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Jericho Team, more formally styled as JERICHO Team and sometimes referred to simply as Jericho, is a 5 man fireteam composed of Cat-2 Spartan-III supersoldiers.

Jericho Team is under the operational control of the UNSC Army's Special Warfare Group Three (Originally ONI Special Warfare Group Three), although as Spartans, its members are still officially part of the Navy, (despite some members holding ranks in other branches of the UNSC).


The team is led by Spartan Chrissie-A278, the former commander of Victor Team, with the position of Second-in-Command being held by Rosenda-A344 the former second-in-command of the Alpha company Cat-2 Team, Grizzly Team. Jericho 3 is Lucas-A186, who acts as the teams CQC specialist, with Jericho 4 being the teams medic Spartan Gwen B-161. The final member of the team being the ex-headhunter, Dylan-B224, operating under the callsign, Jericho 5.

  • Jericho 1 - Chrissie-A278 (Team Leader/Pilot)
  • Jericho 2 - Rosenda-A344 (2nd-in-Command/Demolitions)
  • Jericho 3 - Lucas-A186 (CQC Expert)
  • Jericho 4 - Gwen-B161 (Medic)
  • Jericho 5 - Dylan-B224 (Scout-sniper)

Operational History

Battle Honours

  • Battle of Fulmore (2552)
  • Battle of Reach (2552)



Halo: Remnants

Jericho Team Emblem   Jericho Team   Jericho Team Emblem

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