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"Can cut free from my pack, should be able to control my drift. They’ve not seen me, debris everywhere, signal will cut out. Try and pick me up when you can." - James-005, as he drifted away from Gamma station.
Petty Officer Second Class James-005, born James Edward Andrews, is a Spartan-II supersoldier of the United Nations Space Command's Naval Special Warfare Command. Joseph spent some of his early combat service moving between multiple teams, though would spend a large portion as a semi-constant member of John-117's Blue Team. Until after the Battle of Reach where he would join a reformed Green Team, serving as Green-Three, under Joseph-122's command, along with Carris-137 and later the long believed dead Toni-014 during the Battle of Earth. Post-war he was assigned into Special Warfare Group Three along with the rest of Green Team.

A skilled demolitions specialist, James was known for processing an eye for where best to place charges in order to achieve the maximum result and for his steady hands when working with volatile explosives, often working well with the equally skilled Grace-093.


Early Life and Conscription

James Andrews was born on the human Inner Colony of Bounty on May 11th, 2511 to Mark and Lucia Andrews, being their youngest child of two. James was described as an energetic and cunning child by his parents, often being found in the thick of trouble with his older brother Michael, who despite being three years his senior, often struggled to keep up with his younger sibling.

Early in 2517, James, utilising his medical records, was identified as fitting the criteria for Doctor Catherine Halsey's SPARTAN-II program. His supporting school results which included a basic intelligence test identified him as an extremely talented child, which resulted in him being marked as a potential candidate for the program.

James-005 (Conscription)

James-005 after his conscription in 2517.

On September 17, 2517, James was abducted by the United Nations Space Command's Office of Naval Intelligence at the age of six to be conscripted into the SPARTAN-II program. ONI Agents filled his home with sedative laced gas, before removing him from his bed. After which he was replaced with a flash clone and sent to Reach with the other Spartan candidates. The flash clone who had replaced James would live for only a further four-years after his abduction, though unlike the other flash clones, James's was killed in a URF Bombing of a local museum whilst his class was visiting. Prompting his brother to join the UNSC Airforce to avenge his brother, being killed in combat during the Battle for Alluvion in 2542.


Like the other Spartan-II candidates, James was trained on Reach by "dumb" AI Déjà and Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez, in addition to numerous training exercises. In training James immediately showed a natural prowess with explosives, at one point briefly being in a heated competition with the equally talented Grace-093, though the two would eventually join forces to become the two leading experts in their field.


On March 9, 2525, James and the rest of the Spartan-II candidates underwent their augmentation procedures at Medical Facility Endurance orbiting Reach. A process which he described a being 'having my bones filled with napalm'. After successfully enduring the procedures, James later attended a military funeral aboard carrier UNSC Atlas in the Lambda Serpentis system for the Spartans who died during the augmentation process, afterwards, returning to Reach for their final training phase in the Highland Mountains.

Spartan service

Due to his teammates, Kirk-018 and René-081 both washing out of their augmentation procedures, James was temporarily attached to John-117's Blue Team, as Blue-Six, being one of the few Spartan's who could spar with the enormous Samuel-034, though normally being beaten by his stronger comrade.

Operation: TALON

During Blue Team's first deployment, James was not sent with the rest of Blue Team for Operation: TALON as ONI had only enough resources in place to support only five Spartan's for the mission, which due to its nature, didn't require his particular skill set. At first, this left James disheartened at remaining behind for his Team's and indeed the Spartan Programs, first mission, though John and the rest of the team would reassure him, by promising to include him on their next mission.

Battle of Chi Ceti

In Late November, James would be aboard the frigate, UNSC Commonwealth when the ship encountered the Covenant warship, Unrelenting which would begin the opening stages of the Battle of Chi Ceti. During the battle, James, along with a handful of the other Spartans would assist the ships damage control teams, battling several electrical fires which had broken out inside the ship, and helping to rescue several crewmembers who had been injured during the opening engagement.

After the Unrelenting disengaged from the Commonwealth, James and the other Spartan's would land at the Damascus Materials Testing Facility to collect their brand new MJOLNIR Mark IV Powered Assault Armour and after some time to acclimatise to the enhanced capabilities of the new armour, he along with the other Spartan's would move to commence their EVA assault of the Unrelenting. James along with the rest of Blue Team would assault from the ship's port side in conjunction with Red Team, whilst Gold Team and Green Team assaulted the ship from the starboard side. Unfortunately, James and all the other Spartan's bar John-117, Kelly-087 and Samual-034, would fail to board the Unrelenting and so would be left to drift in space until they could be recovered following the destruction of the target ship. During this time, the heating element in James suit failed, causing his core temperature to fall dangerously low, fortunatly before any permanent damage could be done, James was picked up by a Pelican and rushed to a medical facility for treatment.

After the battle, James and the other Spartan's held a private funeral service for Sam aboard the UNSC Persian Gate a few days after the battle. James due to his exposure was again held back when the rest of Blue Team were deployed to participate in the Battle of Alpha Corvi II. This infuriated him as this was the third mission that he had missed out on, due to elements outside of his control, a sentiment that the rest of Blue Team emphasised with, but were powerless to affect.

Battle of Circinius IV

James would finally see combat during the Battle of Circinius IV in 2526, being deployed alongside the rest of Blue Team to attempt to evacuate the few survivors from the sparsely populated planet. However, due to the speed of the Covenant attack, James and Linda who had been deployed separately to John, Kelly and Fred into the planets capital city of Rosarno, found no survivors and were retasked with the destruction of the planets local data-site. The pair were able to clear the facility of hostile forces, after which the pair confirmed that none of the sites files had been breached. After which Linda set up her rifle on the roof to provide overwatch security for James as he rigged the server farms with thermite charges to destroy all information stored there. Leaving the burning facility the pair exfiltrated from Rosarno, silencing any Covenant patrols they encountered before being evacuated from the falling planet, linking up with the rest of Blue Team before withdrawing from the system.

Battle of Vodin

In 2532, James was sent to the colony of Vodin as a part of a reshuffled Green Team, now led by Joshua-029. James spent much of the battle rotating between blunting Covenant attack, evacuating colonists and assisting in the destruction of key Covenant equipment and encampments. However, towards the end of the battle, James was tasked to ascend Vodin's only orbital elevator to enforce the Cole protocol on an unmanned freighter docked there, which due to damage to the elevator, could not be remotely wiped.

James-005 (Youth)

James-005 after the Battle of Vodin.

James, under the command of Randall-037, and along with Joseph-122 would at first attempt to ascend the structure using one of the lift cars, due to a nearby Corvette making an insertion by Pelican unfeasible. However, the damage to the elevator had rendered the lifts unserviceable, forcing the three Spartan's to ascend the structure by hand, which, even with an experimental parafoil that each of them was carrying, was a dangerous endeavour. Fortunately, all of the Spartan's successfully reached where the freighter was docked without incident, however, soon after a Covenant strike team would arrive, having been tasked with recovering the data the Spartans had been sent to destroy.

A vicious firefight broke out, with Joseph and Randall holding off the larger Covenant force, whilst James boarded the freighter to wipe the data from its systems. Finding the ships main server, James initiated a manual purge of the navigation system, before setting a demolition charge in the ships engine room to cover the Spartans when they disengaged. However, whilst James was working, the already damaged elevator to began to break apart due to the use of explosives by the covenant, throwing Randall from the structure when the skyhook he was fighting on collapsed, forcing Joseph to retreat aboard the freighter. Now cut off from their planned exit and with the elevator disintegrating the pair made a plan to escape by using one of the ship's lifeboats to blast themselves clear of the structure. Whilst Joseph held of their pursuers, James powered up the lifeboat and prepared to launch, with Joseph boarding at the last possible second, narrowly avoiding a strike from an energy sword due to James quickly sealing the lifeboats door behind him. With his only surviving comrade aboard, James quickly launched the craft before the Covenant could damage the pod, triggering a full collapse of the structure.

Personality and traits


Skills and abilities

Physical description


Like most Spartan-II's James wore a standard olive green set of MJOLNIR armour, wearing the Mark IV model for the majority of his service career. During this time, he wore a variety of Mjolnir armour variants, with him taking a preference to the EOD helmet variant.

In 2552 his worn-out Mark IV was replaced with a set of Mark V armour in preparation for Operation: Red Flag. He retained this set of armour for the rest of the Human-Covenant War, fighting with it during the Battle of Reach, and later the Sol Campaign. Following the battle of Reach, James along with the other surviving Spartan-II's was meant to have been reissued with brand-new Mark VI armour, but when the Battle of Earth commenced ONI Materials group had not manufactured him a set. Instead of taking a set meant for one of his deceased comrades, he chose to retain his battered but operational Mark V armour, which was repaired and retrofitted into Mark VI by Jake-A384 and ONI technicians.

Postwar James as one of the few operational Spartans at that time was reassigned to SPECWAR Group 3 as a member of Green Team, with his armour becoming more 'personalised' in a reflection of the more diverse sets of Armour that the surviving Spartan-III Cat-II's operated.

 Battle Honours

  • Battle of Chi Ceti (2525) - Blue Team
  • Battle of Circinius IV (2526) - Blue Team
  • Battle of Vodin (2532) - Green Team
  • Battle of Jericho VII (2535) - Blue Team
  • Battle of Sigma Octanus IV (2552) - Blue Team
  • Battle of Reach (2552) - Blue Team
  • Battle of Sol (2552) - Green Team



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