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Jonathan Ulan
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Jonathan Ulan was a human Insurrectionist officer and MINUTEMAN supersoldier. Born on Victoria in 2520, Ulan enlisted in the Victorian Independent Military in 2538, and after his initial training, was offered a position in the Victorian Independent Military Officer Academy in the capital of Agley. He accepted, and spent the next four years training to be an officer in the Victorian Independent Army. While he initially had the intention of becoming an infantry officer, in his final year, the Victorian Airborne Forces offered a rare spot as an officer in the unit, an offer which he took up. In the weeks before his graduation from the Academy, Ulan and two other officer candidates who wanted to be part of the Airborne Forces underwent two weeks of strenuous training to test their mettle and select who would be accepted into the training course. At the end of the training, Ulan was picked up for the course, and several months after his graduation, he entered into the Airborne Forces's training pipeline as class leader of fifteen enlisted candidates.

For the next year, Ulan and the enlistedmen under his command were put through a course designed to ensure they were going to be as prepared as possible to take part in the extremely dangerous airborne commando raids the VAF often performed. At the end of the year-long training pipeline, Ulan and nine of the fifteen enlisted were accepted into the unit. The next decade was formative for Ulan. In 2550, a twenty man unit under his command was nearly completely wiped out in an encounter with SPARTAN-III Headhunters. However, Ulan's conduct during the engagement earned him the attention of the new MINUTEMAN Program, a project designed to create rebel supersoldiers.

In late 2550, Ulan was sent to Agley once again in order to undergo the augmentation process. Finally, in mid-2551, Ulan had recovered from the augmentations, and was sent from planet to planet, aiding various rebel groups, including the Gilgamesh Free State until its fall in 2555. With Venezia's fall in 2561, Ulan's sole goal became hunting down SPARTANs, an endeavor that ended with his death in 2565.

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