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"You know the reason all the locks in this place are almost impossible to pick? They were trying to stop me, trying being the objective word" - Jake-A384 conversing with Hannah-G233 on his ability to pick locks.
Commander Jake-A384, born Jacob Edward Shepard, is a Spartan-III Commando of the United Nations Space Command's Naval Special Warfare Command. Pulled from Alpha Company as a Category-II Commando, he would serve as the leader of Grizzly Team, before becoming the leader of the cross-company Brimstone Team in 2547. Following the Battle of Reach, as the most senior remaining Spartan officer, he would become the temporary commander of the remnants of Special Warfare Group 3, later becoming its permanent field commander.

A skilled engineer, Jake was regarded by many to be a natural with anything mechanical. Despite being a team leader, Jake is a hands-off commander, incentivizing independent thought amongst his subordinates. When discipline is required, however, Jake can be an extremely strict person when punishment is required. His skills as the commander of SpecWarfare Group 3 would be slow to develop, at first becoming a domineering individual due to letting the stress of the job affect his personality. Fortunately, he was able to remedy the mistakes he had made and was able to become an effective overall leader, managing to rebuild the remains of SpecWarfare Group 3 back into a combat effective unit, warranting his permanent promotion to the role of Field Commander.


Early Life

Jacob Shepard was born on the human outer colony of Albion on January 19th, 2523, in the city of New Dover to Pierce and Jemma Shepard, a mechanic with the New Dover Metropolitan Police (NDMP) and an archivist with New Dover's central library respectively, being their only child. Jake as he preferred to be called, often spent time with his best friend, Bethany 'Beth' Gray who was the daughter of his parents best friends.

Jake would often spend time with his parents during their work hours, picking up on his father's engineering talent for mechanical engineering, and his mothers passion for old books and films. At some point during his childhood, he was taught by Beth's father how to use a handgun, under the guise of self-defence.

Fall of Albion

In 2530, the Covenant Fleet of Righteous Vindication discovered Albion, eliminating the planets small defensive fleet, before launching an invasion of the planet, reaching New Dover on the third day of the battle. Jake's father most likely killed in the initial hours of the fighting, as all members of the NDMP, including Jake's father, were called up to assist with initial city defence operations against the invaders, nearly all of whom were massacred within the first few hours of contact. Jake's mother, on the other hand, died when a Covenant infantry lance attached the building Jake and his family lived in, sacrificing herself alongside Beth's mother to allow their children to escape the building through the fire stairs.

Now alone Jake and Beth made their way through the streets over the next few days, avoiding any contact with the Covenant by using their small size to conceal themselves in places no grunt could enter. Fortunately for the pair, they encountered the Spartan-II supersoldier Joseph-122, who despite initial orders, tasked himself with escorting the pair to the relative safety of an evacuation site. En-route the trio encountered a large Covenant infantry lance, who engaged them in a firefight, forcing Jake and Beth to seek cover, whilst Joseph engaged the enemy, who despite his own combat skill was at risk of being overrun. However, noticing a nearby pair police officer's corpses and the perilous situation Joseph was in, Beth and Jake seized their handguns and opened fire on the enemy, catching both the Covenant and Joseph off-guard, though the latter was quick to use this distraction to his advantage. Jake and Beth, at Joseph's suggestion, primarily focused their fire on the weaker Grunts, whilst Joseph engaged the remaining Elites, in the process drawing fire onto himself, rather than the children. After the enemy was defeated, the three continued to the evacuation point relatively unmolested, with Joseph not relieving the children of their weapons, until they were safely in the care of the UNSC Marines coordinating the evacuation efforts. Soon after, the pair were aboard a heavy-laden freighter. As the ship lifted off from the planet, the two children watched silently as the orbiting Covenant fleet began to glass what had been their home.




Spartan service



Like most of the Catagory-II Commando's, Jake's armour is an upgraded set of Mark IV MJOLNIR armour, later being upgraded to the Mark V standard prior to the Battle of Fumirole in 2552. The armour had been moulded to suit the needs of its respective Spartan users during a week-long acclimatization period on Algolis in 2538.

At the time of the Battle of Reach, Jakes armour consists of a Mark VB variant helmet with the UA/HUL attachments, A Commando variant chest rig and Left Shoulder, an Operator variant shoulder with an additional knife on the right, a Tactical/UGPS on his wrist Tactical/Soft Case and thigh respectively, FJ/Para Kneepads, and a black Visor, with his armour being painted in Grey and Black.

Battle Honours

  • Insurrection on Mamore (2536)
  • Battle of New Constantinople (2537)
  • Battle of the Far-gone colony platforms (2537)
  • Battle of Bonanza asteroid belt (2537)
  • Battle of Vision (2537)
  • Raid on the Epsilon Herculis Asteroid Belt (2538)
  • Battle of Manticore (2541)
  • Battle of Sargasso (2546)
  • Battle of Saint-Denis (2547)
  • Battle of Fumirole (2552)
  • Battle of Reach (2552)
  • Sol Campaign (2552)



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