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Spectral Type
Distance from Sol
  • 33.4 light-years
  • 5,122 K
  • Seven
  • Colonial Era
  • Insurrection Era
  • Human-Covenant War
  • Post-War
  • Unified Earth Government

Hyacinth, is a star system with a single main-sequence star named Hyacinth α located 33.4 light-years from Earth and is home to human colony worlds Jacinto and Hyacinth ε. The star is orbited by seven planets and an asteroid belt just beyond the fifth Venusian-like planet Hyacinth ζ. During the Human-Covenant War, Hyacinth was the center of three battles, the Siege of Jacinto, Battle of Hyacinth ε and the Battle of Hyacinth.


Inner system

Hyacinth β

Hyacinth β is a dead, small planet that is not very interesting. Despite satellites orbiting the planet to gather data, nothing of value or interest was found, and has been known to be a sister-planet of Sol's Mercury.

Hyacinth γ

Although the planet is as big as Venus, Hyacinth γ is another dead, rocky planet. However in the mid-26 Century, sheets of ice have been discovered to exist below the surface, which some scientists claim can be a barrier for aquatic life to develop and flourish, much like the moon of Europa. Sadly, no projects are scheduled to occur to examine the ice due to resources being focused heavily on the Human-Covenant War.


Hyacinth ε

Hyacinth ζ

Asteroid belt

Outer system

Hyacinth η

Hyacinth θ

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