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Kreigor Heavy Vehicle Dropship Model-119
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Necros War





The Kreigor Heavy Vehicle Dropship Model-119, also known as the Jetstorm Dropship, is a medium vehicle/infantry dropship. The aircraft has a long, heavily armored fuselage containing a cargo hold capable of holding up to an average of about 20 Machina depending on the weight of their frames, or a few light vehicles. The aircraft also has two cargo clamps each capable of holding a heavy vehicle such as a Knight MBT.

Modular Sections

  • Wing Hardpoints: two hardpoints on the wingtip, usually used for gunpods for defensive armament, but can be use for missiles, rockets, or fuel tanks.
    • Machine Gun pod: gunpod armed with twin heavy machine guns for tearing up infantry, capable of rotating 180 degrees
    • Rotary Cannon pod: 20mm autocannon pod, capable of chewing up light armor and shredding infantry, but burns through ammo quickly, capable of rotating 180 degrees
    • Plasma Lance Pod: A plasma lance turret for tanking out enemy armor, capable of rotating 180 degrees
    • Fuel Tank: fuel tanks to extend the aircraft's range.
    • Anti-Tank Missiles: A four-shot rack of Argenta-designed anti-tank missiles, capable of knocking out Necros Compound and Eradicator tanks.
    • Heavy Air to Ground Missiles: A single heavy air to ground missile similar to the UNSC BARB, designed to kill enemy heavy walkers such as the Necros Gravedigger, can even take out Super Walkers with several hits.
    • Air-to Air Missile: Single air to air missile to defense against hostile aircraft.
    • Rocket Pods: rocket pods of 16 or 32 unguided rockets for use against light ground targets and unfortified structures.

Popular Variants



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