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Class overview

Jackfish-class ammunition ship


UNSC Logo TGW 2 UNSC Logistical Corps
OWS Logo Offworld Shipping Company

Independent merchants
General characteristics

Container ship


200 metres (656 ft)

  • Unloaded: 13,400 tonnes
Engine unit(s)

ARGO Series-II fusion drives

Power plant

Orphios Energy Systems' Mercury-9 Deuterium fusion reactor (1)

Navigation system

UNA-uplinked navigation computer


M58 Archer missile pods (2 pods of 30 missiles) (military refits only)


8 sailors

Other systems
  • DSCHG-IX loading cranes
  • Hurricane afterburner modules (2)
Additional information


"Even a half-good mechanic can keep a Jackfish running forever. Or at least, most of it."
―Anonymous captain

The Jackfish-class container ship (hull classification symbol: AE)[1] is a purpose-built freighter which reached the peak of its popularity during the Insurrection. Secretly based off the hull of the Razor-class strike prowler used by the Office of Naval Intelligence, the larger Jackfish-class is a far more utilitarian variant marketed towards civilian traders and freighting corporations. Rather than incorporating elaborate electronic countermeasures, controversial spying equipment, or even top-of-the-line components benefiting an ONI vessel, this humble freighter takes an expanded, hollowed-out frame with a standard raid system for accommodating the basic shipping containers standardised throughout Human Space. This led to it remaining a fairly typical upper-class freighter, only distinguished by its reliable, incredibly-efficient fusion drives, impressive loading and unloading cranes.

Taking part in a very short development cycle, the Jackfish-class was released in early 2500 in an attempt to capitalise on new-century sales. With a campaign that offered exclusive prices to established shipping companies and well-received reviews from critics, it enjoyed an early success although never reached the numbers the Reyes-McLees Corporation expected thanks to its premium pricing. Never able to break out of the average annual sales figures for RMC vessels, the corporation would later offer it to the UNSC's Logistical Corps as part of a contract for a new light ammunition ship.

Ships of the Line

Name Hull Classification Symbol Commissioned Destroyed Notes
UNSC Jackfish AE-381 2498 Lead ship of the class.


  1. Only given to ships which have been requisitioned for the UNSC are given the hull classification symbol.

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