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Birth name:

Jack Hsieh


7 August 2541


193 cm (6'4")


93 kg (205 lb.)

Armored height:

203 cm (6'8")

Hair color:


Eye color:


Military career


Halo Waypoint - UEG Unified Earth Government


UNSC Navy Logo White UNSC Navy

Years of service:

2546 –


Reach - Sergeant Petty Officer Second Class

Service number:



SpartanStar SPARTAN-III Program

  • Platinum Team
  • Specialty:



    Human-Covenant War

  • Battle of Earth
  • Attack on New York City
    Battle of Brasil


    Colonial Cross
    Silver Stars

    Cquote1 What do you mean?! Cquote2

    Jack-G068 (born Jack Hsieh; August 7, 2041) is a SPARTAN-III supersoldier of the Gamma Company. He is the younger brother of Henry-G066 and Jim-G067, all three of whom were conscripted into the SPARTAN-III program at the same time.


    Early childhood

    Dom-094 stands before Jack and his brothers.
    Jack was born to Bert Hsieh and Wendy Lee in the colony of Miridem on August 7, 2540. As a toddler, he grew up with his two older brothers, Henry and Jim, in their home town. The three brothers were orphaned when the Covenant attacked Miridem and killed their parents in the year 2544. They were rescued in time by the Platinum Team, which escorted them to the nearest transport, successfully keeping the three children from enemy fire. The SPARTANs inspired the three brothers to become SPARTANs themselves in order to protect other civilians from the Covenant.

    Jack and his brothers were subsequently conscripted as part of the SPARTAN-III Gamma Company and were trained by Lieutenant Commander Kurt Ambrose, Senior Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez, and Petty Officers Second Class Lucy-B091 and Tom-B292 on Onyx. Along with Seung-ah-G218 and April-G182, all three brothers were assigned to Team Dao, which would be led by Henry. Following the SPARTAN-III's augmentation procedures, Team Dao was told that April suffered complications from the enhancements and could therefore no longer join them as fellow Spartans.

    Battle of Earth

    Team Dao Kano Station
    Team Dao, aboard Kano Station (From left to right: Seung-ah-G218, Jim-G067, Henry-G066, Jack-G068
    Team Dao was aboard Kano Station during the Battle of Earth. The Spartans defended the station from boarding Covenant infantry. While treating a wounded marine, Seung-ah was shot thrice in the right side of her back by a Covenant carbine. Although she did not flinch from her wounds due to the effects of the 009762-OO drug, Henry ordered Jim to escort her to the ship's cryo facilities, knowing that she had little time. When it was clear that Kano Station would not survive, Henry-G066, Jim-G067, and Jack-G068 escorted surviving crew members to the station’s lifeboats. The Spartans’ lifeboat landed on Mauritania, Africa, and its occupants were stranded. After the end of the war, the UNSC was able to locate and recover the Spartans and the other soldiers.

    Attack on New York City

    Jack-G068: "Ma'am, take the wheel. I'm going in."
    Sam-015: "Good luck, buddy. I know you'll do just fine."
    ―Jack-G068 and Sam-015, just before the former leaves to disarm the FENRIS nuclear warhead

    Battle of Brasil

    Personality and traits

    Jack is known for being very observant, making note of and remembering details around him before approaching a situation. By the end of his training, Jack had already accumulated enough information in order to make his own judgements and decisions based upon past experiences, even when presented with information others would find limited in detail. Henry often relies on Jack to give him suggestions on what to do in high-risk missions. Like Dom-094, Jack is an exceedingly careful individual, preferring to keep his distance from his enemies and never taking any risks if he does not have to; this is often contrasted with his older brother, Jim, who can sometimes be reckless beyond reason.

    Also like Dom-094, Jack-G068 lacked self-confidence as a trainee, always performing below the levels of his brothers in physical training exercises. Jack often lamented the fact that he was physically inferior to his brothers, not realizing that it was just because they were older and could pick up things more quickly. However, Jack has always had very high expectations of himself when it comes to the more mentally-inclined fields of military, making sure he can execute such tasks to the best of his ability.


    Jack-G068's first set of MJOLNIR GEN2 armor
    As with all SPARTAN-IIIs of the Gamma Company, Jack wore SPI Mk II armor. Following the Human-Covenant War, Jack was offered to be given a set of MJOLNIR GEN2 armor; obviously accepting the massive upgrade, Jack customized his armor to have a Scout helmet helmet, Pathfinder body armor, an Infiltrator left pauldron, a CIO right pauldron, XV-27 Shifting forearm armor, and XG-89 Narrow leg armor. After the Requiem Campaign, when the UNSC recovered relatively large amounts of Forerunner technology, Jack replaced his leg armor with that of FOTUS. Once the UNSC reverse-engineered Forerunner technology in larger quantities, Jack replaced his armor neck-down with the Reaper variant of MJOLNIR GEN2 with Grim patterning, making it by far the most advanced suit he has worn to date.
    Fred-G068 newest armor
    Jack-G068, in his second set of MJOLNIR GEN2 armor, wielding an M395 and an M45

    Fred-G068's M6I
    Jack-G068's M6I/U

    As of the year 2558, Jack’s preferred set of weapons consists of an M395, an M45, both of which are loaded with hard light ammunition, and a customized M6I/U that is fitted with a smart scope and a tactical light.



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