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Kaiser-150 is a Spartan 2 and is also Kenny-125's longtime friend and comrade. His main weapons are the Assault Rifle and Magnum and he originally wore Mark 6 armor and later upgraded to a full set of Nightfall armor with a grey and red color scheme. He also suffers from PTSD from the many battles he fought in and the soldiers he saw die.

Early Life and Fall Of Reach

Although much of his childhood was classified by ONI what is known is as a child he was odd to some of his classmates because he would "slav squat" due to apart of his family being of Yugoslavian descent. Kaiser has stated he doesn't remember Reach too well because he was so young.

Battle on Hell's Ravine

IMG 4881

"Kaiser-150 and an Unidentified Spartan 2 during the battle."

Kaiser entered his first battle on the planet Miridem. During the battle he witnessed many of his friends and soldiers die and it would scar him for the rest of his life. The UNSC lost this battle with an unknown number of deaths. In the aftermath The Covenant dumped large piles of bodies into a giant ravine near where the battle took place. That ravine would be later named "Hell's Ravine."

Raid On The Prophet's Tears

IMG 4776 (1)

Kaiser and Kenny during the raid.

After going through a great many battles, Kaiser was called for something he desired ever since he'd entered service, a raid. He knew that stealth was the most important part of the mission but it was here where his PTSD came to him. He saw A Sanghelli minor and he became, according to Kenny-125: "Explosive and dangerous." He tore the Elite apart screaming and possibly crying. Their cover was blown and they were stuck for 12 weeks with no contact at all. Kenny and Kaiser during the battle formed a strong bond and became friends after that. The UNSC won the battle with an unknown number of deaths.

Armor Upgrade

At some point in his service Kaiser decided upgrade his armor and chose Nightfall armor to be more tactical. He decided a grey and red mainly because of the blood he and his fallen brothers have shed.

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