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Biographical information

Jenkins Fall

Spartan Tag




Date of birth

March 21st, 2511




7 ft


Spartan Neural Interface

Affiliation and military information

UNSC-N Senior Chief Petty Officer Senior Chief Petty Officer


Heavy ordnance


Human-Covenant war
Post-Covenant War Conflicts


Class I: 2525

"Jenkins is different. But he's still human, makes sure everyone is pulled through alright, has feelings and emotion even if he doesn't show it. He has been carrying a lot for the team since Yuzuru was killed. So he's pretty much solid as a rock. But that doesn't make him any different from myself or you, ma'am."
Ruby-A157 to Angelina about Jenkins in 2557

Senior Chief Petty Officer Jenkins-115, real name being Jenkins Fall and also having the callsign Rose Leader[note 1], is a SPARTAN-II commando formerly of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare department and current commander of Fireteam Rose, a team of SPARTAN-IIIs and was transferred to the Spartan Corps in January 2553.

Before Team Rose, Jenkins was part of Cyan Team which consisted of team leader Linda-058 and himself.[note 2] Prior to the Fall of Reach, Jenkins became the commander of Team Rose.


After "graduating" as a SPARTAN-II, Jenkins was issued the Mark IV Mjolnir Powered Assault Armour by Halsey, a member of ONI. However, he eventually changed his armour to the Mark IV Grenadier armour which he wore during the Human-Covenant war. After the war, he decided to let go of the war-torn armour in favour of a new one, however he was given the Indomitable armour that resembled his old armour and took it.

Jenkins is specialized as a commander and heavy ordnance, being Rose's leader and their heavy weapons expert. The weapons he currently uses are specialized variants of the M739 Light Machine Gun and SPNKr Rocket Launcher known as The Answer and SPNKr EX, respectively.


Prior and during to the Fall of Reach, Jenkins looked after his SPARTAN-III teammates and cared for them as much as he could, seeing them as family. However he did not admit it, even after the death of Yuzuru. This changed him, he was less-open about his thoughts and only wanted to make sure the other three didn't suffer the same fate. According to Ruby-A157, he is carrying a lot for the team and is seen as "being solid as a rock".

Despite the trust and depression issues he has since Yuzuru's death, he saw the SPARTAN-IVs as the newer generation and only accepted that Team Rose would be transferred to Spartan Operations because his teammates advised him to.


  • Jenkins-115 is named after the author's previous Wikia username: Jenkins S115 SII.


  1. Jenkins-115 was good friends with UNSC Air Force pilot and squadron leader Captain Jacob Sanders who flew as Rose Leader. However Rose Squadron was killed during the Fall of Reach, he had lost his friend. Eventually Jenkins took the callsign Rose Leader in honour of Sanders.
  2. Cyan Team was a SPARTAN-II team led by Linda-058. Its only known members are herself and Jenkins. Reasons for its dissolution are because some SPARTAN-IIs were killed during augmentations and led the teams to be changed around.
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