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Biographical Information
Full Name

Jax Munroe

Spartan Tag





August 2nd, 2511

Physical Description





6'10 (unarmoured)






Spartan Neural Interface

Political and Military Information

United Nations Space Command




Sigma Team


Senior Chief Petty Officer


SO (Special Warfare Operator)


Close Quarters Combat


Human-Covenant War


  • Operation: CATFISH



SPARTAN-007, also known as Jax-007 and Codename: MATADOR, was a SPARTAN-II Commando of Project SIGMA. As an expert in hand-to-hand combat and frontline assaults, Jax proved himself as an incredibly dangerous Spartan during the Human-Covenant War, where he participated in numerous campaigns and helped win several victories against the Covenant. Despite the numerous losses Sigma Team and the other Spartans faced during this period, his skills and endurance ensured that he survived the worst the Covenant could throw at him. Emerging from the war as one of the few surviving SPARTAN-II's, Jax and his comrades spent a number of years putting down various Insurrectionist and Covenant remnant groups that had begun to spring up around the rebuilding colonies, eliminating alien warlords and ensuring that the colonies remained loyal to the UNSC.

Career Service Vitae

UNSC-N Senior Chief Petty Officer.png
Senior Chief Petty Officer

FULL NAME: Jax Munroe
SERVICE #: 007

    Unit: SIGMA-Alpha
    Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED
    Location: CLASSIFIED

    Gender: M
    Birthplace: Forseti
    Birth Date: 02/08/2511
    Blood Type: O
    Height: 214 centimetres (7.0 ft)
    Weight: 121 kilograms

Report Date
December 9th, 2557

In spite of his surprisingly extroverted nature, S-007 remains something of an enigma among the Spartans. While his combat records are impeccable and show instances of him exhibiting skill that far outstrips his peers, he has never sought a leadership position or outwardly displayed any of the more notably negative emotional traits associated with SPARTAN-II's. While numerous psychological examinations over the years have reported that S-007 is a perfectly healthy, if sometimes overly-chatty Spartan, it has been suggested that he rarely puts in more than the minimum amount of effort required to get the job done and has gotten by over the last few decades by relying entirely on his superhuman abilities and martial talent. While unconfirmed, S-007's generally humorous, flippant demeanour is likely a method of coping with the past trauma of war and the loss of numerous allies, S-063 in particular.

S-007 has proven himself as a close-combat specialist, engaging foes with incredible speed and precision at the shortest possible range. While his size and choice of armour colouring make him rather conspicuous, he is also a superb infiltrator whose scouting skills are second-to-none. S-007 is expected to remain in Sigma Team indefinitely, as he operates best while alongside S-099 and S-035.


Early Life


First Missions

Outer Colony Campaigns

Battle of Draco III

Battle of Gress

Siege of Fargad

Mission to Greydowns

Battle of Harpa

Fall of Reach

Returning to Earth

Battle of Earth


Created Uprising

Skills and Abilities



SPARTAN-007's MJOLNIR variants
Suit name Image Time Worn Description Status
MJOLNIR Mark IV/Prototype
Jax Prototype.png
2526 - 2531 While Jax's first MJOLNIR suit was mostly similar to the initial production model, part of its design was based on the CH252 helmet used throughout the UNSC armed forces and had several sensory upgrades meant for intelligence-gathering and communications built in. Jax used this suit with great effectiveness in his early career against Insurrectionist groups in the Outer Colonies and proved its usefulness in Sigma Team's early engagements against the Covenant before it was eventually swapped out for an upgraded version in 2531.
Jax Mark4.jpg
2531 - 2545 A marked improvement over the prototype Mark IV armour, this suit served Jax for well over a decade and sported a distinctive dark red coloration of his choosing. While its lack of energy shielding did make the Spartan vulnerable, small tweaks to its systems augmented his reaction time and speed. While reliable, this suit's usage in numerous campaigns and Jax's penchant for close-quarters combat meant that it was often brought in for repair for plasma damage. As Sigma Team's deployment method switched from more surgical strikes to frontline combat, this Mark IV iteration was phased out by 2544 as the war intensified and tougher suits were required.
Jax Mark4UA.jpg
2544 - 2551 The first of Jax's suits to undergo heavy customisation, this version of his Mark IV armour was constructed with heavy fighting in mind and made to withstand a lot more damage. This more rugged design proved useful as the Inner Colony Sieges began and Jax saw himself thrown into heavy combat time and time again. Its up-armoured B-class helmet was also modified with advanced scanning systems and a target-identification module that Jax found extremely useful when engaging enemy forces. Like his previous suit, however, this version would have to constantly undergo expensive repair jobs and had parts swapped out regularly, making it costly to field. Jax would eventually replace it in 2551 with the widespread adoption of the MJOLNIR Mark V armour.
Jax 2552.jpg
2551 - August 2552 In addition to energy shielding technology, Jax's Mark V armour was designed to offer a greater deal of protection than his previous suits, something that saved his life on numerous occasions as the Human-Covenant War entered its final, bloodiest year. Seeing usage through the costly Battle of Harpa and disastrous Battle of Dorvyesk III, this armour proved its worth time and time again and kept Jax going through each brutal engagement with the Covenant. Despite only seeing a year or so of usage, its systems had begun to degrade by August of 2552, prompting its decommissioning during the Fall of Reach as Jax and his allies were granted the newest Mark V iterations shortly before they fled the doomed colony world.
Jax EQ41.png
August - November 2552 Granted to Jax and his comrades in the midst of the Fall of Reach, this advanced iteration of the Mark V suit boasted several notable improvements over his older armour. While only worn for a few months, this would see heavy combat as Jax fought through the final days of the Reach campaign and several subsequent conflicts as Sigma Team made their way back to Earth, including the Battle of Second Sanctum. While a hardy suit, it would sustain some structural damage by the time of the Battle of Earth, where Jax and the others chose to exchange it for the newly-produced Mark VI armour.
Jax 52.png
2552 - 2554 Received during the Battle of Earth, Jax was able to make some small adjustments to his Mark VI suit to improve its effectiveness in close-quarters combat before giving it his usual red paint job and setting out to defend the planet. Favouring the improved mobility that this armour afforded him, Jax would continue to wear this distinctive suit well after the Human-Covenant War's end. Jax would eventually part with this suit - albeit with much complaining - in 2554 as Sigma upgraded to a newer model of MJOLNIR.
Jax Mark6UA.jpg
2554 - 2556 A better-armoured Mark VI variant with many improvements ported over from the more common GEN2 line of MJOLNIR, Jax would wear this suit as Sigma continued their operations against Covenant remnants and other threats across both the rebuilding colonies and the frontier. In its two years of service, Jax would sport this suit on over one hundred and fifty missions, appreciating its sturdiness in spite of the rather plain design. With more conflicts breaking out as the years went on, the Mark VI would eventually be retired in 2556.
Jax Mark7.jpg
2556 - Seeking a suit that emphasised all-round dependability instead of a focus on a particular area of combat, Jax's latest suit heavily resembles his older Mark VI armour, albeit with the latest GEN2 technology installed within. Aside from the general improvements that enhanced Jax's incredible combat prowess even further, the suit's only major cosmetic change would be the black lines added to its usual red colouring, made for reasons personal to the increasingly introspective Spartan.

Behind the Scenes/Trivia

  • Jax's original design had him wearing bright orange armour, which was changed early on to red for being too garish.
  • Jax is the Spartan displayed in the cover image for the Sigmaverse page.

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