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Julia Brennan

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MA5C, MA5D, M7


Petty Officer First Class


Spartan-III Incognito Company


Unified Earth Government

"I did hear about the Insurrection, yes. They killed my friends, but most of all, hurt my family. In spite of this, I still do not trust anyone, but her. When you ask me where she is, I do not answer, for I do not know. So go and do your own thing, because even if I did know, I wouldn't betray my friend."
―Julia to an ONI operative

Julia-I346 was a Spartan-III from Incognito Company who was friends with Lisa-I332 before her friend went rogue. She was killed in 2565 when she was outnumbered by rebel forces and was blown to bits by a Grizzly Tank.

Her SPI helmet resembled that of a CQB helmet.


Early Life

As a young girl, she was very social and got along with most. While she was born on Earth, her family moved to the doomed world of Gelvis, which would be attacked by the Covenant and then glassed. Her parents would be killed, and she would witness their deaths with her own eyes. The only reason she hadn't been killed was because an ODST threw himself in front of her, and the ODST was killed as Julia ran, managing to get to the civilian transport.


In 2531, she would be recruited in Alpha Company, but would be cut, and inducted into Incognito Company.

Incognito Company

Julia during training made fast friends with her assigned squad, with Julia considering Lisa-I322 as her best friend. Julia found that she was skilled with the SMG, and, later on, the MA5 series.


After two in her team were killed, Julia separated from Lisa-I332 and managed to take out multiple enemy units. Julia was injured heavily in the battle, though, but still managed to survive.

The Insurrection

Julia and Lisa together would both go on the fight the Insurrection in many places, most of them being unknown.


Miridem was a tough battle for Julia, and while she did come out unscathed, she witnessed fourteen of her fellow Spartans die by Covenant hands. Enraged, Julia would violently beat an Elite to death, and then would proceed to kill as many Covenant units as she could, out of pure rage.


Julia was severely injured on Reach, nearly losing her arm to an Energy Sword. She was horrified, but not surprised, by the civilian deaths on the world, and managed to escape with her only remaining teammate, Lisa.

New Mombasa

Julia fought in New Mombasa ruthlessly, managing to effectively fight alongside her fellow Spartans and multiple ODSTs, and Marines. However, she failed in defending an evacuation transport and it was destroyed by the Covenant.


In 2553, Julia became tasked with the mission of finding rogue/AWOL Spartans, along with several other Incognito Spartan-IIIs.


Julia was often self-reserved, often keeping to herself. However, she became close with several of her teammates, and an inside joke began to form regarding Scorpions (The animal, not the tank).

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