Jogger Frame

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Misriah Armory PM52G power suits have been the standard platform favored by the UNSC Armed Forces since 2525.

"Jogger Frames" refers to a series of powered exoskeleton suits in service with the UNSC Armed Forces. Once a developing technology favored for heavy industry and disability care, suits also showed promise in a military role. However, the technology was slow to adopt and reserved for logistical purposes. With the advent of inhospitable environments including off-world military interests, modern Jogger Frames gained a relevant niche in combat.

Contemporary Jogger Frames are light, skeletal suits designed to encase and support a user's posture during intense exercise. Packed with body armor and excess equipment, the suits take the unneeded weight off a soldier's body and protect them during periods of long patrols. For this reason and contemporary military doctrine favoring a stationary form of power projection, Jogger Frames are left to use by offensive combat units in unfavorable terrain. Airborne, mountain, mixed-mechanized, ranger, reconnaissance, and rapid reaction forces in the UNSC Army and Marine Corps display the most use out of Jogger Frames.

Misriah Armory PM52G

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