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Kronos-class Command Platform

Geosynchronous orbit above UNSC controlled planets


command and control

Facility Information
Defensive Measures
  • Titanium Plating
  • AEGIS tile inserts
  • Thermal energy absorbing layers
  • Kinetic absorbing layers
  • Aero gel layer
  • AN/SPY-9 PAVE HOUND Active Electronically Scanned Array RADAR
  • AN/SPY-7 PAVE SAW Radio Telescope
  • AN/SSS-19 SAFEGUARD Electromagnetic Array
  • AN/SSS-19 REARGUARD Electromagnetic Array
  • AN/SVS-68 Optical Telescope
  • AN/SAS-67 Infra-red Telescope
  • AN/SSQ-23 Sensor Network
Known Soldier(s)

100 Marines




The Kronos-class Command Platform is a class of UNSC command and control space station.


The platform itself looks similar to the Oranos-class Defense platform, with a ring with a single central hallway connecting to a central "tower", housing assorted communications equipment. The "ring" housing living quarters, barracks, hangers, and "umbilicals" to connect the platform to a UNSC warship or transports. To protect it from hostile warships, the station carries a defensive armament of 8 M41 Hailstorm Naval Support Guns, as well as 20 Archer missile pods. To defend against hostile fighters, boarding craft, and interdictor spacecraft, the station carries 20 Windstorm Close-in Weapon Systems, 10 Firestorm Close-in Weapon Systems and 10 Windstorm Close-in Weapon Systems. To further protect against hostile fighters and warships, the station has a compliment of 24 F-406 Katana fighters and 12 F-41C Broadsword interdictors, as well as two platoons of Marines to repel boarders. A heavy-duty tram system runs within the platform for easy transportation of both personnel and cargo.

The Kronos is used to direct orbital operations around a planet. Its roles include controlling and directing the defence grid, monitoring shipping, directing maritime protection and patrol craft, monitoring inbound traffic through the slip space probes and directing shipping.

UNSC Remarks


  • The Kronos-class CP is named after Kronos, Titan of Time and father of the first six Greek deities
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