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|</nowiki>affiliation= Cosmos Garage, Cadmea, Cadmus
|</nowiki>affiliation= Cosmos Garage, Cadmea, Cadmus

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{{Human Character Infobox
|name= James Conner
 |image= Untitled-0.jpg
 |homeworld= Cadmea, Cadmus, Thebes Beta
 |birth= january 28th 2510
 |civid= 7619-198-CMB0201
 |rank= Owner of Cosmos Garage 
 |gender= Male
 |height= 179.832 centimetres (70.8 inches)
 |weight= 63.865806 kilograms (140.8 pounds)
 |weapons= M6G Personal Defense Weapon System
|hair= Black
|eyes= Brown
|augment= None
|cyber= Artificial Limb (fully robotic arm)
|medical= Healthy
 |era= Human-Covenant War
 |notable= His father was a marine in the UNSC 
 |affiliation= Cosmos Garage, Cadmea, Cadmus
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