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A member of the Independence Brigade circa 2559

The Independence Brigade was a paramilitary unit of the Boundary Republic. Formed in 2549 after an assassination attempt by United Nations Space Command backed insurgents on Marshal Edward Garan, the Republic saw a need to have a unit controlled directly by the government. While most of the Insurrectionist militias on Boundary were overseen, developed, and supplied by the government, their influence over them, especially outside of the capital, was limited, with the local commanders having most of the power.

This need for a unit controlled solely by the Boundary Republic government was done in secret, for fear of revolt at the idea being mentioned to the general population, who were even wary of their local militias, despite them being relatively removed from any central government control. The new unit, known as the Independence Brigade, was formed in 2551, mostly from the middle to upper class of Republic society, who had more to lose, and therefore more reason to fight, against the UNSC.

While under central government control, the Independence Brigade was disguised as another militia unit acting under Republic charter, just like all other militias on the colony. While the Brigade did not perform many overt activities, from 2554 to 2559, it was involved in the brutal executions of discovered Office of Naval Intelligence agents, and most infamously, the rounding up of and placing in camps or executing those designated as "fascists", "Koslovics", and "United Nations Space Command planted subversives".

After the fall of the Boundary Republic in 2559, many members of the Independence Brigade were hunted down and imprisoned or executed for war crimes, although several escaped justice, and went on to create and head other Insurrectionist terrorist groups.

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