltage, paralyzing the victim and leaving them vulnerable to attack.
Rolex Watch A watch that was designed by Clockwork Technology it has many features of a normal watch. Kyle utilized cutting edge technology to augment the watches capabilities including setting off nearby explosives, and emitting an EMP capable of temporarily disabling power armor and electrical devices within a half mile radius. Kyle's version of the watch wasn't fully functional until early 2558.



GEN2 MJOLNIR powered armor Kyle wore customized Gen-2 Armor for assignments serving the armor's usage. He would wear the SCOUT armor for reconnaissance missions, scouting enemy bases, and detecting explosives before moving in to disarm them. The SCOUT's X900-Boulder emission shroud system (Swan-B5) that masks extraneous radioactive emission's when heading into area's with radiation. After the reconnaissance missions he would use the EOD-Class Mjolnir to disarm bombs and protect himself from the explosives blast radius.

Behind the scenes

  • Kyle Craig was based on the character Kyle Craig; who calls himself "The Mastermind", having organized a series of brutal bank robberies and murders, from James Patterson's Alex Cross novels. After the author's attachment grew for the character, he decided to change Kyle into a more insidious character with an agenda and personality that much of the Arkhamverse Joker and Naoki Urasawa's Johan Liebert.


  1. The user apologizes if this was unrealistic, but ensures that it was necessary for plot purposes.
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