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Kane Face.png

Biographical Information
Full Name

Kane Hollister-King

Spartan Tag





19th December, 2511

Physical Description





7'0 (unarmoured)






Spartan Neural Interface

Political and Military Information





Sigma Team


Master Chief Petty Officer

  • Marksman
  • Leadership
  • Assault


  • Raid on Gallis

The Human-Covenant War





SPARTAN-098, also known as Kane-098, Kane Hollister-King and the callsign of ARCHANGEL, was a SPARTAN-II Commando of the top-secret Project SIGMA. Born to two former members of the ORION Project, Kane was physically superior to most humans due to his parentage and several enhancements made during infancy, many of which made him a prime candidate for recruitment into the SPARTAN-II Program. While initially passed over for the project, he was eventually placed into a second group and was taken to Earth to be trained as a supersoldier. He was marked as one of the better-performing candidates during this period, and after surviving his augmentation procedures was made second in command of Sigma-Alpha.

Kane would serve on numerous campaigns alongside his team, and due to his abilities as a sniper was brought in to participate in clandestine operations over the years for the Office of Naval Intelligence. After the death of Sigma's leader in early 2552, he was promoted to the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer and took command of the team, leading the Spartans through the final months of the Human-Covenant War. Following the war's end, he would continue to lead Sigma Team against both Insurrectionists and Covenant Remnant forces across colonised space and the frontier, remaining within the UNSC Navy instead of joining the newly formed branch, Spartan Operations. Kane continues to serve as a steady hand and a fierce fighter alongside his two teammates and has ensured Sigma's survival on more than one occasion during their post-war years.

Career Service Vitae

UNSC-N Master Chief Petty Officer.png
Master Chief Petty Officer

FULL NAME: Kane Hollister-King
SERVICE #: 098

    Unit: SIGMA-Alpha
    Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED
    Location: CLASSIFIED

    Gender: M
    Birthplace: Harpa
    Birth Date: 19/12/2511
    Blood Type: O
    Height: 213 centimetres (7.0 ft)
    Weight: 124 kilograms

Report Date
December 9th, 2557

On paper, S-098's declassified file reads like that of a remarkably successful special forces regiment rather than that of a single soldier. Despite over thirty years of military service and well over a hundred full campaigns, he remains seemingly unperturbed after seeing so much fighting even when compared to other veterans from the SPARTAN-II and SPARTAN-III programs. As with his peers, he is both detail-oriented and highly intelligent, though what sets S-098 apart from his comrades is an absolutely rigid adherence to protocol that goes beyond standard military discipline. In short, he seemingly possesses little in the way of personality or unique quirks that even his more stoic comrades have and likely consciously attempts to hide any emotional response most of the time.

As a combatant, S-098 is a marksman of extreme skill, possessing patience and a steady hand that few others even within the Spartan programs have. While this is not usually a role filled by team leaders, he has proven himself more than capable of leading Sigma Team from afar. His quick judgement during the Fall of Reach and their subsequent journey back to Earth after uncertainty over whether or not he was qualified for a leader's role saved the lives of many during that period, and in the years following the was S-098 has only improved these abilities despite not possessing the charisma of his predecessor. Working in tandem with S-007 and S-035, he is like all SPARTAN-II's, an absolute terror to behold on the battlefield and a valued asset for NAVSPECWAR.


Early Life and Training

Kane Hollister-King was born on the inner colony world of Harpa, in 2511. For most of his early life, Kane was brought up by his mother, Marion, in the colonial capital of Andama. His father, Frederick King, was an officer within the Office of Naval Intelligence who made sporadic visits to his family due to his constant work. He ended up noticing his son's advanced development for his age, having superior strength, endurance and mental prowess. It was this that first brought the attention of the child to ONI. Kane was one of the 150 preliminary candidates chosen by Dr. Catherine Halsey for the SPARTAN-II Program, but was among the 75 not conscripted. However, with Frederick's prompting, Doctor Calvin Roe of the Office of Naval Intelligence formed Project SIGMA, which would secretly abduct twenty of Halsey's passed-over candidates to form a secret cadre of SPARTAN-II soldiers, under the close observation of ONI. Unwilling to see his son's potential wasted, Kane's father arranged to have him replaced with a flash clone and conscripted into SIGMA, knocking him out one night and personally delivering him to a transport that would take him to the Sol System.

During training, Kane was one of the best SIGMA recruits.

Kane was then taken to a secret base on Earth along with nineteen other children where they were to be trained into Humanity's finest warriors. Though Dr. Roe did not have the same resources as Halsey, the 'Sigma Spartans' were put through many of the same trials. It was mainly by being given Halsey's notes by ONI that Roe's project stayed on track, finishing in 2525. During this time, Kane experienced some difficulty in making friends, though both Jacob-076 and Fenn-145 encouraged him greatly. During training Kane found himself on surprisingly good terms with Richard Mack Senior, their chief trainer and unbeknownst to the young trainee a former teammate of his father. In 2524, Kane and ten others survived the augmentation procedures, with nine other candidates supposedly dying in the process. two more candidates, Jack-085 and Ahmad-126, fled shortly after with the latter killing himself and the former disappearing. Kane and the other Spartans were greatly shaken by this, though their attention was soon drawn towards their newly-acquired MJOLNIR powered armour, received shortly before their initial mission.

First Mission

Though the Human-Covenant War had begun by the time Sigma completed training, the nine Spartans were initially sent against Insurrectionist targets in Outer Colonies. Their first combat mission took them to Gallis, a small colony world that had faced a large-scale armed uprising funded by the United Rebel Front. Though local UNSC forces had been able to more or less contain the uprising, a remaining group of rebel fighters had entered a standoff within the capital, threatening to detonate nuclear weapons unless the UNSC retreated. Sigma was deployed into the city via the sewer system and split into three groups, with Kane leading Marco-035 and Jacob-076 to find and eliminate the rebel leadership. With Jacob on overwatch, Kane and Marco infiltrated the enemy camp and slaughtered any rebels they came across while the other members of Sigma secured the hostages and nuclear weapons, respectively.

As the fully-armoured Spartans quickly swept across the rebel camp, it was reported by other members of Sigma that their foe had actually lied about possessing nuclear weapons and the hostages were nowhere to be found. Suspecting a trap, Kane and his comrades spread out as they eliminated the survivors, clearing the area until an explosion from nearby attracted his attention. Kane and Jacob found a wounded Marco outside the blazing wreckage of the Insurrectionist's headquarters, having barely survived a massive bomb blast. Now all but certain that they had fought their way into a failed trap, Sigma Team reunited and called for evac as UNSC forces moved in to secure the city. Upon their return to Earth, the Spartans met with Doctor Roe and Mack Senior one last time in the SIGMA facility, where they were officially transferred into the UNSC Navy and granted enlisted ranks. Much to his surprise, Kane was given the rank of Petty Officer First Class and placed as second in command of Sigma. While he did not complain, the young soldier personally felt that someone like Jacob or Resk deserved his position.

Outer Colony Campaigns

After the Human-Covenant War began in 2525, Sigma Team was deliberately kept away from the frontlines for several years and was instead used to hunt down and destroy any extant Insurrectionist movements within the Inner Colonies. The Spartans had no shortage of work during this period, as a number of rebel groups used the war to stage their own violent uprisings while the UNSC focused on the Covenant. Kane would often be selected for solo operations at ONI's behest, assassinating both rebel extremist leaders and secessionist politicians whose rhetoric threatened colonial stability. While he was told that he was favoured for these operations for his skills as a marksman, Kane was fully aware that he was chosen for his unquestioning loyalty, having never so much as questioned a command from his superiors during training. Kept apart from the rest of Sigma for months at a time, Kane learned to detach himself from the morality of his missions and carried out over thirty successful assassinations by 2529, utterly crushing at least six notable independence movements while the rest of Sigma dealt with any armed threats.

With few rebel groups deemed a tangible threat by 2530, Sigma was finally dispatched against the Covenant and first battled them in a small skirmish on the remote colony of Brennus. Having been sent to secure a research station there, the Spartans deployed just in time to intercept an enemy strike force that had seized the facility and swiftly and brutally exterminated the alien threat. It was here that Kane scored his first Covenant kill - sniping a Sangheili officer from one of the station's rooftops. Sigma's intervention prevented their foe from escaping with valuable data that could lead the Covenant to more colonies, and gave the Spartans their first taste of battle against a foe they would battle for the next few decades. Though he considered himself a remorseless and efficient killer already, Kane found himself strangely gladdened by the experience, finding killing aliens preferable to hunting down his own kind.

Sigma proved themselves against the Covenant time and time again after Brennus, fighting to hold back their alien foe on battlefield after battlefield as the war dragged on. For Kane, each mission was another opportunity to find better ways of besting the Covenant, learning both the weaknesses of their technology and the individual species that made up the alien hegemony. While tremendously talented, the Spartans were always few in number and found psychological warfare to be one of the deadliest weapons in their arsenal; Kane was the first within Sigma to figure out some of the intricacies of Sangheili honour culture, and ruthlessly exploited the way they fought to humiliate and slaughter them at every opportunity.

Battle of Draco III

Battle of Gress

Siege of Fargad

Battle of Harpa

Fall of Reach

Returning to Earth

Battle of Earth


Skills and Abilities

Throughout training, Kane distinguished himself among the other trainees for being an uncanny marksman, having keen eyesight and quick reflexes even before his augmentations in 2525. Afterwards, his skill only got better, becoming the designated marksman of the SPARTAN team. He usually operated alone on missions and did not require a spotter, though he was occasionally paired with his best friend Jacob-076 when need be. Jacob was the only other Spartan in Sigma whose skills came close to rivalling Kane's.

Kane was a brilliant marksman even by the standards of his superhuman peers.

Kane's personality was introverted even for a Spartan, and as such he preferred solo missions due to being able to operate on his own for extended periods of time without support. Even during team missions he would go off alone without, much to the ire of his comrades. After the death of Fenn-145 and Nef-015 during the Battle of Harpa in early 2552, a reluctant Kane took command of Sigma. This proved as a turning point for him, becoming much more vocal as he was forced to take command. He proved to be a surprisingly competent leader for the next year, developing a closer bond with his surviving teammates.

Outside of his chosen role as a marksman, Kane was proficient in most other forms of warfare. Though he preferred infiltration missions, he could lead a direct assault just as well and was quite skilled in hand to hand combat, utilising rapid strikes to incapacitate his enemies as quickly as possible. The fact that he emerged as most talented Spartans in Sigma early on was partly due to his heritage, being the child of two SPARTAN-I's before his conscription into the project. While his personality often led to him deliberately remaining away from the top rankings in training, Richard Mack Senior and his other trainers believed that he could probably have reached the top of their leaderboard if he truly wanted to.


"Oh, there's a person in there somewhere. It's finding that person that's the real problem."
Jacob-076 speaking to Marco-035.

Kane was initially quite unsociable, even among his own team. He preferred to be alone and was often seen as quite rude to others in training. As a result, he had few friends. The only person who successfully got through to him was Jacob-076, who challenged him to a shooting competition a few months after their arrival on Earth. Though Kane beat Jacob hands-down, the two became good friends, the latter encouraging him to open up more to his fellow trainees. To the surprise of those around him, Kane began to show some surprising displays of leadership and tactical awareness that would eventually earn him the position of Sigma's second in command and eventually team leader by 2552. While he was unquestioningly loyal to the UNSC, he never fell into the same style of utterly ruthless pragmatism that some followed and would always try and achieve his goals as efficiently as possible without unnecessary collateral damage.

As with many SPARTAN-II's and III's, Kane had some difficulty in interacting with regular UNSC personnel, whose reaction times and movement were sluggish compared to his own. He often appeared to ignore or treat other soldiers with disdain, though he would protect them with his life if necessary. He preferred to keep his true feelings and emotions were kept hidden from others, though there were times when he would act rashly out of anger because of this. One example of this would be when he fought Pierre-127 in 2554 after he was taunted over Jacob's death. He would only talk openly with close friends, namely Marco-035, Jax-007 and Elena-071 in the aftermath of the Human-Covenant War, and was rather laconic in his speech to others.


SPARTAN-098's MJOLNIR variants
Suit name Image Time Worn Description Status
MJOLNIR Mark IV/Prototype
Kane Prototype.png
2526 - 2531 One of numerous prototype MJOLNIR suits taken from Damascus Facility on Chi Ceti IV following its attack by the Covenant in 2525, Kane's initial suit was functional and sturdy, but unremarkable compared to future MJOLNIR incarnations. It would see action against various Insurrectionist groups for several years before its first encounter with the Covenant in 2530. While the armour only sustained superficial damage, technology had advanced to the point where by 2531 it was decommissioned in favour of a newer, upgraded suit.
Kane Mark4.jpg
2531 - 2545 The second Mark IV suit worn by Kane, this version proved to greatly augment his agility and was used by the SPARTAN-II during multiple campaigns across the Outer Colonies. In addition to fighting the Covenant, Kane would also put this suit to good use as he participated in heavily-classified operations against dissidents attempting to stir up rebellion amongst refugees fleeing into the Inner Colonies. While suited for heavy combat like all MJOLNIR suits, it also contained several upgrades to its HUD and motion tracker that came in handy for target acquisition and elimination. As the war intensified in the mid-2540s and Sigma Team began to fight on the frontlines more frequently, Kane and his comrades were made to upgrade to newer, longer-lasting MJOLNIR armour.
Kane Mark4UA.jpg
2544 - 2551 With the addition of numerous firmware upgrades, Kane's new suit was designed as a trade-off between stealth and combat capabilities. Utilising an upgraded SCOUT-class helmet, it proved useful to Kane as a marksman. While the minimal armour covering did make Kane more vulnerable, his own skills more than compensated for that weakness as he preferred to fight from extreme range wherever possible. Nonetheless, after years of combat the accumulated damage of so many campaigns had begun to build up, while technological advancements over the years had already surpassed the suit. It was decommissioned in 2551 in favour of the newly-developed first iteration of the MJOLNIR Mark V armour.
Kane Mark5.png
2551 - August 2552 With the addition of energy shielding and other new features, the Mark V armour Kane received was drastically different from his prior suit and increased his protection greatly. The shielding proved invaluable as the Human-Covenant War entered its brutal final stages, and following the Battle of Harpa in early 2552 Kane's suit was fitted with several other upgrades as he was promoted to Sigma Team's leader, including a hardened command uplink and a built-in TACPAD to assist with battlefield coordination. Kane would wear this suit throughout the Fall of Reach, sustaining heavy, but not critical damage throughout the campaign before having it replaced.
August - November 2552 Acquired to replace his badly-damaged suit during the Fall of Reach, the second iteration of Kane's suit would only see a few months of usage, including the final weeks of fighting on Reach and Sigma Team's subsequent battles as they tried to return to Earth. This armour would receive a few smaller upgrades before the Spartans fought on the Zenith Complex, though the sheer amount of fighting coupled with the suit's imperfect systems would begin to take a heavy toll on it by the time they arrived to fight in the Battle of Earth. After Kane and his comrades arrived at PILLAR Base, their now-obsolete suits were swapped out for a newer generation of armour.
Kane 52.png
2552 - 2554 In contrast to the highly specialised MJOLNIR variants Kane had worn during the war, his Mark VI suit was newly-manufactured and was quickly taken into the field during the closing days of the Battle of Earth with no modifications aside from Kane's usual black paint job. The armour served the Spartan well for many months, and after the Human-Covenant War ended the Spartan continued to wear the Mark VI as Sigma Team began hunting down pockets of Covenant resistance in the Inner Colonies as mankind began to rebuild. Kane and his comrades would eventually replace these suits in early 2554.
Kane MK6UA.jpg
2554 - 2556 Requiring an upgraded suit of armour as their missions took them further and further away from colonised space, Kane's second Mark VI suit was designed for maximum protection, but still afforded him the maneuverability be desired in combat. He would wear this until early 2556, where during a mission to eliminate a Sangheili arms dealer left Kane heavily injured and his suit broken beyond repair. With mounting dangers across the galaxy as multiple Insurrectionist and Covenant Remnant factions rose up to fight the UNSC, Kane and his fellows would upgrade their MJOLNIR suits yet again to meet these threats.
Kane MK7.jpg
2556 - Alongside the rest of Sigma Team, Kane would receive a much-needed upgrade to his MJOLNIR suit in 2556 to replace the ageing Mark VI model. With design elements taken from the GEN2 'TRACKER' variant, Kane's Mark VII suit is optimised for long-distance target acquisition in mind. The numerous system advancements greatly enhanced Kane's already impressive reaction time and made the SPARTAN-II much deadlier on the battlefield.


 Rank   Dates 
UNSC-N Petty Officer First Class.png
Petty Officer First Class March 22, 2525—May 10, 2545
UNSC-N Chief Petty Officer.png
Chief Petty Officer May 10, 2545—December 28, 2550
UNSC-N Senior Chief Petty Officer.png
Senior Chief Petty Officer December 28, 2550—April 14, 2552
UNSC-N Master Chief Petty Officer.png
Master Chief Petty Officer April 14, 2552—

Behind the Scenes/Trivia

  • In the original plan for Sigma Team's story, Kane and Jack's roles were switched, the former going rogue and being hunted down, though this was changed over time.
  • Due to his parents both being members of the ORION Project, Kane is both a Spartan 1.1 and a SPARTAN-II, something that gave him a slight advantage over most other candidates in training.
  • Before coming to Halo Fanon, Kane was a main character in one of the author's many planned Machinima projects, though his personality was greatly different there to his written one.

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