High Orbit Precision Entry

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Same ol' Drop Pods. Give them upgraded armour, thermal shielding, but you still can't move or breath while you're crashing down, and you feel like you just died when you hit the ground. Yup, same ol' Drop PodsAnonymous ODST

The High Orbit Precision Entry is a piece of UNSC equipment.


These are the successors to the Single Occupant Exoatmospheric Insertion Vehicles and are design to give marines a fast, stealth and safe method of aerial entry. These can be fired from low orbit or even from within a planets atmosphere. These can be launched from warships or from low flying UD-83A Merlin dropships. These are kept in place by magnetic locks then released and 'fired'. They feature vectored thrust rockets to allow direction on altitude, guided by the occupant, coolant jets, stealth features, a energy shield and a gravitational support field. This ensures massive survival rates of users.

Upon launching, the launch jets, disguised by coolant bleeders, are fired, propelling the pod down at high speed. For the majority of the approach, the pod can be steered with some ease, but on terminal approach, the jets cut out, the parachute deploys and finally the brake jets fire, hopefully deccelerating the pod to a crawl. Upon landing, the door can be mechanical lifted or blown off with prepared charges, to remove it quickly or if jammed.

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