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"Stand between me and my cause, and you'll find a swift and torturous death"

Keilus was Jiralhanae that, while born into the Jiralhanae Alliance's society alongside his twin brother Ulorus, chose to join the Covenant Remnants and fight against the United Sangheili Republic and its' allies, eventually rising to the rank of Chieftain. However, after the deadly blood-bath of Operation: FIRE and its' subsidiary operations, Keilus was taken back to the Alliance by his brother, where he would be nursed back to health and go on to fight alongside his brother in the Lance of Unrelenting Reparation.


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Early Life

Keilus grew up during the very end of the Human-Covenant War, even fighting in the final battle with the Loyalists. But, whereas his brother Ulorus went with the High Chieftains Gauius and Marius, Keilus fled with the Prophet of Deliverance. After that, he continued to serve in the military, going on border patrols and fending off small Kig-Yar Pirate raiding parties.

Battle of Kanna

Necros War


Mental Report

Keilus is a leader, but not the best of them. Should another member of his pack be older than him, even if they're of a lower rank, he will listen to any guidance they give him, though he doesn't always take it. He is a powerful fighter, though he is not good at long range.


Keilus has a red-brown fur, with his head being neatly shaven save for a goatie, two jawbones tufts, and a small lock on the top of his head. He has several ammo belts slung across his chest and back, and has a large scar on his left shoulder.


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  1. This name is a reference to the Castlevania game of the same name
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