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In January, 2559, the Created have tightened their grip on the galaxy, intent on making their grasp on the Mantle of Responsibility clear to all. The UNSC is sending all it has, including the Spartans. While Spartan-IIs like the Master Chief and Blue Team go on perilous missions to strike against the heart of the Created, Spartan-IVs like Fireteam Osiris desperately try to gain an advantage for the UNSC.

But IIs and IVs aren't the only ones at work. Spartan-III and veteran Headhunter Bethany-A204 has been sent to hunt down the rogue mercenary Grono 'Yendam, after the assassination of Vice Admiral Ray Vocerif. Not alone, Bethany has former Spartan-IV Benjamin Nishurd and many clues to help her. Meanwhile, with the governments suppressed, a criminal organization called the Flame has risen from the slums to do major damage to its enemies. Lead by the Sangheili, 'Skivich, and enforced by the mercenary crew of Oru 'Vanuxee, Bethany and Benjamin must discover a way to find Grono 'Yendam before the Flame finds them. But other forces lurk in the darkness too, ones that have been manipulating the events behind the curtains for some time, ones hungry for revenge...

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