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In the aftermath of the Human-Covenant War, humanity struggles to rebuild its colonial empire after nearly thirty years of devastation and destruction at the hands of the xenophobic, genocidal Covenant Hegemony. The remnants of the Covenant, itself shattered in the final days of the way, finds itself lost, its former members without purpose. Many find themselves facing new dangers without the protection of the old empire, others find their race with a devastating loss of resources, other still wander the new frontier looking for anything that could give their lives meaning.

Meanwhile, secessionist forces that had long been quiet during the war began to appear again, pressing their claims for colonial independence against a weakened UNSC and UEG, though with the help of advancements made during the war and from recovered Forerunner technology, they don't stay weakened for long, yet they hesitate to use military action in the reclamation of their colonies.

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