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The Humanity Liberation Front was an Insurrectionist group founded shortly after the end of the Great War. It was one of several rebel factions behind the Second Mamore Insurrection. One of the HLF's field commanders on Mamore was a former UNSC special operations soldier named Redmond Venter and his unit included Gavin Dunn and the renegade SPARTAN-III Simon-G294 were also counted among its ranks, both of whom abandoned Venter and the HLF following the UNSC's suppression of the Mamore revolt. The HLF's fighting forces were composed primarily of small ground units and it was forced to rely on other rebel groups for political and material support. Like nearly all post-war rebel factions, the HLF became ensnared in the Syndicate's dominance over underworld activities and became little more than foot soldiers for the sprawling criminal empire. The HLF was active in human space and the galactic frontier until Venter—acting on the orders of the Assembly collective—launched a coup against its leadership and seized control of the organization.

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