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Jek 'Nrahom: Sangheili Commander
Protagonist Jek 'Nrahom
Author Anakin Nakamura
Julie Finitevus
Date Published TBA
Length TBA
Author's Rating TBA
Previous Story Untitled Nrahom-verse prequel
Next Story Untitled Nrahom-verse sequel
Story Series Nrahom-verse

Jek 'Nrahom: Sangheili Commander is a Halo Fanon short story by Anakin Nakamura and Julie Finitevus and is the first story set within the Nrahom-verse.

The story focuses on Sangheili commander Jek 'Nrahom throughout the early stages of the Battle of Earth and the Great Schism. During the Great Schism, Jek forms his own group of Sangheili, Unggoy and Kig-Yar in the fight against the Jiralhanae who have slaughtered most of the High Council and many other Sangheili.





Originally the first story of the Nrahom-verse was going to be centered on Zexi 'Nrahom but instead Anakin Nakamura decided it to start off with an entirely new character who eventually became Jek 'Nrahom. Jek is also related to Opposition High Leader Zexi 'Nrahom.

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