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High Leader
High Leader


Lower Rank

Supreme Commander


Opposition High Council
Honour Guard of the High Leader

Known High Leaders

Zexi 'Nrahom


Within the female-led Covenant remnant faction Opposition, the title of High Leader was created by Zexi 'Nrahom as she founded the Opposition to oppose the Covenant Loyalists during the Great Schism.

As High Leader, Zexi was recognized as the Opposition's de facto leader, commanding all of its forces as well as being the leader of the Opposition High Council, a body of both military and political members.

The protectors of Zexi 'Nrahom were simply known as the Honour Guard of the High Leader, a group made up of mostly male Sangheili who were ejected from the Honour Guardsmen of the Covenant and did not side with the Covenant separatists at the beginning of the Great Schism.


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