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Jek's faction
Political information
Type of government

Splinter faction


Sangheili commander

De facto leader

Jek 'Nrahom

Societal information
Official language


Historical information
Formed from

Covenant Empire

Date of establishment

November 3, 2552

"The Hierarchs have violated the Writ of Union, they have killed many of our brothers! We must resist against the Jiralhanae and make the Prophets pay for what they have done! I ask you to fight by my side and we will bring honour back to the Covenant!"
―Jek at the start of the Great Schism

Jek's faction was a Covenant splinter faction formed by Sangheili commander Jek 'Nrahom at the start of the Great Schism.

After returning to High Charity from Solemn Penance on Installation 05 and witnessing the Changing of the Guard, Jek immediately came to the conclusion that the Hierarchs violated the Writ of Union and when the Covenant Civil War started, he rallied his own group of Sangheili, Unggoy and Kig-Yar to fight against the Covenant Loyalists led by Jiralhanae.


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