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Jess G134
Biographical information

Jessica K. Galloway

Spartan Tag


Date of birth

July 13th, 2539




6' 8"

Affiliation and military information


  • Electronics
  • Pilot



SPARTAN-III Gamma Company


Spartan-128, also known as Jessica or just Jess, is a member of the Gamma Company and second in command of Team Shoto. Jess began life aboard a space station. She grew up around computers until the station was attacked by the covenant and destroyed. She escaped, her parents did not. She was sent to a orphanage where she was picked out as a potential candidate for the Spartan III's, she was soon transported to Onyx for training and augmentation. She graduated alongside her brothers and sisters in arms and was deployed in the closing days of the human covenant war. Afterward she and the rest of Shoto served extended tours aboard the UNSC Crimson Aurora and the UNSC Infinity.


Orphan Jess

Jess, soon after the destruction of the space station she called home.

Personality and Skills


Throughout her life Jess was know first and foremost for her vicious intelligence. Even at a young age she was able to master many of the simple systems on the space station she grew up on, to the point where she could gain access codes to many of the maintenance ducts which allowed her access to a large portion of the station. She was very proud of her intellect, which she often saw to be above others. And rightly so as she had one of the highest IQ's in the company. This could lead her to be somewhat grating and condescending to others and in many cases made her hard to get along with. This is was especially proven during the early months with team Shoto where she would constantly second guess Shepard's tactics, leading their leader to second guess himself. However later in training she learned to provide her own tactical analysis with Shepard's allowing the team to combat their enemies more effectively.


As Shoto's technical expert Jess's skills were mainly focused around technical support, including hacking and electronic warfare. She often carried a variety of gear, usually gadgets she made herself, to aid her in combat, often ranging from modified grenades to EMP devices able to take a Wraith offline. As her skill's increased she also gained increasing understanding of Human, Covenant and even Forunner systems. She was on a few occasions been able to out think Dumb AI, though this was often achieved with help.

Though she focused mainly on technical support Jess was an equally capable fighter. She would often mix the use of conventional weapons with her equipment or even her environment to keep her enemies off guard and at a disadvantage.

Weapons and Armour


  • Without realising it the author has noted that Jess is similar to Kat-B320. This wasn't an intentional choice but it is not unwelcome.


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