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Biographical Information


November 13th, 2531


2562 (Died of Wounds)



Physical Information




208.3 centimeters (6 ft 10.0 in)

Political/Military Information


  • Spartan (2557–2562)
  • Commander (2557)
  • Lieutenant (2551)


Spartan-III Beta Company


Fireteam Frostbite (2558–2562)
Team Sierra (2537-2545)


"Why kill a man up close when you can pick them off at three thousand yards?"

Kyle-B115, also known by the callsigns Frostbite Five (as part of Fireteam Frostbite aboard the UNSC Infinity) and formerly Royal (during Operation: WHITE ELEPHANT) and Sierra Four (before Operation: TORPEDO), was a Spartan-III of Beta Company that served during and after the war. He was usually tasked with assassination missions or to supply cover fire, thanks to his excellent skill with a sniper rifle. He also was tasked to train new recruits, training both the Spartans of Delta Company and multiple Spartan-IVs. His personal rifle after the war was an SRS99-S5-B AM he customized and nicknamed Chupacabra.


Early Life

Kyle was born on Arcadia on November 13th, 2531. His mother managed to survive the Battle of Arcadia in February 2531, however his father, an Arcadian Patrol officer, died in Pirth City when crushed by falling rubble, forcing Kyle to grow up without a father.

At some point between his birth and being conscripted, he was placed in an orphanage, where he would later be recruited by ONI Section Three.

He was conscripted into Beta Company in 2537.


From left to right: Kyle, Veronika-B008, Delroy-B327, and Bryanna-B226.

Operation: CARTWHEEL

Kyle, about to engage in combat during Operation: CARTWHEEL.

"What's the call, Bree?"
―Kyle to Bryanna-B226, upon spotting first contact.

Operation: TORPEDO

"I counted a thousand ways that the operation could've gone wrong before going in. Number twelve: 'Secret Reinforcements.'"
―Kyle, explaining his experience at Operation: TORPEDO.

Trained in the skills to become a sniper, Kyle stayed in the back during Operation: TORPEDO, giving supportive fire to the Spartans advancing toward the refinery. His quick thinking allowed him to get back to the exfiltration craft and escape the explosion, although the rest of his team died in the event.

Six other Spartans, including an injured Cody-B042, made it off world by the exfiltration craft. ONI Section Three listed most of them, including Kyle, as MIA and kept their existence secret. Even Kurt-051 was tricked into believing that Kyle and the other Spartan-IIIs from TORPEDO were dead, which allowed subcells of Beta-Five to utilize these Spartan assets without opposition.


Kyle, moving into position during Operation: WHITE ELEPHANT.

Main article: Operation: WHITE ELEPHANT
"Anyone got eyes on the major?"
―Kyle to the 39th, talking about then-Major Arthur Banks.

Delta Company

From left to right: Harald, Kyle, and Ren.

"You aren't true Spartans until you fought a war."
―Kyle, after the Deltas' augmentations.

After the Battle of Earth (and subsequently the Human-Covenant War), Kyle was reassigned to a top-secret project to train the Spartan-IIIs of Delta Company.

Over time, he was promoted to Commander to train the new Spartan-IIIs.

UNSC Infinity

Following the conclusion of Delta Company's training, Kyle was reassigned to the UNSC Infinity as a member of the Spartan branch. There he was given his iconic Sniper Rifle System 99-Series 5-B Anti-Matériel, as well as multiple armor and gear upgrades.

Spartan-IV Training

Fireteam Frostbite

Second Battle of Crest

Hunt for Arthur Banks

Personality and Traits


Kyle almost always carried the same gear with him into the field:

Chupacabra, an SRS99-S5-B AM, was one of the many weapons Kyle carried with him.

  • His SPI Mk II RESPONDER armor (2545-2552), his SPI Mk II RESPONDER [M] armor (2552-2557), or his SPI Mk III RESPONDER armor (2557-2562)
  • An SRS99 AM (2545-2552) or his SRS99-S5-B AM, nicknamed Chupacabra (2557-2562)
  • An M6G Personal Defense Weapon System (2545-2557) or an M6K Handgun (2557-2562)
  • An MA5D Individual Combat Weapon System (2545-2552) or a BR85N Service Rifle (2557-2561)
  • Two M9 Fragmentation Grenades (2545-2552, 2557-2562)
  • A Combat Knife
  • An M168 Demolition Charge (2552-2553) or two C-9 Explosives (2553-2562)



Kyle generally did not like the Spartan-IIIs of Gamma Company. It is unknown where the hatred stemmed from, but it can be assumed that part of it came from Gammas being the next form of Spartan-IIIs, replacing the limited Alphas and Betas. Interestingly however, Kyle did not dislike the Deltas.



"Any questions? Okay, any questions that aren't, 'Do we have to jump?' No? Good."
―Kyle, just before the trainees made the jump into Delta Company.
  • He enjoyed watching SWAT and Shotty Snipers matches in War Games, but he stopped participating in them in 2559.
  • He is a playable character in one level of Halo: ENSIGN.
  • He always carried an explosive with him into the field since the Battle of Zanzibar, in which he successfully halted a Covenant assault with charges carried by the marines he was with.

Behind The Scenes

  • Despite the similarities in nickname and service tag with the creator, Kyle is not based off him directly. His SRS99-S5-B AM was originally created as a design for the author, and then Kyle was created based off of the already created design of the SRS99-S5-B AM (Ex: Etchings of "King" and "115").


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