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Forerunner group
Jihye Ecumene
Locational Information

Nyumbani-Visiwa galaxy


Kyreme (adopted)

Capital City

Kyreme (ecumenopolis)

Political Information
Type of Government

Semi-democratic meritocratic aristocracy

Head of state

Various Master Builders

Date of Establishment

164,219 BCE

Societal Information
Official Language(s)

Dihye Common (official)


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Kala Tender (Glyph2)

Historical Information

Realization era


The Jihye Ecumene (glyph: Forerunner1), known alternatively as the Forerunner Ecumene or simply the Ecumene, ws a colossal, dominated federation comprising the greater majority of the Jihye (Forerunner) species.

Formed around 164,000 BCE as a leftist dictatorship, the Ecumene controlled an area no larger than two 500,000 square kilometers during its early existence. After a defiant victory in the War of Caperai, it attained uncontested dominance over the Forerunner homeworld and began to rapidly spread its influence across the nearby worlds. Within a few hundred years, the Ecumene comprised well over two thousand worlds, a feat of fleetness other empires could only dream of.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Forerunner name for the Milky way galaxy, Nyumbani-Visiwa, is Swahili for "home islands," a reference to the galaxy's planets.

Further Reading

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