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Jacob Harrison
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"I've done more bad than good in this world. I've let the smallest things get to me and break me. God says that He breaks us down to bring us closer to Him: I've only drifted further away. I'm sorry to my entire family - I love you all. I'm sorry to my friends: I wouldn't have made it this far without you. I've caused my brothers to stumble. I've done hurtful things and I'm sorry"
―Jacob Harrison's last note[1]

Jacob Harrison is a member of Dragon Squadron


Early Life

Son of Caleb Harrison, he was raised by his mother, and never knew his father. Once he was of age, he joined the military and the newly reactivated Dragon Squadron. However, once he was in the military, he did some research and discovered that his father had been a traitor to the UNSC; afterwards, he always felt a sense of guilt and duty.

Battle of Kanna

Necros War

Mental Report

He's a leader of a sort, but not always with the best of judgment. He has a sense of guilt about him at all times, due to the actions of his father. His fathers actions have also given him a powerful sense of loyalty to the UNSC.


He has long black hair, with the hair on top of his head going down to his jawbones. He has a large scar on his left cheek that he gained during an accident with explosives.


  1. With the exception of the word "done" originally being "said", this is the final note of a friend of mine who committed suicide in April of 2009. This friend lent his personality and first name to Caleb Harrison, one of my first characters, and is a partial inspiration for Jacob Harrison, this article.
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