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Human Civil War


Covenant Civil War

Human-Covenant War
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February 3rd, 2525


March 3rd, 2553


Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy


Pyrrhic UNSC Victory
Decisive Covenant Separatist Victory

  • Colonial Military Administration (Prior to dissolution and UNSC takeover)
  • CAA Colonial Militia (Prior to dissolution and UNSC takeover)
  • Great Truth ("Separatist") Movement (Post- Great Schism)
  • Forerunner Constructs and Intelligences (3 November - 11 December, 2552)
  • UNSC High Command
  • Colonial Military Administration (Prior to dissolution and UNSC takeover)
  • San'Shyuum Hierarchs

"I don't know where people got that "victory against all odds" crap from. I suppose they needed something to believe in after the war. No one seemed to realise, or seems still to realise, exactly how close we were to the end; that from the very start until the Covenant's civil war, our distance to absolute defeat and the complete genocide of humanity was always this short *he makes a pinching gesture, leaving insignificant space between his index finger and thumb*. You had whole divisions being wiped out in matters of days, generals going to bed in command of millions and waking in charge of hundreds, colonies being glassed left and right, so quickly that people often got messages from friends and family who were already long dead. It wasn't a war we won: it was a war we survived, and even then only with the help of the same Sangheili, the same "Elites", that had striven so vehemently, and for so long, to destroy us in our entirety."
―Mamadou Owusu, U.E.G. Member of the Assembly and Human-Covenant War Army Ranger recalling the War.

The Human-Covenant War, also known as the Great War, was a nearly thirty-years long genocidal conflict between the Unified Earth Government and its colonies and the xenophobic collection of religiously-zealous races known as the Covenant. This war would take Humanity to near the brink of extinction, uncover previously undreamed-of technologies, shine light upon the origins of the Human race, and would produce a new generation of heroes, human and alien alike, whose tales of nobility and courage would be passed down for generations to come.


As humanity began to expand outward, they colonized planets all around the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy. In 2468, one of these planets, named Harvest was settled and soon became one of the Unified Earth Government's agricultural worlds. It was also the farthest colony from Earth, making it the absolute frontier of Humanity.

In 2524, the United Nations Space Command was waging a bloody civil war against the forces of the United Rebel Front - the Human Civil War. The combat had extended to Harvest in several special operations missions, and Harvest was on the UNSC Military Intelligence Division's watchlist. Red flags began to go up in the same year after the Horn of Plenty and This End Up went off the grid, believed to be the victims of a pirate attack.

However, the truth was much more sinister.

Although the Horn of Plenty was the first to fall off the grid, the This End Up held the first Human to ever engage the Covenant and also the first Human to be killed by the Covenant. Henry Gibson, a former member of the UNSC Merchant Marine, was the ship captain of the This End Up. In January of 2525, he was piloting his ship when it was boarded by an unknown party. Upon encountering an alien - a Grunt by the name of Dadab - he attempted to defend himself and his ship with a fire extinguisher. However, a Huragok named 'Lighter Than Some' killed Gibson with a rock to the forehead.

Meanwhile, the Military Intelligence Division had deployed Jilan al-Cygni to Harvest in order to figure out who was taking the freighters off the grid, and to combat any Insurrectionist threat on the colony. To accomplish her goal, she had two UNSC Naval Special Warfare operators, Staff Sergeants Avery Johnson and Nolan Byrne, as well as the disgraced UNSC Marine Corps Captain named Ponder from their normal duty and placed them on Harvest to raise a CAA Colonial Militia detachment.

Contact Harvest

Cole's March in the Outer Colonies

Loss after Loss

The Cole Protocol

The Fall of Reach



Installation 05

Great Schism

The Portal and the Ark



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