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Jay G090
Biographical information

Jay T. Stark

Spartan Tag


Date of birth

January 9th, 2538




6' 8"

Affiliation and military information


  • Long Range Combat
  • Reconnaissance



SPARTAN-III Gamma Company


Spartan-G090, better known as Jay, is a part of Gamma Company and a member of Team Shoto, designated as Shoto 3. Jay's initial life was, unlike most Spartan III's, peaceful. Until his parents were both killed in the line of duty and he was put in a orphanage. He was singled out as a candidate for the Spartan III's and sent off to Onyx for training and augmentation. Over the years Jay would be moulded into the calm sharpshooter he'd be known for and serve in the last few days of the human covenant war. Following the war Shoto would serve extended tours of duty aboard both the UNSC Crimson Aurora as well as UNSC Infinity.


Personality and Skills


Even from a young age Jay was a quiet individual, often standing with his friends and just watch them. This was mainly down to him being rather shy and mistrusting of new people. Despite outward appearances Jay wasn't an introvert and proved to be a strong friend once his trust had been earned. As a spartan his quiet attitude became a calm demeanour and he gained a reputation for rarely breaking under pressure. As Shoto became more bonded as a team Jay would often provide the voice of reason to some of Shepard's more brash actions but would never step up to the leader position himself.


Jay's combat skills were focused around long ranged weaponry and he was considered one of the companies best marksmen. This did bring him into various friendly competitions with the other gamma shooters including Team Sabre's Mark and the two would eventually form a teasing bond over their shared skills. Despite being a skilled marksman Jay often favoured weapons such as the M392 DMR over the UNSC's various sniper rifles. Although having a preference to long distance combat Jay was an able close combat fighter could defend himself if forced into close combat. Jay was also known for using his environment against his opponent, using it to set traps and ambushes or to hid himself and his team.

Weapons and Armour



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