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Kelvaaro 'Shrykaree
Kelvaaro 'Shrykaree
Biographical Information


  • The Aimless One
  • The Marauder




23rd Age of Doubt (2483)


Ninth Age of Reclamation (2549)



Physical Information




2.4 Meters (7ft 11in)


151 kilograms




Various systems through the body, robotic right hand, robotic legs

Political/Military Information


  • Leadership
  • Ground Combat






"As far as I am concerned, my life is over. Nothing brings me joy anymore, and the only thing that keeps me going is my duty to the Covenant. I will only be at peace when this ends, either with my victory against humanity, or with their blades at my throat."
―Kelvaaro 'Shrykaree

Kelvaaro 'Shrykaree (Oracle Code S1-T2341-2349) was a Sangheili Field Marshal in the Covenant military. Originally an acclaimed warrior, a near-death experience with a Spartan left his body disfigured. Ostracized for his injuries, over time Kelvaaro fell into a depression, becoming a mindless Covenant commander. He was supposedly killed by Spartan-III Ivory Team in 2549 during the Siege of Paris-IV, but survived once more and went on to join the Banished in the aftermath of the Human-Covenant War.


Early Life

Kelvaaro was born during the 23rd Age of Doubt (2483 by human terms) to a middle class family in the state of Vadam on Sanghelios. Having a younger brother named Sloru, the two were part of the Shrykar lineage and keep. Once a strong family with rulership over their own state, a bloody war long before the two's time had seen the Shrykar bloodline lose their independence to the much stronger Vadam family.

Over the centuries, Shrykar's influence had been diminished, until the keep was merely a vassal that supplied Vadam with military support and security. Despite, this, many of the family members respected the Vadams for their power and were always accommodating visiting Vadam representatives when the occasion arose.

Kelvaaro and his younger brother grew up in a large communal environment fostered by a plethora of varying adults in their family. Raised alongside their cousins, Kelvaaro quickly leaned to his maternal uncle Var 'Shrykaree as his favorite instructor. Var was a respected member of the keep due to his status in the Covenant military, and served as an advisor to the family's elder, Livak 'Vadam.

Kelvaaro was keen on military history and constantly devoted his free time to learning under his uncle, prioritizing combat studies over all else. Sluro, however, was often outed by most family members due to his mischievous personality and refusal to conform to the keep's rules. Often times Sluro would try to pick fights with Kelvaaro due to the fact that he excelled under Var. The elder 'Shrykar brother chose to ignore these challenges, seeing them as nothing more than a grab for attention by his younger brother.

This ended in 2492 when Sluro took his games too far, purposefully injuring Kelvaaro during a practice duel to mock him. Fed up with his younger brother's ways, Kelvaaro ignored his injury and struck back, using his better understanding of fighting to deal a harmful blow to a weak point that severely damaged Sluro's muscles. Surprised that his older brother had lashed out, Sluro could barely move as the pain immobilized him. Those supervising the duel had witnessed the entire event transpire and chose to praise Kelvaaro's attack, citing that he had simply did unto Sluro and Sluro had done to him.

When Var discovered this, he was not praiseful of Kelvaaro's actions however. Disappointed that his nephew had lashed out, Var reprimanded him, stating that an outburst like that was uncalled for in such a meager situation. Kelvaaro took this, but was secretly proud of himself for having silenced his normally obnoxious brother. In the months that followed, Sluro often avoided Kelvaaro to the best of his ability, still frightened by his brother's capabilities.

Following into his teenage years, Kelvaaro and Sluro rekindled their relationship and formed a close bond. During this time the former continued his training under Var, but also developed a relationship with a girl his age from the neighboring keep of Ratum. Named Kisca, she had met him when the two had begun to do farmwork in inter-keep grounds. A budding romance blossomed between the two, and by the age of sixteen Kelvaaro had the intent to marry her when they came of age.

Pilgrimage and Exile

"You think that I took that blow all those years ago in stride? No! You had dishonored me, and for that I vowed to eventually do the same to you! And look how my revenge has flourished!"
―Sluro revealing his betrayal to Kelvaaro

By the age of seventeen, Kelvaaro had made it clear that he intended to join the Covenant military, and thus decided to make a pilgrimage to the distant Tower of Ghalod'n, a city-like structure where he planned to hone his skills under venerable swordsmen residing there. Sluro, only a year his junior, elected to go as well, and the two brothers set off to Ghalod'n.

The Tower of Ghalod'n.

Upon arriving, they found and payed for sleeping quarters, and Sluro explored the city-tower to explore what it had to offer while Kelvaaro spent the several days they had training under one of Var 'Shrykaree's acquaintances, a swordsman named Okoro 'Dalumai.

Towards the end of their stay, Sluro became very distant from Kelvaaro, but the elder 'Shrykar brother suspected nothing of it and they soon began their trek back to Skrykar Keep. Upon returning, however, Kelvaaro was met by his keepmates with a rough beatdown, and was promptly detained in the keep's long-abandoned jail.

Completely unaware of what was happening, Kelvaaro soon learned that he had been accused of murder. A dead Sangheili had been discovered near his and Sluro's quarters shortly after they departed from Ghalod'n, and Kelvaaro was the prime suspect due to his skills and likelier ability to kill than Sluro.

Visited by each of those close to him, Kelvaaro received drastically different reactions. His mother simply wept, while Var expressed his disappointment in him and brushed off his pleas for innocence as desperate lies. Finally, Kelvaaro met with Sluro, who revealed that he had killed the Sangheili and framed Kelvaaro for the murder. Sluro had done it as revenge for Kelvaaro supposedly dishonoring him eight years prior, which made Kelvaaro internally question his younger brother's state of mind. However, Kelvaaro's attempts to warn others of his brother's treachery went unheard.

Eventually, Livak 'Vadam gave Kelvaaro a choice - To either pay for his crimes or be exiled from the keep. Kelvaaro chose the latter, and was promptly kicked from his home with nothing but the clothes on his back. However, Kelvaaro knew exactly what he planned to do next. With nothing else for him to experience, he would find solace in realizing his plans of joining the military.

Before he departed, Kelvaaro traveled to Ratum Keep where he was met with disdain. The Ratum bloodline had learned of his supposed crimes and did not look kindly on him. Meeting with Kisca, he told her the truth, and to Kelvaaro's surprise, she was the only one who believed him. Informing her of his plans to join the military, Kelvaaro vowed to return and take her hand in marriage once he had regained his honor. The two shared one last embrace before Kelvaaro departed, leaving his old life behind.

Covenant Military Service

"All my life has led me to this - my true calling, as a proud warrior of the Covenant."
―Kelvaaro 'Shrykaree

Joining the Covenant military saw a new beginning for Kelvaaro. Only known by his Shrykar lineage and nothing else, the young Sangheili was relieved that he would not have to deal with accusations and glares. Taking the new name of Kelvaaro 'Shrykaree and the rank of Minor, he joined the Fleet of Resolute Scrutiny, being stationed aboard the CCS-class battlecruiser Invoking Thought in the Qar'taan Legion.

Screenshot (24)
The Invoking Thought.

'Shrykaree was assigned to a Sangheili-exclusive lance, where he quickly discovered that his fellow recruits also shared the dream of becoming a Covenant warrior from a similar age. While he got on well with all of his lance mates, two in particular became close friends. One was Vuzo 'Rahamee, a High Charity native, while the other was Juro 'Konomee, a fellow resident of Sanghelios.

Due to a lapse in combat since the decline of the 39th Age of Conflict, the Fleet of Resolute Scrutiny rarely saw combat over the next two years, giving much time for Kelvaaro to train and become acquainted with his lancemates, including their benevolent but strict Major, N'thus 'Dattinee.

However, in 2502, a large conflict arose in the Yuk'narok System. Well known for hosting several colonies that were free from the influence of the Prophets, the star system served as a cesspool for mercenaries and lowlifes. Not much was initially known to Kelvaaro, but nevertheless the Fleet of Resolute Scutiny was mobilized to travel to the system to keep the peace.

Yuk'narok Campaign

"Criminals, mercenaries, heretics? No matter. They will all see the light in time."
―Fleet Master Oda 'Kragumee's proclamation

The Yuk'Narok System had four colonized planets, all inhabited by a plethora of different Covenant species. The system's capital of Darog was located on the forge world of Iko-thi, once a prime shipyard in the Covenant empire. Iko-thi's moon of Eruko was primarily a marketplace for Unggoy and Sangheili residents. The planet Pur was less of a Covenant colony and more of a safehaven for droves of Kig-Yar pirates, and the gas giant Oquar served as the hub for an orbital fortess that that the Covenant used as their foothold in the system.

The system had been compromised a month before the deployment of the Resolute Scrutiny when a band of disgruntled Covenant troops stationed in orbit around Oquar made a pact with a local heretic group to cede the fortress and control of the system to them in return for status among the group. The events that followed were a bloody takeover of the system, with the majority of the Covenant forces at the command post being slaughtered by Heretics as those located on Iko-thi and Eruko went into hiding to request reinforcements.

The Kig-Yar pirates of Pur had seized the opportunity for plunder, hiring themselves for work under the heretics to quickly conquer Yuk'Narok. By the time the Covenant's calls for help had been received, the star system now lay in the clutches of the Heretics and pirates.

The Fleet of Resolute Scrutiny was unfazed by the power grab of the heretics, however. On arrival, Fleet Master Oda 'Kragumee sent a fleet-wide broadcast, rallying the troops with a proclamation that their enemies would see the light and either submit to it, or be swept away. Their first action was to retake the fortress of Oquar to reestablish their foothold in Yar'narok, then to advance further into the system.

Assault on the Orbital Station
Vuzo 'Rahamee: "Who knew that combat could be so invigorating, Kelvaaro?"
Kelvaaro 'Shrykaree: "Indeed, brother Vuzo! Two have fallen before my fury!"
―Vuzo and Kelvaaro expressing their newfound love for battle.

The Qar'taan Legion was given the honor of raiding the station, and within hours of Fleet Master 'Kragumee's speech, Kelvaaro and his lance were suited up and prepared for battle. The Invoking Thought split off from the rest of the fleet to assault the orbital fortress, while other ships were relegated to fighting off incoming Heretic vessels.

The initial skirmish contained none of the promises of hardship that Kelvaaro had been trained for. An inexperienced team of meagerly-armed Sangheili heretics was all that guarded the station's airlocks, and they were easily dispatched by other lances by the time Kelvaaro and his lancemates had set foot in the fortress.

Screenshot (21)
Kelvaaro 'Shrykaree aboard the orbital fortress.

Kelvaaro initially grew nervous after multiple firefights sprouted in the surrounding corridors, not because he feared death, but because he feared missing a chance for glory. Luckily, his chance came when the lance stumbled upon a band of heretics retreating further into the complex. Catching them off guard, the Covenant's superior training and equipment easily won out over the heretics' feeble stocks. During the fight, Kelvaaro personally killed two combatants himself, to great pleasure which his friend Vuzo 'Rahamee shared.

While the majority of the boarding party continued to clear out the enemy, N'thus 'Dattinee had the lance fall in with a larger file to reclaim the control center. It was here where they met their first real opposition in the form of well-armed ex-Covenant troops, in fact the ones who had formerly maintained the station. Blows were exchanged, and despite nearby comrades falling to enemy fire, Kelvaaro found his first taste of battle invigorating. By the time the traitors had been slaughtered, around half of the file had been lost.

Only at this point did Kelvaaro realize that his friend Juro 'Konomee had been felled by a stray bout of plasma. While the orbital fortress had been retaken, 'Shrykaree had learned the price of war. Little did he know that this would only mark the beginning of a drawn-out conflict.

Pur Offensive
"Had I known the eternity that this war would take, I would have changed my outlook from the beginning..."
―Kelvaaro 'Shrykaree expressing his regrets about the beginning of the Yuk'narok Campaign

Despite the mere hours it took for the Qar'taan Legion to storm Oquar's orbital fortress, such luck did not befall the rest of the Fleet of Resolute Scrutiny. While the heretics had garnered few capital ships, intelligence had severely underestimated the number of Kig-Yar ships that resided in the system. The Covenant fleet had superior firepower, but this tactical error saw Oda 'Kragumee deploy a handful of vessels to the frontlines while the remainder of the fleet began to organize themselves.

Because of this, the combined forces of the heretics and pirates proved enough to even take down a CCS-class battlecruiser at the cost of hundreds of their own smaller craft. Upon his return to the Invoking Thought, Kelvaaro found himself shocked at how the might of the Covenant fleet could be squandered by a flotilla of inferior vessels. The opening blows of the Yuk'narok offensive had ended, and while the battle for Oquar had been a crushing victory, the naval front had drastically ended in a stalemate.

The next week saw Kelvaaro and Vuzo mourning for the fallen Juro. The week dragged on, and eventually turned into a month as Fleet Master 'Kragumee painstakingly took his time to coordinate an effective plan to turn the situation around. Naval skirmishes became common, but two months after the arrival of the Resolute Scrutiny, a new plan of battle had been formed; to eliminate the heretics' allies in the Kig-Yar pirates.

Due to the Kig-Yar's role in the war being a solely monetary one, the common consensus was that if they could be forced from their base on Pur, the pirate flotillas would be deterred and either pull out of the conflict or even swap their allegiances to save their own hides. No matter, the ground campaign for Pur would soon begin, and troops were needed. After several more days of milling about, reinforcements came to the aid of the fleet in the form of thousands of new warriors needed to ensure success on the ground front.

Kelvaaro and Vuzo were promoted to Majors for taking part in personally reclaiming the orbital fortress' control center, but remained under N'thus, who had been promoted to Ultra in turn. These promotions were given only to those who had proven themselves in the attack on Oquar, as they were seen to be fit to command the new arrivals. With his own command capacity, Kelvaaro was set to act as a lieutenant to N'thus alongside Vuzo as their lance expanded into a file to include yet more Sangheili Minors, as well as Unggoy.

Screenshot (22)
Kelvaaro 'Shrykaree upon his promotion to Major.

Things finally picked up pace for Kelvaaro as several Covenant warships including the Invoking Thought were sent down to Pur as the main fleet began their assault on the moon of Eruko to gain a larger base of operations for the final push against Darog.

Larger and stronger legions were tasked with the destruction of Kig-Yar command posts while the Qar'taan legion was deployed in the remote marshes surrounding the Kig-Yar city of Kaltoy, where one of the planet's largest spaceports was located. While Kelvaaro was under the impression that they would storm through the city and take the spaceport with little difficulty, they soon learned that such a feat was not possible as the enemy spacecraft were so large in number that the Invoking Thought had barely any time to send down the Qar'taan Legion and their supplies before sustaining major damage at the hands of expert Kig-Yar pilots.

HW CovenantMinibase
Kelvaaro's camp in the marshes of Kaltoy.

As such, the Qar'taan Legion layed low for nearly a month while their Engineers covertly built a makeshift citadel to serve as the Field Master's headquarters. During this time Kelvaaro was often sent out on patrols into the marshes, a task he disdained for the lack of combat with the enemies, and the taint it put upon his armor.

When construction of the citadel finished, Ultra N'thus 'Dattinee was tasked with leading the file on a scouting mission to begin the siege of Kaltoy. They marched through the mud and water for a day before reaching a small Kig-Yar outpost on the outskirts of the city. By this time, the file had done away with stealth, and they breached the settlement in full force. Kelvaaro led a small detachment of Sangheili Minors separately from the group, and they easily slaughtered around thirty Kig-Yar themselves.

With the camp taken, the rowdy file began to pillage what they could. Despite efforts from Kelvaaro and Vuzo to establish order, N'Thus simply told them to wait it out, as tensions would escalate further if they denied their subordinates a reward. Soon, the file's reports of their success drew in the rest of the Legion, which set up a secondary base of operations at the camp, with the Field Master and a minority of the army remaining at the established citadel.

The Kig-Yar of Kaltoy inevitably learned about the slaughter of their brethren, and finally began to treat the intruders on their doorstep as a serious threat. Eventually, bombings from Kig-Yar fighters became commonplace, and border patrols began to skirmish with Qar'taan scouts. The fighting ground to a crawl, as Kelvaaro and his fellow warriors would occasionally catch Kig-Yar patrols and kill them, and in return an enemy bombing run would leave several dead.

As the months dragged on, a change came about in the members of the Qar'taan Legion. Unggoy troops started the turn, taking pleasure in abusing the corpses of Kig-Yar, who had served as their rival race. This was ignored by their Sangheili commanders, including Kelvaaro, but soon the Unggoy began to dismantle enemy bodies and use various parts as tools or keep them as war trophies. The act was initially punished by the Sangheili for the sheer disgust of it, but it soon grew out of hand, as the majority of the legion had an Unggoy populace. Thus, the Sangheili eventually grew to live with it, as there were not nearly enough of them to quell the Unggoy behavior, but the memories of the Unggoy Rebellion from roughly four decades prior still burned within the minds of older Sangheili officers.

Surprisingly, this habit spread. Younger Sangheili, often Minors, would take to keeping trophies, while not nearly in the capacity of the Unggoy. A disgruntled N'thus even partook, fashioning a crude necklace for himself made out of Kig-Yar teeth. It was at this point that Kelvaaro lost all respect for his superior, who had clearly changed since they first met.

A year had passed since the Covenant had begun their campaign to retake the system. Support and refueling ships had been sent as reinforcements, but due to their delicate nature, many deployed vessels including the Invoking Thought were pulled back to replenish their stock of energy.

The Kig-Yar of Pur took full advantage of this, and the Field Master of the Qar'Taan Legion soon reported massive surges in Covenant deaths across the planet. Bombings became more frequent, and deaths in the Qar'Taan's territory began to swell.

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