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Jackson Williams 077
Jackson Williams
Biographical information

Sigma Octanus Four

Date of birth


Date of death


Physical description







MA5B/VC Assault Rifle,BR55-M45 Battle Rifle


HX-21 Fusion Cutters, T-Packs, oT369 Boarding Suits


UNSC Hammerfist,

Hair color

Jet Black

Eye color



UNSC Neural Interface

Chronological and political information

Human Covenant War


EABT, Marine

Notable Facts

Survivor of Numerous EABT Missions


UNSC, Extra Atmospheric Boarding Troops (EABTs)


Jackson Williams was born in early 2503 to a family whose sons had a destiny for greatness. Jackson and his brother, Jace Williams, who would later become a member of the infamous 112th Naval Squadron, were best friends all through their early years. They both dreamed of a career in the military, but Jackson dreamed of being a special forces EABT, while Jace wished to grow up to be a pilot. They both eventually got their wish. Four years after Jace enlisted, Jackson joined the marine corps, and earned the rank of Private by 2522. He then served with a marine battalion for several years, but in 2536, when he displayed enormous bravery and skill in a zero-g vaccuum op, saving hundreds of other marines, he was asked if he wished to join the EABTs. He of course accepted, and was transferred to the in training 514th EABT Division, where he was given the rank of Sergeant and trained to be the best of the best. He trained rigourously in the zero-g training, and when the entire division went operationial in 2540, he was one of the best soldier in the entire group. He served with the 514th for years after that, and once he was transferrred to the UNSC Hammerfist with the rest of the division, he became a shining star. He killed dozens of covenant in zero-g battles as well, as numerous rebels, and he would eventually serve in the Artic IV campaign.

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