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Biographical Information


September 12, 2547

Physical Description








143 lbs





Political and Military Information


  • Technology manipulation
  • Krav Maga
  • Keysi Fighting Method


The Syndicate


Interspecies Union Conflicts


"I know how you'd probably label me. Criminal. Murderer. Thief. Why do I side with the Syndicate, right? If you think I'm in it for money or power, then you're dead wrong. Yeah, I've done stuff I'm not proud of. You probably have too. I'm not saying it as an excuse, I know what I've done and I'm damn well aware that I've probably got more blood on my hands than you do. Trying to justify myself to the world is pointless, something I've had to learn very quickly in this field of work. All I need is to know what I have to do and how I'm going to do it. All you need to know is that my reasons are good enough for me. So yes, I guess you could call me a criminal. It makes no difference to me."
―Iris Sabio

Iris Sabio is a high-ranking member of the Syndicate and works as Helen Powell's right hand associate. Working under the codename "Constance", Iris specializes in dealing with technology-related matters, specifically obtaining resources for the Syndicate and developing advanced technology for mass usage. Although she doesn't operate in the field very often, she is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and always carries light firearms that she is quite adept at using.

Family History

Early Life

Iris Sabio was born to a wealthy family, the youngest daughter of two Sabio parents. At the age of six her father was killed in a firefight between Syndicate enforcers and UNSC special forces, not long after the end of the Human-Covenant War. Her mother fled the planet with Iris and several other high-ranking Syndicate officers. Raised aboard several different Syndicate ships over several years as the Syndicate recouped, Iris displayed her vast intellect in various mind games with her tutors, and showed herself to be adept in close combat. After Helen Powell, leader of the Syndicate, learned of the child prodigy, she took Iris under her wing, grooming her for a leadership position. Starting off as an enforcer at the age of 17 for the Syndicate, Iris proved to be a worthy competitor not just in a back alley with naught but a straight razor or even her bare hands but in the political ring as well. While not generally being as patient in the suffering of politics, Iris' skills make her adept at exploiting her opponent's and blackmailing them. By her mid-20s Iris became one of the Syndicate's top Lieutenant's, entrusted with their technological prowess.

In 2567, at the age of 20, Iris Sabio began using her already impressive network to develop minor augmentations. A year later she had completed most of them and augmented herself. While not to the same extremes as a Spartan's augmentations, Iris' augmentations allowed her to easily surpass any non-augmented human being.

Later Life


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