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Jack O'Malley
Biographical information

Draco III

Date of birth

January 11th, 2489

Physical description

UNSC O-5.pngCommander




5' 9"

Hair color


Eye color



Command Neural Interface

Chronological and political information

Jack O'Malley was a Commander in the United Nations Space Command. He was a father to Luke O'Malley, Jacob O'Malley, and Michael O'Malley


Early Life

"I've always wanted to see new planets, maybe even meet some new species. The only way to do it is to go find it."
―Jack in his young life

Jack was the son of a Captain in the UNSC. He was born on Earth and stayed there till he was 18. He loved to play war games and even do trivia on the UNSC. He had 2 brothers and 1 sister. Jack was a popular kid at school, but he beat up lots of people in school. His dad was away for long periods of time, and his mom was working every day. The oldest brother was Samuel, born 1 year before Jack. Jack learned to fight from Sam, and he loved doing it. As he got older, so did his punishments. When he became 18 his mom & dad put him in the Officer Candidate School. 2 years later after Jack reached the rank of O2, his dad retired.


Operational History

Battle of Earth

Awards and Decorations

Silver Star ribbon.png Silver Star
Purple Heart ribbon.png Purple Heart
Medal of Honor ribbon.png Medal of Honor
160px-Colonial Cross ribbon.svg.png Colonial Cross

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