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"You know. Some would call me a psychopath. But I would beg to differ." Odst-v1.jpg

Janos, During the Baikal II Incident
Janos Gabriel Vincze
Biographical information


Date of birth

June 24, 2579

Date of death

26??: Position Overrun By Necros

Physical description





6' 1"

  • M12 Sub Machine Gun
  • M1091 Sniper Rifle System 23 (Modified)
  • M6B Body Armour, ODST Edition
  • M11 Ghillie Suit (Sometimes)


Hair color


Eye color





UNSC Standard Neural Interface/Special Forces (SNI/SF)

Medical Status


Chronological and political information

Necros War

"Why do people lie, it isn't only because they struggle against each other, it's also because there is something that their seeking. You now want a world without change. How stagnant, you could hardly call it life. The same as a world of memories, just a world that's closed and completed, that's a place I wouldn't want to live in."
―LCpl Janos "Longshot" Vincze, commenting on rebel beliefs

Janos Vincze or Longshot to his companions, was an experienced and knowledgeable non-commissioned officer in the United Nations Space Command's 18/10 Shock Troops. He was a distinguished sharpshooter that gained renown with his exceptional accuracy and cold demeanor during missions and battles. Janos valiantly fought in the Necros War, eventually dying when the Necros overwhelmed his position.


Early Life

"When I was young, I was outside playing when I heard my parents arguing. I ran over to them to see and the next thing I know, I saw my mom on the ground clutching her throat. I looked up and I saw my dad with a wild grin on his face, holding a large knife. I yelled and everything went black."
―LCpl Janos "Longshot" Vincze, remembering his distraught childhood

After the events of the Human-Covenant War, also known as the Great War, many of the glassed planet's survivors were displaced and homeless. While many chose to live this life or live in refuge camps, others chose to start a new life on untouched worlds. The parents of Janos chose to live on Earth, starting a new life as rural people on the outskirts of an unnamed town. Born on June 24, 2579 to a bipolar farmer father and a submissive mother, Janos lived the rural life, often helping his father plant the necessary crops to help sustain the family and their expenses. But due to his father's bipolarity, Janos and his mother would often be beaten for his failures. But what confused Janos was that after this, his father would become tender and worried for him, oblivious to his son's and wife's injuries.

Teenage Years

Military Career

Baikal II Incident

"The Baikal II Incident."

Necros War

An Overrun Position

"I read several personnel."

Preferred Weaponry/Equipment

"Lock and Load Boys. Remember. Kill with Maximum Efficiency."
―Janos, reminding his comrades of their firearms

M12 Sub Machine Gun

M1091 Sniper Rifle System 23/Modified

M6B Body Armour/ODST Edition

M11 Ghillie Suit

Unlike the rest of his sniper companions, who preferred to use the M11 Ghillie Suit, Janos sparingly used his suit due to the fact that he felt uncomfortable while wearing it. Also, he preferred to use his M6B Body Armour while sniping; he firmly believed that he felt safe and secure while utilizing it. Janos was more into urban warfare because he loved the thought of going from building to building and window to window during engagements as he admired the idea of firing at his enemies while they try to pinpoint his actual position. Due to that, he saw the Ghillie Suit as irrelevant to his type of warfare, as it relied on a sustained position and exceptional camoflage. After his death, many debated whether or not


"People may call me a sadist. I absolutely agree with them. I love to inflict pain upon my enemies. I love to watch them squirm in pain and terror as I slowly torture them inch by inch of their body. Is that humane you ask? No. I guess it wouldn't be considered humane at all. But you know what? War changes you from the inside and out."
―Janos, commenting on his personality
"What can I say? I'm a bastard who likes to inflict pain."


  • Janos Vincze is a unique character because he is highly sadistic and cruel. On the other hand, he is known to be kind and loyal to his comrades.