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I Can Not Be Stopped is a song written by outlaws on the planet of Dead Man's Gun in 2498. It has become licensed by the Dead Man's Gun Global Media Corporation in 2523. It has also become notorious for it's use by the DGAF (Dead Man's Gun Armed Forces) as their planetary anthem.


I rise to the top

I can not be stopped

I stand, unshaken

This revolver I got

I’m counting on six shots

I am, unshaken

Look what you’ve taught

Mercy is to not get caught

I stand, unshaken

I would stop myself if I could

But you and I both know I ain’t good

I am the burden and I carry this curse.

Outlaws for life, that’s the unholy verse

Blood is so easily bough

So try not to get shot

I am, unshaken

This life is what I choose

Now I’ve got nothing left to lose

I stand, unshaken

Violence is what I’ve sought

Now face what you’ve wrought

I am, unshaken

Before the coming flood

I’ll be out for blood

So tread careful through these woods

Or you might be the one who goes first.

I will not bother asking fate

I demand for a clean slate

I stand, unshaken

I rise to the top

I will not be stopped

I stand, unshaken

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