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Petty Officer James-S005 is a SPARTAN-II Commando under the command of Naval Special Warfare Command. He was deployed onto missions with his fellow SPARTAN-II's during the Human-Covenant War and was part of Blue Team. He participated in many battles and operations during the Human-Covenant War as part of Blue Team and sometimes Red Team.

Early Life

"Very calm indeed. Surprised someone his age can still run even though he has a cut on leg without falling on the ground and crying. Trainee-005 is a true example of what we need for our program"
— Dr. Catherine Halsey taking notes on his abilities

James was born on Earth in November 17th, 2511. James and his Kev were close until Kev and his parents were killed in a act of terrorism conducted by the URF. James was left at foster care until he was the age of Six. At the age of six him and 75 children were abducted for the SPARTAN-II program, on Reach he was trained by Franklin Mendez and AI Déjà. James was the calmest on his first day of training beating most of his fellow SPARTAN-II Trainees in their morning exercises which made some of the trainees hate him, in 2519 him and his fellow trainees were sent to the Military Wilderness Training Preserve for a mission of where each trainee needed to find a way to get back to base with one piece of a map but all of them meet at one of the forests river and was placed one a team with Samuel-034, Linda-058 and Fhajad-084 to scout the area for John-117, the mission was successful. A while after James and the Trainees were sent to Emerald Cove for a a training exercise where they sabotaged and left Mendez and their Drill Instructors behind and lived on the island for a few days after Mendez found them he forced them all to swim back to base or they would have to do 10 laps around the bootcamp. In July 14, 2523, James and his fellow Spartan-IIs Trainees had begun training in war games. After a War Game excercise James encountered a group of the Marines; Corporal Chris Rogers, Private First Class Shawn Bradford, Lance Corporal Kent Lee and Staff Sergeant Thom Karv who brutally attacked James but he managed to break 2 of the Marines ribs and the knock out the Staff Sergeant before he got knocked out and was thrown into a flight of stairs after Mendez found him the Marines excuse was the "He tripped down a flight of stairs" after a week of recovering he was putted back into training with others. On March 9, 2525 James and the other Spartan's went through a procedure called the "Augmentations" at the Medical Facility Endurance. After successfully going through the Augmentations him and the remaining 33 SPARTAN-II's held a funeral for their lost comrades on the ship UNSC Atlas. Afterwards, they returned to Reach for the last phase of training in Highland Mountains. After the Covenant attack on Harvest the 33 Spartans were briefed on what happened by Vice Admiral Michael Stanforth and the ONI AI, Beowulf. In response to this new threat, the training of James and the rest of the Spartan-IIs waere to get to the last phase of training earlier than planned and the Spartans were sent to Chi Ceti

Doctor Halsey shows the Spartans their Mark-IV armour

IV being escorted by the UNSC Frigate; Commonwealth but on their way to Chi Ceti a Covenant ship; The Unrelenting attacked the frigate. The Commonwealth was able to hold off of the Covenant warship and the Spartans were deployed and were fitted into their new Mark IV Power Armour and traveled back to the Commonwealth, John-117 had James and the others embark to the ship on thruster packs but Samuel-034, Kelly-087 and John-117 mad it aboard the ship while a Pelican dropship took the group of Spartans back to the Commonwealth and the battle was won but only at the cost of Samuel-034's life.

Human-Covenant War

"Chief... looks like those grunt bastards are huddled together, time to send them a little birthday gift."
— James-005 during the Battle of Jericho VII.

In 2535 James along with John-117, Frederic-104, Kelly-087 were deployed on Jericho VII along with Red Team and Green Team. They thought on Jericho VII for three days but on the last day of the battle Blue Team had an objective to draw out the Covenant's rear guard so that Red Team could slip in and arm a tactical nuke the mission was a success and killed thousands of unggoy in the process of this tiny victory for the UNSC, the UNSC lost the space battle forcing the Spartans to leave the battle and head to the frigate UNSC Resolute, John-117 requested to watch the planets glassing while James did the same but from ships mess hall. In July 17, 2552, James and eleven other Spartans went to Sigma Octanus IV to aid Battle group Leviathans fight against the Covenant, after their deployment to Alpha Headquarters John-117, Frederic-104, Kelly-087 and

The Spartans arriving to Alpha Headquarters

James went to Côte d'Azur which was occupied the Covenant. Blue Team scouted the Côte d'Azur Museum of History while Red Team and Green Team escorted the surviving civilians to Alpha Headquarters to investigate Covenant activity which was considered "strange" and find what the Covenant was looking for which lead them to underneath of the museum, James kept a ground-receiver which helped established contact with the rest of the Spartans deployed on the planet.

Inside the museum, Blue Team discovered that the Covenant were scanning a simple piece of igneous rock and sending information to a Covenant ship, while the Spartans eliminated the Covenant soldiers securing the facility a duo of Mgalekgolo. John-117 ordered the Blue Team to engaged the pair with AR Shredder rounds but James had his left arm burnt from his elbow after being hit with a fuel rod blast cannon. The team used Shredder rounds to make the pair of hunters fall into the basement and they pushed quartz into the pit trapping them which gave them enough time to escape from the museum. Blue Team left the museum and took the rock with them, the team escaped through the city's sewer system but James passed out due to his wounds. After they left Alpha Headquarters the eleven Spartans went back to UNSC Leviathan and left the system and went to Reach.

The Fall of Reach

"Home Sweet, Home."
— James-005.
After the Covenants great defeat on Sigma Octanus IV the remaining Spartans were requested to be sent to Reach. After their arrival on Reach James was sent to a medical facility to get a flash cloned arm to replace the one that was melted by a fuel rod cannon, James later got access to his Mark V Armour and was later briefed on Operation along with the other Spartans. While aboard the UNSC Pillar of Autumn the Covenant had begun their invasion of Reach and the Spartans were deployed but instead of going with Red Team John-117 chose him for Blue Team along with Linda-058, the trio of Spartans crashed their pelican into Gamma Station and John ordered him to secure the C-12's while Linda and John gave him covering fire. Covenant Rangers were sent near their position. James had almost secured all of the C-12's but 3 needles hitted the tank of his jet pack and one other needler hitted his right shoulder pad sending him flying into space his last words that James tried to speak to John through the com channel but all John could hear was static and a few words,
"Can control where i'm going... Those needler roounds made my jetpack barely usable, i'll have to stay here for now. Can't try and re-group with Red Team their everywhere. See you on the other side Blue Leader..."
-- James as he went flying away from gamma station


"Nothing out here Sir. Wait i see something! Get the medics over here ASAP"

-- Navy Petty Officer finding James' body in the debris of ships

After James went missing during his mission on Gamma Station a UNSC Prowler found him in the debris of a UNSC frigate. He was later taken to the ships medical center and his flashcloned arm got replaced by a robotic arm due to the damage his arm sustained from the needler blast.

After he was recovered from the battle he was taken back to Earth.

The Battle of Earth

After the Battle of Reach, James was reunited with surviving members of Red Team; Carris-137, Joseph-122, Robert-025, August-099, Leon-011, Keichii-047 and Joseph-122 and were designated as Red Team. Soon after the Covenant attacked Earth and James took command of Red Team and were deployed to Perth City in Western Australia.

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