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Hephaestus-class Supply Platform
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The Hephaestus-class Supply Platform is a class of UNSC space station.


The Hephaestus-class supply platform is a large, rectangular structure, with a total of twelve umbilicals capable of docking any spacecraft in the UNSC arsenal, five extending from each of the long sides and one on each of the "short" sides, similar in appearance to the Ptah-class Repair Platform. Within the rectangular body, there are four large hangers and countless storage rooms for food, munitions, and other supplies. One of the hangers typically contains a fighter squadron for defense, while the rest contain dropship squadrons for transportation to and from the station. At on the top of the main body of the platform is a smaller structure, also rectangular in shape. This houses the command and control center, communications center, crew quarters, and fire control for the defensive armament. The platform is armed with twelve M45 Naval Gun Turrets, six mounted on top and six on the bottom, along the edge of the main body, with Archer missile pods located between the gun turrets. The platform is studded on all sides with point defense lasers and missile launchers. A heavy-duty tram system runs within the platform for easy transportation of both personnel and cargo.

UNSC Remarks


  • The Hephaestus-class SP is named after Hephaestus, Greek god of the forge
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