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Kosyetze Agriculture
Organizational information
Led by

Kosyetze Agriculture Board of Directors

  • Kosyete Dairy
  • Kosyetze Seafood
  • Kosyetze Fowl
  • Kosyetze Livestock
  • Kosyetze Wildlife Preservation
  • Kosyetze Waste Management
  • London, UK, Earth
Primary role(s)

Production and distribution of food for the UNSC

Major Products
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Dairy
  • Grains
  • Processed Foods
Chronological and political information



Necros War




Kosyetze Agriculture are the biggest single provider of food in the UNSC, having had organized, sustainable agriculture on almost 100 worlds, stretching back for most of the UNSC's space-faring years. Adapting their products and productions rates as necessary, they grow grains like wheat and oats, rice, all forms of fruits and vegetables, as well as raising many forms of animals such as cattle, goats, sheep, ducks and chickens for dairy, egg or meat production. In addition, there are several important fish farms on oceanic worlds.
After the massive health regulation changes in the late 23rd century, Kosyetze Agrictulture's products became much more on the organic side, reaching the point of only organic foods by the 2380's.
A major ecological contribution that Kosyete has given is the resurrection of near extinct species. With the large amounts of tiem and money Kosyetze put into their animal farms, it was soon realized that such farms could also be used to save endangered species. This became an even more valuable decision, as once the species was repopulated they could be used as new choices in Kosyetze's already large culinary menu.
One of the later additions to Kosyetze Agriculture was the Waste Management division. The problem of human (and in some cases, animal) waste management on heavily populated planets, such as Earth, had always proved a tricky thing to do effectively. However, Kosyetze Agriculture came up with a unique solution: take the waste and use it to fertilize their produce and livestock worlds. Kosyetze Agriculture now serves as the standard waste management system on medium to heavy populated planets.

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