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The Ace








Biographical Information
Full Name

Konrad Manfred Steighner

Spartan Tag



Jericho VII



Physical Description

Human (Augmented)




6’8 Ft (unarmoured)




Deep Blue (Formerly Brown)

Political and Military Information

Lieutenant Junior Grade

  • SO (Special Warfare Operator)
  • Pilot


"She told us, children, you’re gonna do great things. She was right."
―Konrad prior to the Battle of Reach.

Konrad-004 was a SPARTAN-II Commando who fought for the UNSC during the Human-Covenant War and the following post war conflicts. He would be a founding member of the Spartan Branch, creating the aviation unit of the branch which he would lead for years to come. Like some other Spartans who went on to become the fastest, luckiest, or best shots to ever live, Konrad would become perhaps the greatest pilot of all time.


Early Life

Born on Jericho VII to a pair of working class parents, Konrad was, from the start obsessed with flight. By age four he was constructing highly detailed models of mainline UNSC and CAA craft, and had enough of a grasp of the real world to know that the CAA would represent the bad guys due to their affiliation with the insurrection.

In addition to being knowledgeable on air and spacecraft as well as current events, the boy excelled in the classroom and was stronger and taller than not only his peers but those in the grade above him. His genetics however were what got him on the radar of a brilliant young ONI scientist.

When the woman approached him, Konrad was running through the playground, model Longsword in hand. Curious as to why the woman was interested in him, he engaged her in conversation, repeatedly bringing up his love of flying and how he wished to grow up and be the best fighter pilot of all time. The woman seemed amused, entering things into her datapad and saying her goodbyes to Konrad, assuring them they’d meet again.

Months later, six year old Konrad was kidnapped on the way home from school and replaced with a flash clone. Placed into cryogenic sleep, when Konrad awoke he and 149 others were ushered into a large room by men in military uniforms. When an all too familiar face emerged and told them of their destiny, to be the greatest soldiers ever known the boy was horrified and like several others cried. However his was not fear of what was to come, it was simply that he would never see them again. Unfortunately, SPARTAN-004 never would.


Kurt-051: "I’m Kurt, you guys hungry?"
Thomas-073: "I’m Thomas."
Konrad-004: "Yes."
— The first three members of Green Team meet for the first time

Rushed onto a complex obstacle course, Konrad joined together with two other boys, one named Kurt and the other named Thomas to take the course. While one boy took the lead, he left behind his team and as a result was forced back to the start. Not making the same mistake, Kurt stepped up as a leader and led the boys to second place, earning them the meal they’d been promised.

After that night, the three became inseparable forming the basis of Green Team, which while it did not achieve as much fame as the likes of some others, would become a legend in its own right. Over the course of basic training Kurt would lead their team valiantly, even on some occasions besting the likes of Blue Team in all of their glory.

Konrad quickly found that it was hard for him to keep up, and that despite all his desire to be a good soldier like the others, he was not meeting what was expected of him. Waves of doubt and uncertainty washed over the boy until one day in 2517. On this day the SIIs began flight training and while unlike another SPARTAN who simply picked up skills via observation, Konrad learned his skill slowly but surely, smashing every single expectation placed upon the young supersoldiers from inside the cockpit.

As time progressed, the confidence found in his talent for flying lead to Konrad’s other skills improving, and while he was never on par with the majority of his classmates, he more than made up for it with creativity and sheer willpower. His talent in the cockpit would earn him endearment from the likes of Dr. Halsey, who he and some others had come to see as a motherly figure.

It did not however, win the endearment of the Senior Chief who for the most part saw Konrad as dragging down the unit, his mind only changing after Canidate-004 broke all previously held UNSC kill counts in the simulator, and stole not one, but two Pelicans with Thomas-073, who assisted him in outfitting the craft’s M247 door guns with TTR and exact “justice” on Tango Company members in retribution for beatings. Despite heavy punishment, 004 insisted that he needed a break in order to make another pass.

However in 2525, on the day of augmentations, the jokes stopped. On the operating table, as needles stabbed into his skin and drills bore into bone, Konrad lay writhing on the table, helpless as he watched his comrades, including 073 die horrifyingly painful deaths as muscles burst from skin and bones shot out. However Konrad would emerge from the process unhurt. His veins burned like fire, his bones were in searing pain, but he was alive, he was a Spartan.

New Huston Deployment

After some time recuperating and adjusting to their new abilities, Green Team would ship out. Now filled with a fraction of the original team, it was only Kurt, Carris-137, Randall-037, Jorge-052, and Konrad. The five, like Blue Team were tasked with conducting a snatch and grab operation, however their target was not an insurrectionist leader, but an ONI operative in insurrectionist hands inside a rebel stronghold. It was not going to be an infiltration mission, Green Team was going loud.

Deploying via Pelican, the young soldier, clad in full ODST garb hiked for two days to reach their objective and coordinating their strike. As the worst preforming ground combatant, Konrad found himself bringing up the rear of the assault much to his dismay, regardless he followed orders without complaint.

Following Kurt's strategy, the SPARTANs stormed the base, and in their cases, killed for the first time. For Konrad the time came as they rounded the corner of one of the rebel barracks, and as they did so a rebel soldier, barely into his twenties came from behind. On instinct, the 004 snapped up his weapon and let off a quick burst. Unlike what he had expected, it didn't phase him at all.

Konrad moves to rescue the captured agent amidst the carnage

Moving through the base with ruthless efficiency, the SIIs worked their way through every room, killing every soul on sight. Moving towards where the agent was held, Kurt ordered Konrad to take point and grab the woman while the rest of the team cut down the remaining rebels. Doing so quickly and efficiently, Konrad would retrieve the agent and then, retreated back to the extraction point alone.

Hours later, after having stabilized the heavily wounded operative whilst eliminating not one but three patrols, Green Team would rejoin 004 in time to be evacuated. Moments later, the base was flattened by explosives planted by the team. However the fray was not yet over.

As they took off, a pair of rebel Hornets attacked, cutting through the cockpit and killed the pilots. Acting quickly, 004 took the controls and quickly reversed the situation, jerking around Konrad put a volley into the first Hornet's canopy, killing the pilot instantly then moving out of the crashing VTOL's path.

Before the second had time to react, Konrad struck again, putting a precise hail of lead from the Pelican's chin gun into the craft's engine. As the rebel pilot attempted to flee, Konrad pursued completely removing one of the landing sleds with one burst and clipping the tail off with another before one round struck a fuel line and destroying the craft.

Feeling accomplished, Konrad had proven his worth once more and the praise from 051 only made him feel all the more accomplished. Upon debriefing, Konrad's flying was commended by his team, his handlers, and the ONI agent, who identified him as Lieutenant Ivan Petrenko and said he would be in touch, and that his project group would have use for him.

Ci Ceti IV

"Aliens and a walking tank suit on the same day? Fun."
―Konrad after being briefed on the Covenant

Green Team along with the other members of SPARTAN were taken to Ci Ceti IV to be given their cutting edge armor. They were briefed on the details of Project MJOLNIR which aimed to provide humanity’s greatest soldiers with humanities greatest equipment. Like the others, Konrad was generally excited by the prospect of being equipped with nigh-unstoppable powered armor which would only amplify their already highly enhanced capabilities two new levels. 004 in particular could only imagine the enhancement to his combat abilities, finally feeling he would be able to pull his own weight on the ground. Konrad’s armor while aesthetically identical to the other suits, his featured several aviation centered upgrades which would improve the young Spartan’s control over aircraft. During this time period, the members of SPARTAN-II were briefed on the newest threat to not just the UNSC, but humanity in general. A religious alliance of aliens known as the Covenant, which was hellbent on enacting genocide on the human race as a whole.

Given new assignments, the Spartans were leaving the planet when a Covenant vessel struck. The Spartans of Blue Team boarded the vessel and destroyed it. However this came at a cost, SPARTAN-034, Samuel died after an armor breach prevented him from evacuating the vessel and instead remained behind to detonate the nuclear device the team had brought aboard.

Suddenly the now seemingly unkillable soldiers were once again reminded of their mortality. The entire program felt sorrow at the loss of a beloved comrade and friend to all. However it also kindled a hate for the alien menace across the program which would burn for the next 25 years.

Siege of Biko



ODST Battle Armor

Konrad in his ODST garb (note Kurt-051 in the background wielding a BR55X)

Only briefly used by Konrad during Green Team's counterinsurgency operation on New Huston, the armor was identical to that given to baseline Orbital Drop Shock Troopers at the time, meaning it lacked VISR systems and much of the armor was derived from M52B armor and CH252 helmet rather than Project MJOLNIR as later variants were. The only unique feature of the armor was an impromptu addition of an flight systems interface package installed by Konrad in case he had to quickly commandeer an aircraft, which he did end up needing to do. The implementation of said packaging made it easy for Konrad to quickly take control of Green Team's Pelican as well as take into account any structural damage, and then proceed to shoot down the two pursuing insurgent Hornets. After the completion of the raid, Konrad relinquished the armor and it was never used again.


Konrad in his initial suit of Mark IV.

Konrad first set of MJOLNIR was given to him and the rest of the Class I's at Chi Ceti IV briefly after the New Huston raid. Prior to early 2539 where Konrad was equipped with the prototype PILOT-class MJOLNIR helmet and system upgrades he would utilize standard MJOLNIR MK IV, partially due to the fact HIGHCOM was still skeptical of the idea of a Spartan pilot. That said, Dr. Halsey herself ensured Konrad's suit had several modifications such as inertial dampeners, a safety override for thruster packs allowing them to be used as methods of a fast eject, a built-in drag chute, a more advanced aircraft interface systems integration package, and extended oxygen reserves and stabilizers. Konrad's life and the lives of countless others would be saved by these additions countless times, both in the air and on the ground. In 2539 Konrad would be equipped with the prototype PILOT-class MJOLNIR helmet after Halsey's efforts prevailed and HIGHCOM saw the benefit of a Spartan aviator. This upgrade further enhanced 004's talent as a pilot, and was followed by one final upgrade in 2547 as his interface package was updated to include the YSS-1000 Saber, of which Konrad was one of a select few pilots.




GA-TL1S Xiphos Interceptor/Strike Fighter

The 'Talon' in flight.

Konrad's first personal craft was assigned to him in early 2532 after NAVSPECWAR finally relented and allowed SPARTAN-004 to operate primarily as an aviator. The ship was a custom built GA-TL1 Longsword Interceptor/Strike Fighter, designed to be fully capable of operation by a single pilot and a 'Dumb' AI, which Konrad would dub the 'Crimson Talon'. In addition to crimson livery, adjustment to crew, and some obligatory upgrades to the weapons system, the craft was designed to be more maneuverable as well as faster than the typical Longsword. Konrad would pilot the aircraft until 2549 after the Siege of Paris IV, wherein Konrad was forced to eject due to accumulated alongside several other SPARTANs after singlehandedly taking down a Covenant Corvette and its fighter compliment.

YSS-770 Masamune Multi-Role Superiority Fighter

YSS-1000 Sabre Space Superiority Fighter

F-41 Broadsword Multi-Role Strike Fighter


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