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A division of the Kig-Yar Pirates military forces, the Kig-Yar Assassins specialize in assassinations, being trained to infiltrate enemy territory unnoticed, take out key figures, and then leave without notice. Armed with Beam Rifles, Needle Rifles and Type-1 Anti Matter Charge, they are quite capable of carrying out their job, and their jet-black colored, active camouflage equipped Assassin Harness's add to their already formidable stealthy characteristics. However, the Assassin carries little in the way of combat protection: the armor of the Assassin Harness is relatively thin, and the Beam and Needle Rifles are relatively ineffective at close range accuracy, with the Type-1 Anti Matter Charges being little good except for suicide; in addition, they lack the characteristic Point Defense Gauntlet that most Kig-Yar carry. All of this leaves the Assassins relatively unprotected should they be discovered.

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